Recommendation for a replacement speaker cable

I believe this is my first time ever asking speaker cable advice, so bear with me.

System is:
Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S speakers
Line Magnetic 518ia integrated
LFD LE phono
AZ interconnects
Decware Styx speaker cables

I've had AZ Satori, Mapleshade Double Helix, and Clear Day Silver speaker cables. Looking for an upgrade under $600 new or used for the Decware Styx I'm running now. I'm not biased against BlueJean or Canare or Silnote or any other non-boutique brand; just a cable that will help me achieve the magic that combination of the LM and the Spatials have the potential for.
so what was your criticism of the mapleshade helix?  i know it well as it is still one of my two go-to cables

i have spatial m3 sapphires now...
I enjoy AZ Satori, but it is very thick.
There a lot of good ones out there but I had a borrowing experience with both Audio Envy SP9 and a cheaper Tellurium Q Black Speaker cable. I believe AE has a money back and there are dealers who may allow you to try the Tellurium Q cheaper line as that is a big seller for them.
Both are highly thought of.
Good luck.

Length is 8';   budget is $600 or below
@jjss49  I had the Mapleshades up until about 2015 and I really enjoyed them. I can't remember why I sold them except maybe for the AZ Satoris?

I have to say Raven Audio Soniquil cables are amazing for the price, I really like them better than audio envy SP9s - more bass depth and emphasis with Raven. I just ordered a pair of Tellurium Black MK IIs - they’re around $75/meter, huge price gap between these and the Ultra Black IIs but hearing lots of good things.
Audio Sensibility and Audio Art are also supposed to be really solid and within your budget. I guess I could list more, but any of those should be a good choice and under $600 for 8’
Many years ago, after lots of reading cable research, I decided to believe in the detriment of ’skin effect’, frequencies traveling at minutely different speeds at the inside or outside surfaces of a wire.

Solution: small diameter solid core strands, individually insulated, twisted, within exterior jacket

Myself, the bargain hunter, make it myself type of person considered: tel cable: 4 strands. cat 5 8 strands.

I made a twisted pair of cat 5: 8 strands each leg. Years later my friend discovered a very favorable article about someone making/selling this type. My friend used two twisted pairs of cat 5: 16 strands each leg. We both still use these all these years later. He had high priced cables with elevators, tried others over the years, always goes back to his twisted cat 5’s.

I had 3 setups for comparison (tube mono blocks; tube receiver; SS) purposely used 3 different cables, WBT banana plugs: quickly could switched amp type. The cables all sounded the same to me. btw, no matter which wire, Tubes were always preferred to SS by everyone.

I have tried my friend’s high priced stuff here, I don’t hear differences, just stick with my home made cat 5.

Your 8 ft length is similar to mine. There are considerations against using long runs of Cat 5, perhaps someone can discuss that.
I use Canare 4S11 with a Pass, Maggie combo after reading another members review of them and they seem to give everything you could want in a cable.
Kimber 8TC.  Tough to beat at any price.  
Another vote for Canare 4S11. I have them in two separate systems!

My vote would be for the Audio Envy SP-9 at a little over $400.  I have used the SP-7's for going on two years.  The Audio Sensibility OCC cables are also another good option.
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canare 4s11 star quad is very good very cost effective

so is the tuneful cable orange/black twisted belden cable made in brooklyn that can be bought on ebay - really excellent neutral/slightly warm cable

i did not get along with kimber pbj/silver streak/4tc/8tc i felt they were a little grainy/hashy sounding... maybe some interference
$600? Better than AZ Satori??? Uh, good luck with that one. Try Audio Envy I guess. What specifically are you looking to improve upon over what the AZs do?  “Upgrade” and “Magic” don’t mean anything, at least not to me. 
Wireworld Eclipse,has many pluses others don’t have.
their- OCC  7-9s Copper the purist there is ,
their dielectric even  better then Teflon ,their speaker cable 
is a awg 9 for a 2 m retail $1500 Galen Carol audio very well versed and respectable deals.
I'm running Bluejeans Canare 4S11 on recommendation of my speaker builder (Fritz Carbon 6), PrimaLuna tube integrated.  Couldn't be happier.
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Solution: small diameter solid core strands, individually insulated, twisted, within exterior jacket
= Harmonic Technology....small diameter solid core OCC rods in air-foamed PE.

