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DAT - what to do with Panasonic SV-3700

40 years ago, in our quest for audio nirvana, we also messed around with a DAT and good microphon...

It was 61 years ago today...

You are part of a select group of music fans to perhaps see on television, read the newspaper or ...

what cd player ?

looking for suggestions for a cd player in the $1k -1300 range.

Platinum Collections - Any Good?

From Johnny Cash to Ella Fitzgerald. All have white vinyl. Sound is Paramount though.  Has anyon...

Legacy Audio Focus XD - Gain Matching Issue between the internal and external amp?

The Focus XD has an internal amp (ICEpower).  So if I drive the mid and high with an external amp...

streaming and audiophile stereo

I have heard it said that an audio system is only as good as its weakest link. I want to complete...

Digital Cable Recommendations

All, I am looking to upgrade from my Nordost Silver Shadow cable. I can do RCA or BNC with adapt...

Anyone heard of Waudio Company power cables?

Saw this on Amazon and seems to be well rated. I bought one of the cables for about 50 bucks, a 1...

New sound immersion processes

What is everyone’s thoughts on these new sound immersion processes?  Do you like Dolby Atmos and ...

I need help to decide

Fast Survey , wich is better Pass lab x250.8  Amp. vs. Krell Duo 300 XD , i have a pair of Dynaud...

The Dope from Hope...

Interesting project, no affiliation here, just wanted to share: The Dope from Hope Book

Help with previous post

Does anyone remember a post around Jan 20th from a memer sharing his experience with a brand that...

Ads by Google

Is it me or is anyone else experiencing a deluge of Google ads being displayed in headers, every ...

Adona with symposium platforms

I’m thinking about buying a new rack. I have had an old Target rack for around 25yrs. I have upgr...

Denafrips Pontus II Clicks Or Static?

There have been some who have reported clicks or static occasionally with their Denafrips Pontus ...

Martin Logan Motion 35XTI

Are they a Best Buy speaker basically mid-fi or are they hi-f? I noticed they are selling them at...

Vandersteen 2C Grill and Power Amp questions

1. Will a Creek 4140 SE Integrated Amp be compatible with these Vandersteen 2C speakers ? 2. Do ...

Looking for "servo control module" for the Mcintosh MCD500 cd player

Hi all.. I am looking for the "servo control module" for the Mcintosh MCD500 cd player. I brought...

Vinyl selections from Band Camp that were cool.

I like Bandcamp the way that the artists seem like they are able to directly deal with their cust...

Beware Bluenose Records Downloads

I was recently ripped off by Bluenote Records downloads. I went on their site and saw the option ...

Automate smart curtain bots with dead light switch line

Is there anything I can purchase to automate two smart curtain bots? I have a light switch, that ...

Is iCUE safe to use 2023

So I've a bunch of recent posts about a damaged CPU I got replaced from intel which means that I ...

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Hello Guys, (rohlim)
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Lector 603 CD player (mpomerantz)
Whats playing on your system today? (nutty)
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report (ghosthouse)
Esoteric VRDS-NEO not reading discs (russ751)
Aurender N-200 Compatiblity with DACS. Is this a thing? (malatu)
Tough amp decision (arhgef)
A Skeptics Digital Upgrade Journey (macg19)
PS Audio Power Plant P3 to P12 (jaytor)
Counterfeit Chinese Cables (roxy54)
Thiel Owners (jafant)
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Martin Logan Motion 35XTI (trianglezerius)
phono cartridge help (1jafa)
Vandersteen 2C Grill and Power Amp questions (rocky1313)
What is the best way to clean Vinyl? (jjbeason14)
Hey, I'm looking for the highest quality recordings from the following Artists: (jjbeason14)
P.S. Audio B.H.K. 300 Mono Amps, B.H.K. Preamplifiers, PS Audio Dac (blumartini)
Dynavector XV-1S (vincemartina)
Which portable audio player supports the most digital formats? (dragongorgon)
Is listening daily at an average of 85db safe? (nemesis1218)
How I Beat the System to Nab an Unbeatable System (bartholomew)
Daily Notification (malatu)
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Phono Cable, is it necessary? (larseand)
HIFI Speaker active crossovers ... (sozocaps)
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What is Your End Game System? (kota1)
Chat GPT wrote a poem about digital vs analog (oliver_reid)
Took the lithium ion battery plunge (blue_collar_audio_guy)
Beware Bluenose Records Downloads (rockerz)
Plinius 9100 vs Luxman L-505U (heyanming)
TA-102 fo.Q Product from Japan "TRY These" (ozzy)
Focal Sopra 2 or Sopra 3? (fthompson251)
Phono Cable and interconnect compatibility...? (larseand)
Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark (ryanhere)
Orca BMI limited MK2 power cable (ayangkoe01)
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Quobuz subscription (czarivey)
New Clarisys Audio Panel Loudspeakers : Best Panel Loudspeakers On The World Market ?! (rick2000)
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Upgrade to a better server. Ideas? (jumia)
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Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power (kraftwerkturbo)
Really expensive systems that sounded great? (erik_squires)
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120x85jmalen123's System (jmalen123)
Thanks for the advice, I will absolutely take it to heart. Every moment is precious. Am working on adding more photos of my system. I am not sure how these 2... (jmalen123)
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120x85jmalen123's System (jmalen123)
Always great to meet another VH brother. Nice collection. Wasn't too long ago my daughter did selfies with dad.. great times. Enjoy every moment! (doyle3433)
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