cartridge recommendations for Nottingham table


in a painting move, my Sumiko Blue Plate Special cartridge was bent and will need to be replaced (direct replacement is only $100 less)

I was curious about other cartridges

I have a Nottingham Spacedeck

wanted to get something well under $500
revealing with good tonal balance

my phono preamp is an Audio Research PH2


There are actually plenty that would offer much better performance than BPS in the range you're researching but the main contender is Shure V10vxMR.
Assuming you also have the Spacearm and you are wanting to be "well under" $500, I'd opt for the Shure V15VXMR and fuhgeddaboudit! :-)
Dude, get a Shelter 501 MK 2! You will not enjoy your Spacedeck/Space Arm ensemble to the fullest if you skimp on the cartridge. Other worthy candidates: Ortofon Kontrapunkt A or B, Denon DL-103's, Benz Micro Glider 2, etc.., There are plenty of good choices. Take your time and do a little research; you will reap the sonic rewards in the long run!

...though a Goldring 1012 or an Ortofon could be other good options. Some will recommend Dynavector but I've seen none of theirs in that price range that I liked with he Spacearm - too bright, IMHO. Unless you can go used....
Unfortunately his phono-gain isn't enough neither for Denon DL103 nor for Shelter 501
The gain is the limitation I noticed as well. Marakanetz is correct. Also, while the Shelter is a wonderful cartridge, it is not "well under" $500, new or used.
I second the vote on the DV20XH; use it on my Audio Note TT1/ARM2 (rb300) and it sounds very good for right about 500 new.
wow, thanks for all the responses

yes it is a space arm
wanting to stay within budget till next year
a few too many remodeling expenses

what about the Clearwater cartridges
I see a few woods, lightly used for $300-$350 here?
went with the Shure V15vxmr
still need to set it up

the stylus guard is a big plus

Thanks all