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Schiit Modi Multibit

I'm in the process of upgrading my analog system but still like to have a (very) affordable DAC i...

Are Aerial 10T's still considered a Good speaker on 2018?

Hello...Have a chance to pick up a pair of Aerial 10t 's mk2 at a steal of a deal. I was just won...

ELAC Uni-fi - All Hype??

Have been contemplating the launch of my Wharefedale Diamond 10.7s for the new ELAC Uni-fi floors...

Gershman Avant Garde Upgrade?

I'm the proud owner (purchased here) of a pair of Gershman Acoustic AG's that I love.  I just spo...

New Elac Argo Powered Series is coming soon ! $$$ Real Game Changer

The Argo Powered Series is coming soon and will be a real game changer!🤗

Oh no, there's metal in your records!

IMO, this is completely out of left field. But, here’s the story. On Saturday, there was a "semin...

hybrid integrateds (Vincent and others)

Currently have Audio Refinement separates in my main system. I’m curious and want to try a Vincen...

NOS tubes

My question is this, why are NOS tubes percieved/ or not, said to sound better than newly manufac...

B&W 801 vintage speakers in small space

I have vintage 801s (1979) powered by a similarly aged Stasis II, both still awesome with no serv...

Hugh Masekela, RIP

I had a listening session last night. Played one of my all time favorites- Grazing in The Grass.I...

e bay problems: audio gear and collector records ;broken search engine ?

I have not received any saved searches since jan 1. Has anyone else experienced this? I also can ...

3 Martin Logan Floor standing Hybrids--Looking for Ideas

Hi All,First post here.  I have a bit of a unique situation, while moving from CA to NM my moving...

Pass XP12 vs Ayre K-5xeMP

After reading 2 reviews of the new Pass XP12, I just had to bring one home for audition.I have al...

Thorens TD 145 MK 1 ; How Many Tonearm Options Are There?

I have a Thorens TD 145 MK 1 with the original TP 16 tonearm. I set the tracking weight via the t...

martin logan sequel

how much should i charge for my martin logan sequel speakers in 9 out 10 shape

Vincent SV-500

This looks like a good integrated to get one’s feet wet and try out vacuum tube sound. On

martin logan sequel

im wondering how much to charge for my martin  logan sequel speakers that  i feel are a 9 out of ...

Done buying new vinyl

Just bought a few albums recommended by a mag. Party by Aldous Harding and Beautiful Jazz by Chri...

***Seattle,Wa.Area 2018 Update***

Hey everyone..It looks like the last post was 12 years ago...So anything happening in the Seattle...

***Seattle,Wa.Area 2018 Update***

Hey everyone..It looks like the last post was 12 years ago...So anything happening in the Seattle...

Accuphase pricing Japan vs. USA

I am interested in Accuphase products but the pricing seems to be out of line.  Is there a reason...

Oppo 105D video vs. Oppo 205 video - my 205 video doesn't look right

Anyone else have experience with the video on these two machines. I had to replace my Oppo 83, so...

Dbx 20/20

Is there anyone in this community that can point me in the direction of a schematic for a dbx 20/...

Dylan...whats the deal?

Don’t understand it.Baffled. Dylans album Hard Rain recorded live on the Rolling Thunder Tour had...

Northern Idaho / Spokane area audio folk, any informal meets or interest in idea exchanges

Have to believe there are folks with shared interests out here. Hoping to connect and compare tho...

JL Audio F110 Fathom pops...

Hi,I keep forgetting to call JL during work hours since I rarely have time, but thought I would a...

Phono Stage on Classe CP700

Thinking about this preamp to add to my Levinson 331 and my Wadia 850.  Wondering if anyone has o...

Audioquest new Storm series power cables thunder or tornado

Agoners please share your experience, Are you also using them with Niagara 1000?  Thank you in ad...

Decware preamp

Does anyone have experience with the Decware Zen Ultra 6 channel preamp? If so, what are your tho...

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What is really the purpose of streaming?? (tattooedtrackman)
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Speakers costing range of 2500-3500 per pair (spendmoney)
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Quad ESL-63 and low-powered amps; Sun Audio, Atma (montaldo)
Are you getting ridiculous offers from new members (herman)
Preamp help for First Watt J2/ZU Omens combo (tk78)
Buyer wants copy of passport? (ulf)
Bluesound Vault 2 now or wait for CES2018? (kenscott)
Upcoming Technics SP-10R (100th Anniversary Model) (chakster)
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HI-FI NEWBIE NEEDS HELP! (widespreadpanic)
Polycarbonate Disc Bliss: The CD is alive and well (klipschking)
Benz Ruby ZH or Wood SM? (no_regrets)
Pass Labs XA30.8: is it enough for Wilson Sasha 2? (pinox67)
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Integrated Amp upgrade? (robelvick)
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The new Synergistic Research BLUE fuses .... (oregonpapa)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Audio Nirvana (milpai)
miunderstood / I was jokingjm (jmlab926)
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Main System (drrsutliff)
I picked up a used Salamander rack on Sunday and it has allowed me to add my 40 year old Optonica DD turntable to the system.  Mounted my backup Cadenza Bron... (drrsutliff)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120What now ??? (mitchb)
I've changed my 6 Sons Audio Vision Quest cable on my tuner to a DH Labs Red Wave with Wattgate Blue Dot connectors and I'm enjoying the cable. The Red Wave ... (mitchb)
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mdegeorgis's System (mdegeorgis)2
Main System (drrsutliff)65