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Ported Small speakers >10 feet away from wall

Got a pair of Dynaudio Evoke 10s that I am running out in the middle of an oblong room (roughly 1...

joule la150mkII- preamp

hi guys, i have a Joule  lA 150 se [mk ii ]. the gold knobs on them look dirty . i was looking f...

From Rossini Apex to ????

Hi Folks.  I just recently upgraded my Holo May Kitsune Edition DAC to a Rossini Apex and am very...

300B or 2a3 SET Class A for Heretic Model A?

Wondering which one would be the perfect match/magical integrated? 100db is more than enough to d...

An argument for fuses and maybe power cables in power amplifier

There are a lot of discussion about fuse but I don't remember a thread that include an actual ci...

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Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation (ozzy62)
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From Rossini Apex to ???? (peter_s)
300B or 2a3 SET Class A for Heretic Model A? (superelmar)
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Looking for a line conditioner (backdoor)
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Modding the PS Audio Directstream DAC MK1 and MK2 (richardselectronics)
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SUT help (mmcgill829)
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Streamer only (pal)
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Spatial Audio Raven Preamp (fthompson251)
Dan D'Agostino Pendulum Intergrated review (hifimaniac)
I just bought a Steinway which sounds like a banjo. (daros71)
Tekton Double Impacts (corelli)
Accuphase and B&W 800 series (rfprice)
Sound Impressions - Benchmark HPA4/LA4 in use with a quality vinyl rig? (kennythekey)
RAAL 1995 headphones, Magna and Immanis (yyzsantabarbara)
Low-pass Setting of SVS SB-3000s subs with LSA Signature 80 speakers (ideal8592)
Virtual Systems Activity
120x85Final set (bimmerman2)
Or perhaps a patio you made into a room? (bdp24)
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120x85Final set (bimmerman2)
Love your room! Looks like a converted 2-car (or more) garage, ay? (bdp24)
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120x85What now ??? (mitchb)
May 20 restart dac, PST and Auralic (mitchb)
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120x85Final set (bimmerman2)
Going back and forth between the picture of the single chair and the final destination is peak Virtual Systems. (toro3)
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120x85Final set (bimmerman2)
Fantastic! Love it all (nunhgrader)
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