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Recommnedation for the BEST SOUNDING integrated amp up to $3500
Check with Paul Manos at the Audio Shoppe in Boston and see if he still has any of the Audia Flight FL Three S integrated amps he had on sale.  I've had one for a couple of months.  Great sounding piece. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9c4d1... 
Lumin T2 impressions?
Some of those updates have involved Roon tweaks and bug fixes. 
I want a streamer
Since you already have the Primaluna Evo gear talk to Kevin about a Lumin U1 Mini. 
New DAC vs Streamer/DAC
This will accomplish what you are looking for in the price range you are willing to go.  Though not released quite yet there are already several reviews. https://orchardaudio.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fpcnp-strmr  
Thoughts on a new tube amp for high end rig? The last piece!
VAC 200iq 
Affordable alternativ to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC
Audio DoctorThe point here is we don't really know what he is looking for.  He only mentioned the DS Sr. in  the context of it being a DAC and at no time mentioned the Bridge II.  So until he clears up what he wants then we are all just guessing. ... 
Affordable alternativ to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC
If your looking for a DAC only the closest you make come to the DS at a lower price may be a used Aqua La Voce S2.  I own both and they are both in a similar vein.  My S2 is headed back to Italy for the S3 upgrade after the Munich show.  
Integrated amp for Nola boxer
Nola speakers are voiced and shown with ARC and VAC tube gear. So PL and Rogue would be reasonably priced alternatives. 
WANTED: A remote control for my Audio Research CD1.
Check the database and see if a Harmony remote will work. 
Odyssey "Khartago" Stereo Extreme" amp compared to Schitt's "Vidar" amp
The Odyssey amp will drive either one with ease. 
TEAC NT-505 - How good is it?
I've enjoyed mine since mid-November.  
Anything wrong with PS Audio DirectStream DACs?
Music server with two outputs, considering Lumin D2 and Mytek Brooklyn Bridge
But if my memory is correct Peter said not to connect both at the same time. 
Music server with two outputs, considering Lumin D2 and Mytek Brooklyn Bridge
You might want to e-mail Lumin as I don't think you can hook up both outputs at once. 
Used Amp Under $1000
For those speakers McCormack or Classe