OP's goal:
achieve the magic that combination of the LM and the Spatials have the potential for
With all respect, you asked an arbitrary question that few here would have a specific understanding of so what you are getting is a bunch of responses from people recommending cables that have worked for them in their systems.  Help us understand what "magic" means to you, i.e., specifically, what don't you like about how things sound now, and what would you like to achieve by changing out speaker cables? 

BTW, I rarely hear of a change in cables making a fundamental change to how a system sounds.  More often, the effect of changing cables to chase a sonic goal is similar to dropping your money down a hole, IMO.  My suggestion would be to try the Canare 4S11 recommended here (or maybe the Furez 12AWG 4 Conductor Speaker Cable for about $1/ft.) as a baseline and then if you don't like how your system sounds look at your components or speakers.  In the past year, I have changed my amplifiers and my DAC, and either of those changes had a way bigger impact than any speaker cable change I have made in over 20 years.
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@mitch2 and others. Yes, my question was vague and I’m quite happy picking all the spaghetti. I mean, if I could say everything in complete clarity and specificity, I probably wouldn’t have to ask the question in the first place.

My speakers and amp and vinyl rig aren’t going anywhere.

But I have ordered a set of the maple shade double helix and the canare 4s11. Looking forward to listening to the differences.

Thank you to all for your suggestions. And a heartfelt rip to Paul at clear day. 
Check out the Morrow website. I have their SP 4 speaker cables. Fits your budget and they have gotten excellent reviews.
Shuntaya Venom 12 NR? $400.

Maybe find a Delta NR used for less than it's normal $900?

I'm putting them on my Rowland Model 12 monoblocks soon.
My buddy has the Holograms and he built his own from a typical recipe from You tube  did an excellent job bi-wires.  His system Alon I, Graaf tube amp, Modified DeHavilland pre by me Metronome CDP   - we cannot hear a difference at all between them.

Happy Listening.  
Anticables level 3.1 speaker cable was a great improvement over Canare 4s11 in my home theater system. 
Another vote for Audio Envy NV-SP9, high purity OCC cables. 
+1 kimber 8tc. Excellent speaker cable. 
I will third or whatever it is, Audio Envy cables. I'm ordering almost a full loom. I've tried the IC and it is superb. SC's are coming as well as 3 power cords. These cables are for regular people so don't be put off by the low price. I'm sure the top 1% won't be interested.  A young guy owns the business and he has found the secret sauce.
@richmos. @mazian. 

I have the Morrow Ph4 from my tt to my phono pre. They made an incredible difference! 
I went through this research few months back, I settled for BEL s12 cables.
Hi there, 

I have never posted a responce before however I figured I'd chime in.  I recently switched out my interconnects and speaker cable to Madison Audio Labs and could not be happier.  I consider them the magic bullet of my system.  Moved my system from fantastic to extraordinary to my ears.  A little beyond the price asked for in the post but well work a mention.  Good luck! 
Canare star quad.  I've tried two different Kimber models for possible upgrade.  Could not stand the sound of it.
I'm not really going to get into this discussion. Just a suggestion, however.!! 
Try contacting Greg Straley at "REALITY CABLES". He has a website where you can get his contact information. Tell him Lance Lawson suggested you give him a call, and ask him to spend a few moments with you as a learning tool, pertaining to "stranded cable technology" vs. "solid core cable technology"  Greg is a small manufacturer of custom "solid core" OCC copper cables, terminated with various brand high quality connectors. Most people have never heard of him. I ran into him at AXPONA a few years ago and ended up purchasing several sets of cables, which I have used consistently throughout several equipment changes. I probably own more than 50 pair of various well known brand cables at all different price ranges., All " STRANDED TECHNOLOGY". They are all in boxes in my closet. Recently, I purchased some OCC high purity copper wire from Germany and built my own solid core cables. I still use those as well in all 4 of my systems. That's it !!   "DID I SAY I WASN'T GOING TO GET INTO THIS DISCUSSION???" Shame on me !
By the way, GREG has been a respected officer of the CHICAGO AUDIO ENGINEERING SOCIETY for many years.
Simao, I own clear day Cables very good Cables, Canare for the money they are hard to beat, Since you have $600 Tellurium q Black is very revealing but not bright very fast, very musical too, there is one listed on Agon $500.To be honest Tellurium are as good as my $1500 Cables.I also think Audio Envy sp9 might be a good too, so far my AE pc and phono Cable is also good.Gwalt +1 agree. To clarify I don’t have sp9. Iam using black diamond Tellurium q Speaker Cables, And Nordost Heimdall 2.
Simao what I have is Tellurium q black Ii. I use them for my Tekton ps 12, and Diapason Adamantes, at times I used them also on my main system.
I have tried the following cables in my system ...

