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Marantz KI-Ruby is called PM-12 in Japan...

Hello to all,Recently I checked the Marantz Japanese website, and noticed that the KI-Ruby is cal...

Does the Luxman SQ-n10 operated in class A ultralinear PP or class AB UL PP

Output is only 10 w/ch at 8 ohms. 

Warm Class D for horns?

Hello to all,Recently  was researching about the evolution of class d amplifiers, for what I unde...

AMR amplifiers, why they were discontinued?

Hello to all,I was checking the AMR website this days, and appears that the company made a brief ...

Take a tour of Nelson Pass’ listening room

Take a tour of Nelson Pass’ listening room

Reasonably priced 15 foot USB cable for laptop to DAC?

Got a new DAC and want to try listening to music from my laptop as decoded by my DAC.  Don't want...

Wanted: Shunyata VTX-09 JUMPER for speakers

Can only be in either of the following configurations: Banana to spadeSpade to spade

Hum de Dum

My System has a very low hum running thru it. It seems to go away if I employa ground removing pl...

MIT closed the doors?

It appears as though MIT is closing  their doors and going out of business.  They are not accepti...

Speakers for super sensitive ears?

Has anybody had a similar experience to mine and found that commercial speakers just arent finely...

Buying Speakers Based on Specs

Hi,Is it a good idea to buy a pair of speakers based on specification? Currently I have a pair of...

ARC Ref 3 - thoughts?

Hi all, I have an ARC ref 3 that I've been really happy with, after switching all the valves it h...

Ultimate Integrated amps

Here's a list of ultimate Integrated amps between 30-50K for people who want a simple rig with no...

Cables of the past - which still rock?

As technology in cables seems to be a slow burner at best I'm wondering which you would consider ...

Audion Silver Night 300b 20th Anniversary

Can anyone recommend 300bs for this amp?  I found that the JJs that are included lacked a lot of ...

RCA to XLR - How bad are the current crop of adapters ?

Hey all. I own a pair of mono amplifiers with female xlr inputs. Needing to go from single ended ...

Schiit Freya + Aegir vs Rega Elex-R

Hi Folks,I'm looking to upgrade from my Marantz PM5005 and my budget is around 1600$.  I think I'...

Power regenerators on pre / digital - any downsides?

Hi all,I get the problems with driving power amps from mains regenerators, this can dull the soun...

Audiophile Adventure Weekend in NJ Highlands/Water Gap

HI Audio Friends:I am testing the waters for an audiophile adventure weekend and fund raiser for ...

Hi howdy folks, a quick Vapor question for ya......

So I bought a used pair of Vapor Breeze bookshelf speakers that are totally amazing.  I wanted to...

how important is it to use crossovers when adding subwoofers to a system?

the argument as i understand it is that adding any additional electronics to a system will have a...

Lampizator Amber - moving up the range?

Hey all,I have a Lampizator Amber plus. I've managed to get massive improvements to it by putting...

What did I hear?

I'm new to this hobby and I'm in the process of trying to dial in a good audio system while remai...

Random Skips

I have a Rega RP3 with Exact cartridge. Force and anti-skate set at 1.75. I clean with Spin Clean...

recommendation for streaming DAC

I would like to stream Tidal, and now perhaps Amazon, via wi fi to my Passlabs INT 30 into my Bob...

What did you do this weekend

A must read and feel free to post enjoy http://https//

Roon in the cloud

I have been for many years a happy Logitech Transporter user.Then Qobuz came along, I subscribed ...

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Interconnects and Speaker Cable, What in your history hit your pleasure button? (whatjd)
Ayre QX-5 Twenty steaming performance (brystonkiwi)
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Hear my Cartridges....🎶 (halcro)
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120x85Zu Druid Mk VI (cottguy)
Superb! (mjcmt)
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120x85The Gift And The Curse (devilboy)
Your speakers, electronics, audio rack, and room environment is a well thought out package. Very nice! (mjcmt)
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120x85ejholtom's System (ejholtom)
Nice. Can you post a photo of your system? (mjcmt)
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