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Audioquest Slate biwire vs Audioquest GBC single wire

New to Audiogon. I just purchased here PSB Imagine T2 speakers, driving them with an Arcam Alpha1...

Alabama Shakes

Recently purchased Alabama Shakes first album, Boys and Girls. I purchased this on iTunes right a...

Expanding your hobby by expanding love

Let me be a little Zen here. I’ll keep this short. 99% of what we read in magazines and on this f...

Best vintage DD turntables from the 70's and 80's?

Howdy folks-We’ll I’ve got the vinyl bug for sure. 6 months ago, I bought my first TT, a nice Tec...

Phono preamp/turntable connection question.

Should I put the better cable in between my phono preamp and turntable or from my phono preamp to...

Marantz SA 10 compared to

Oppo 205 for CD play only. ?

Empire Turntable Parts

I am using a very old Empire 698 with a Ortofon MC20 Mikita. I am also using a Parasound Zphono h...

Sirius XM Buying Pandora

Recording with a Bryston 17b3 preamp.

I just got my Dragon refurbished today and I'm trying to record. The instructions are not quite c...

Converter for digital out to analog in to Integrated

My wife purchased a smart TV that bypasses the mac mini I use as a music server and to watch Netf...

Marantz DV8400 SACD Output

I'm trying to run my Marantz DV8400 into my Cambridge Audio Azur 851 player. I'm using the coaxia...

pioneer 12" pax-30E speakers do I need to re attach, attenuator's?

Hi The leads for the attenuators have been cut off so he could remove the speakers from the cabin...

Where to put one's best power cords??

, Where should one put their finest power cords? Mono amps, preamp, DAC or transport?  Where will...

Revel F228BE

For all you Revel lovers out there and those who should be. I just received my new Revel F228BE s...

Favorite musician(s)

I am first and foremost a song lover. Chords (the importance of which is not taken seriously enou...

Weakest link - a different question?

Google shows a fair number of posts to this forum where people ask "Here's my system, what is my ...

Will the Thiel CS2.4 fit in my car?

I will be picking up a pair of Thiel CS2.4 at UPS tomorrow.  Do you think they will fit in my car...

FM Night - Blues / Jazz

Listening to a tune and have no idea who it is...One of the lyrics: Cadillac problem living in th...

Damn it

Ok, I have a problem, granted it is a gold plated one. I thought I had this down to two choices, ...

Reference 3A MM De Capo vs Legacy Calibre

I am starting the process of putting together a new system. An important design goal is the speak...

Gold Note PSU10 , anyone yet get one?

Thoughts would be most appreciated.

Bobs Device SKY 20 or A23 (Denon) SUT for my Charisma 103 cart

I will be adding a Step Up device to my system soon. It's an Amadeus table, Charisma 103, which h...

Conrad Johnson MF-200

I have been using my sons Conrad Johnson MF-200, he had it stored for about 10 years, when I firs...

Biwire to single terminal

I have a beloved set of shotgun biwire speaker cables, and am trying to ascertain whether I can u...

Someone please "(do) get me started"

Been a Ray Charles music lover, my problem is I’ve always held off buying his lps out of (where t...

Song of the day?

For me today it is Slow Drag by Taj Mahal and The Phantom Blues Band off the Maestro album, great...

JRiver hack notice. True?

I was gone away from the net since Thursday and I received an email from JRiver (I hope!) stating...

Best Baffles for In Wall Speakers

So it looks like the Russound In-Wall Flexbox is not available anymore. Does anybody have any oth...

Exposure 2010S2-D Exposure 3010S2-D Integrated Amps

Wondering about sonic differences between these Integrateds, other than output power. Thanks.

Exposure 3010S 3010S2 3010S2-D CD Player

Curious if there are significant differences between these three versions.  Thanks 

Synergistic Research Blue Powercords

  Just curious if anyone has tried either the 10 guage high current blue pc or the 12 guage model...

Users of: Graham Slee phono stages + Graham Slee monoblock amp, share your thoughts.

Hello to all.I read great reviews from Hi-Fi magazines about the Graham Slee phono stages +  the ...

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Digital integrated alternatives to SET tube system (hfaddict)
Doug Schroeder Method, Double ic (jayctoy)
Why the Distain For the Rotel RB-1080 Power Amp? (kitjv)
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Gold Note PSU10 , anyone yet get one? (rsf507)
Infinity Kappa 9's sound terrible...HELP (barricadedbob)
Klipsch Palladium P39F and Probably the Entire line Major issue! (78c3sam)
SAT Comparison (moonglum)
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Bobs Device SKY 20 or A23 (Denon) SUT for my Charisma 103 cart (fjn04)
Conrad Johnson MF-200 (thefile)
Biwire to single terminal (tseliot)
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Aries 1 JWM 10 Tonearm replacement or upgrades? (billandsol)
The Conrad Johnson Premier 350: Revisited (vhiner)
My Sonic Lab with Thoress? (vortrex)
Trade Shows (djtunes)
Breakthrough in volume control or just hype? Relay-Controlled Volume! (shadorne)
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Contemplating DEVORE SPEAKERS (and others)....LONG audition report of many speakers (prof)
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Virtual Systems Activity
120x85oldschool1948's Rec Room (oldschool1948)
Great looking room love the bar. And that Pioneer amp is gorgeous! Very cool and very old school indeed thanks for sharing! (jond)
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120x85jenssmed's System (jenssmed)
I don't know much about your electronics, but it looks like a spectacular high end system. I'd like to move into the modern era and be able to access the ava... (mjcmt)
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120x85Small Room, Big Sound (folkfreak)
Updated photos and posted some details on the Taiko mods which continue to astound (folkfreak)
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120x85Mkiser's System (mkiser)
I have been in Austria at the listening room of Mr. Spitaler (ex. Artkustik) never heard such a sound, never feel Music so real. He is using his own Speakers... (drhalla)
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120x85caveman cinema (ryan1fs)
Long time I also do not listen to vinyl, because a lot of the turntables I listen to, had been disappointed, but now after I have this German Turntable and o... (drhalla)
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120x85My Stormin Gale System (mgattmch)
Amazingly clean room without cables! Enjoy and great view! (cytocycle)
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120x85Another Woman's Perspective (sc53)
Are you married? I think I'm in love ;-) . (bdp24)
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