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Recommendations of cartridge pairing with the following tonearms

Hi allI am just returning to vinyl after a 30 year hiatus. I have not heard most of the new MC ca...

what is the best Kt88 to get

 guys- trying a set of Sylvania 6sn7 bad boys now need to know what is the best kt88 to try- my a...

McIntosh (MC601) amplifier overheating problem

Hello everyone - A buddy of mine has MC601s that have recently started overheating.  Each amp wen...


SACD sounds better right???all of my stuf flooded 4’ 4 days.i have no money but I am replacing a ...

A little confused on how to properly integrate my sub

Hi everyone! Im relatively young and inexperienced when it comes to the more complicated electron...

Advice on best match MC Cartidges for these tonearms

Hi all,I am re starting my vinyl life, cleaning all 700 odd albums and singles... big job!I am as...

Successor to c2600?

I was thinking of getting a mcintosh c2600 later this year or early next,however I would rather w...

McCormack DNA 0.5 Gold or what?

If you wanted a McCormack DNA 0.5 Gold but couldn't find one what would be your second choice. An...

Need a headphones amp/dac solution that I can stream to from my NAS

Title kina says it all. I am looking for a piece of gear that is: A) headphone amp B) DAC C) can...


Is there a dedicated high quality streaming Hi-Fi device that will connect to your dac that will ...

Audible Illusions M3B question

I month ago I decided to trade in my older AI Modulus 2 for a new M3B, sending in my money for a ...

What is best site to download album artwork for FLAC files?

I have recently reripped my music collection in FLAC for best fidelity. I have used Power DVD 17 ...

Home theater design help

Recently I discovered that a wall I did not I think I could move is actually removeable and thus ...

Integrated Amps - Ayre vs Pass Labs

Hey all,In the very preliminary stages of starting a two-channel system from the ground up. I’d l...

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Virtual Systems Activity
120x85TonyNuuk's System (tonynuuk)
Nice system. I have heard those speakers before. They sound beautiful when mated with the right amps. The Hegel H20 should be more than enough. Is that the G... (milpai)
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120x85To see and feel the music (aball)
It lacked dynamics.  At first it sounded quite good, but then the more I listened to it, the more I realized that it was actually restrained, and lacked the ... (aball)
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120x85To see and feel the music (aball)
@aball ,I somehow missed that you auditioned the W4S STP in your system. I am surprised that it let you down. Because 6moons is all over this preamp. Looks ... (milpai)
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120x85To see and feel the music (aball)
I have been restoring an MX110Z and an MC240, both from 1965.  To test it out, I hooked up the revamped 110 in my system to see how it performs.  After the n... (aball)
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120x85Focal-topia (bearotti)
Gorgeous speakers and sound sublime. Great choice in gear. (shadorne)
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120x85Focal-topia (bearotti)
Nice system love your speakers, the biggest thing that alot of people do is neglect their stand, the stand should be considered a very important component, t... (mdegeorgis)
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120x85Grannyring's System (grannyring)
Thank you for the nice comment @jafant.   I need to follow my own VS thread more often. (grannyring)
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Quad 22L (jmlab926)
a sansui tu 717 tuner and a pair of WW equinox7 IC are added (jmlab926)
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120x85Living Room Rig (bigamp)
Added an Elgar 6006B line conditioner.  Easily noticeable improvement in sound quality - improved resolution, better clarity, cleaner top end and tighter bas... (bigamp)
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