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Teac NT-505 on Closeout by Walmart
For a period of time Onkyo USA was appointed the Teac distributor for the US when Teac didn’t want to do it themselves. These units are ones that they probably had in their warehouse when the agreement ended. During the Summer they were selling th... 
Which speakers, if any, combine the strengths of Harbeth and ProAc ?
Verity and Reynaud 
Holo Audio May DAC
The May has a remote, check the photos on the web page.  
Rogue Cronus Magnum Dies Help
And you have been doing this how long as it's not always apparent or obvious without a meter or magnifying glass.  
Rogue Cronus Magnum Dies Help
Did you actually test the fuses with a meter or did they just "look fine"? 
Who has switched from a PS Audio BHK Preamp to something else?
You guys need to be careful with the adaptor and 6SN7's as multiple owners on the PSA forum have had to send the unit back to the factory with board issues caused by this.  Just because BHK's "personal" unit works fine with them doesn't mean the p... 
New at Qobuz - no HiRes sound
You have to set the maximum streaming rate in the Qobuz desktop app.  It will default to CD rate. While your doing that you need to shutdown BluOs and the iPad and when finished re-boot. 
anyone pair the Kinki Studio EX-M1 amp with Ascend RAAL Towers?
I've owned the M1+ since July but have only used it with a pair of Nola KO's and (2) Rythmik F12G's.  Great integrated amp in my opinion especially considering the build quality and the price.  In the past I have used the EX-M1 with Reynaud Abscis... 
Best bookshelf speaker?
I'm with fuzztone if your budget goes to that point.  Also look at Joseph Audio Pulsar and Reynaud Voce Grande which comes with integrated stands. 
Recommendation for a replacement speaker cable
@simao My vote would be for the Audio Envy SP-9 at a little over $400.  I have used the SP-7's for going on two years.  The Audio Sensibility OCC cables are also another good option. 
Recommendation for a replacement speaker cable
Length and budget? 
Spatial M3 Triode Master Preamp/amp choices
If you are willing to get away from the tube idea a really great integrated amp that is a within your budget and goes well with the Spatial's is the newest version of the Kinki Studio EX-M1 at $2398 shipped. I've tried EL-84, EL-34 and KT-88 tube ... 
Original Nola Boxer Replacement, Maybe?
You won't find anything under a $1000 that's all that close unless you get a great deal on used.  
Spatial M3 Triode Master Preamp/amp choices
I have owned a pair for over three years and those  specifications are really misleading as to what kind of power that really need for those speakers to shine. Now if you are just looking for background levels then those will be fine.  
Supratek or Don Sachs - which way to go?
My Sachs has the 1.5 uF Polish caps so good down to 20 and the only amp I've ever owned that got close to that was the Odyssey Kismet at 22k.  Haven't tried the Sachs with any of the amps in combination with the Fritz Carrera Be's which at 86 db w...