Acoustic Zen Satori
Clear Day Double Shotgun
Audio Envy SP9

In my system, Audio Envy sounds the best. Very balanced, transparent, adds a nice weight to instruments. I found AZ Satori just a tad bit forward for my taste. It’s better than Clear Day though. I sold AZs at the same price (bought them used) I paid for them. 
Owned Clear Days Double Shotgun w/CD Jumpers, Canare, Kimber 4TC and 8TC and of those the Clear Days are more resolving, darker background - lower noise floor. Later ended with WyWires Silver Series. Difference between WyWires and the Clear Days is pretty big. The WyWIres are more open with a wider and deeper stage, more organic where comparing the Clear Days have a closed in stage although not bad but not as open as the WyWires. The WyWires don’t draw attention to themselves - speakers disappear where comparing back to the Clear Days, they do not disappear. The Clear Days are great cables so if you can find a pair they are hard to be beat. The Canare is great for the money, does nothing wrong but not the most revealing but musical and no fatigue so what’s not to like? If your system is a little too forward or hot, the Canare will help to tame things a bit. The Kimber TC series is fine but agree there’s a bit of grain or hardness compared to the others mentioned. From Kimber TC I went to Clear Days and the improvement was drastic. Never tried the cotton rope inside the Kimber TC to open or spread the braid but I have no doubt it could change the sound for the better. I have some 8TC laying about I should try.
Bluejeans Canare 4S11. Way under $600 for 2x8'.


KAB Electro Acoustics

Preserving The Sounds Of A Lifetime

He is not boutique but a true audio lovers fabricator and reseller.

I purchased some of his interconnects and amazing. Ask for his suggestion on speaker wire.

@simao Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Maple Shade/Canare comparison. I am using Kimber 8tc, also have Canare 4S11, and Audioquest Rocket 33s.  Recently purchased Tannoy Sterling speakers. Once I get really familiar with them using the 8TCS I am going to replace the 8TCs with the Canares see what I think. 
Another vote for Morrow. Lots of options and they are well built. 
Best thing out there for that money ( and a lot more) is the Analysis PlusOval 9 , perfect for your amp .

With your outfit I would not buy anything else posted on here.I use Clear Days on a single driver 96 db Omega and it is very good in clarity but Oval9 is better in bass and slighty more neutral .
Beside the person who made then has passed . He was a great guy and is much missed. May He RIP .
@schubert are you talking Paul Ladauti? He was indeed a good guy. Great to talk with about the hobby. 
Acoustic Zen Hologram II  is a great choice.
I do remember talking to one of the lead guys at Maple shade back in 2003 or so when I installed the double helix cables into my then- ARC VS 110 and Maggie 3.6R system. Those cables had shrunk the Maggies expansive soundstage but had also deepened it. When I explained that to the gentleman, he said, "So what? Now you can hear further into the music."

He was right. I remember this because it's one of the few times i recall speaker cables making a palpable difference in sound. The other times were with Lee's Satori's and Paul's Clear Days. 

I'm not a mettalurgist, but I appreciate those who work with the elements to help my sonic cone bliss ever closer.