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Speakers "Disappearing"

I have read a lot about speakers "disappearing" so that one can't tell from where the sound is em...

Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 MkIII... USED PRICE...

Hi All,Have been lurking around Audiogon for several years now but this is actually my first po...

I hate when this happens

One of those nights last night. For whatever reasons, real or imagined, the rig was singing. I we...

Grado Labs customer service.

Just wanted to say thanks to Grado Labs for their excellent customer service...   they responded ...

I, Tonya Soundtrack

Just got done watching the Blu-Ray of I, Tonya.  The movie was just okay, but the soundtrack kick...

Most musical valved cd player found used for under $1,000

Im newly entering the discovery of the influence of valves in providing very musical and enjoyabl...

Inexpensive Tube Amps

Anyone have any experience with the following?  I want to try one just to see how the sound compa...

New to Digital

I am a novice with digital music, and would like some advice on some digital options that are not...

Mc Levinson vs McIntosh 601

I own a legendary Mc Levinson 23.5 amp and a 380S pream. I would have the opportunity to have two...

Need Some Assistance With Rega related Issue

A while back I upgraded the Rega motor on my TT. It is a standard Rega uprgade kit.All was good f...

How to re-terminate Valhalla

Hi there. This is my first posting in this forum. I have a pair of 26” RCA terminated Nordost Val...

Grail T5 Speakers

Two recent issues of Stereophile featured large ads for these previously unknown speakers. I resp...

Dood pre amp

I’m having problems with my dood pre amp. I replaced batteries 4 months ago because the (4) batte...

Problems streaming Tidal-Terrible distortion

I’ve looked in the Tidal threads and haven’t found any describing this problem.  Sometimes in the...


Hi, I'm new to Audiogon, but thought I should let people know about Wyetech Labs. I recently boug...

Where is Tbg?

Just wondering.  Maybe I missed a post somewhere, but it looks to me as if he hasn't been on Audi...

Dolby Atmos vs DTS-X vs Auro 3D Sound

I’m concerned with these three formats as Dolby Atmos seems to be the standout format for movies....

Who owns the Double Bass from Lawrence Audio

Hello All,I will be receiving my Double Bass speakers Wed or Thru of next wk,I’ve admired the loo...

Jorgen schou 384

Which is the best in and out RCA cable (Optim) in impedance,brand???any experience??

1200GR mat and Funk Firm Achromat

 I’m getting used to my new 1200 GR Technics turntable. I noticed that it has a machined lip just...

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Virtual Systems Activity
120x85Ozzy System (ozzy)
Very nice system Ozzy! Pic of your complete system is a little dark though. Impossible to see everything clearly. (chazzzy007)
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120x85corelli's System (corelli)
@sbayne Thanks.   You're right.  I need to fill in some details.  Promise I will get around to it tomorrow morning. (corelli)
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120x85Austin Acoustic 4-Way Horn System SET Amps Fully Active (austinacoustic)
Austin Acoustic at LSAF 2018 We will be exhibiting our 4-way horn speakers system with active crossover and SET amps. Lone Star Audio Fest in Dallas, TX. Ma... (austinacoustic)
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120x85corelli's System (corelli)
Nice room and system! Gives some details about the components, wiring, subs, etc Thanks! (sbayne)
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120x85Sunnyboy in 2012 (sunnyboy1956)
Pradeep, How do you like the HRS base and what did it do for the sound? Does your TW plinth now have 3 or 4 feet now? What did the battery/motor controller d... (barrysandy)
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120x85Albert Porter's System (albertporter)
Albert -- your experience with amp stands mirrors mine, tube monobloc power amps are very sensitive to what's under them. If you did want to keep the Billy B... (folkfreak)
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