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Now that I have my Tri-planar tone arm, I ask for recommendations for a new cartridge.

I am thrilled with my new Tri-planar tone arm. It completes my analog rig incredibly so.A Woodson...

Transferring large folders of flac files

Hi folks,I have about 1.8 TB of music stored in flac files, and the main copy is on an external h...


Best Buy is offering today only, (it's one of their deals of the day) a year of TIDAL Hi-Fi for j...

preamp upgrade suggestion around $2000

Hi,I am looking to upgrade my preamp.  I am currently using a Luxkit A3300 preamp.  Other compone...

Bruce Edgar

Bruce Edgar has passed away. Thank you Bruce for your contributions to our little world, and for ...

Back to vinyl need phono stage help!

Recently back in the vinyl game since the eighties! Sota sapphire VI>Origin Live silver>Han...

Red Plating??

I have a CLASS A KT88 amp that has an autobias circuit.  The company rep recommended SED 6550C Wi...

Office streaming solution?

Currently, in my office, I’m using my iphone to stream via a 8 year old Apple Airport connected, ...

Allo USBridge Signature

Hi all,I am new to the streaming world. But, I figure I would try some streaming options. I curre...

Amplifier tips

Hey community. It’s the first time I participate in audio discussions online so I will dive strai...

Integrated to pair with Klipsch RF7 speakers

I'm looking for an integrated amp that would match with my RF7 speakers. Budget is $2000. Does an...

Integrated Amp or Separates for Vandersteen 1'cs

Hi, I am looking to replace an old JVC 80watt per channel receiver to complement my Vandersteen 1...

Using medical ethernet isolator (MI 1005) for Network streamer ?

Hi all,I have an Ultra-Rendu which I used with an Sbooster power supply. The streamer is currentl...

LS50 + Amp Power

Yet another LS50 thread...  My apologies :).  Quick question on power ratings.  I have a Pioneer ...

Any tube experts out there?

Cleaning out and organizing my audio and camera closet I got all the way to the back where I foun...

Julien Baker - Vocal-centered Music.

I'm a vocal + piano lover, and am having a really hard time decifering reviews between higher-end...

It has returned

Finally got my Pioneer PL-630 back. Took it in for service in Oct. 2019.  Then Covid hit and NV l...

BluOS/iTunes/iMac Glitch...

Overall very happy my new Node 2i has pulled 8299 of 9603 ITunes songs on my Mac into the BluOS m...

Yamaha MX-A5200 or CWA-1

Hi everyone, if i have to choose between the Yamaha MX-A5200 and the PSB CWA-1 amplifier to drive...

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Virtual Systems Activity
120x85Vintage (mostly) (noromance)
Your "humble" basement is freaking awesome.  I love this system.  So much care in design and execution.  Chapeau! (cymbop)
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120x85Tony's System (tonywinga)
I have the same light towers that you have pictured. I love them! Beautiful system. (roxy54)
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120x85kevin60's System (kevin60)
Thanks I spent most of last year putting it together it sounds absolutely amazing. (kevin60)
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120x85hudsonhawk's System (hudsonhawk)
I can’t stop making pandemic upgrades to my system. The latest addition: the Egglestonworks Kiva speakers.They’re borderline too big for this room but my god... (hudsonhawk)
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120x85hudsonhawk's System (hudsonhawk)
@joey54 thanks! Manhattan power is too dirty for that unfortunately, I’ve got the Mimas plugged into the Power Plant.I’d love to try the cards someday - I’m ... (hudsonhawk)
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120x85Vintage (mostly) (noromance)
 @frozentundra  Ha, Not that young! Not too old. The basement - too expensive but mostly disruptive. Where would I put everything while the work was being do... (noromance)
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120x85kevin60's System (kevin60)
Good looking system, bet it sounds the bit too. (skypunk)
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