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Wavac PR-T1 vs Shindo Vosne Romanee

Hi there. Does anyone have any experience listening to these two amps, and have any thoughts as t...

Looking to upgrade my preamp, suggestions?

Decided it is time to try out a newer preamp, have upgraded everything else over last couple of m...

Advice on replacing 12 in woofer in Martin Logan Monolith III's

I'm needing to replace the 12 inch woofers in my Martin Logan Monolith III's.  I am running a dBx...

Packing up my CDP...bittersweet

Today I received my new DAC and will be packing up my Luxman D-06 cdp. This will be the first ...

Insane ground loop; anybody wanna try?

I have a ground loop that's been killing me for weeks. I've tried several things to limited or no...

Advice on how to reset circuit breaker on Richard Gray UPS Power Conditioner

Richard Gray Power Conditioner/UPS Maintenance. Model RGPC 400 ProMy unit was hit with a major ...

Reversed polarity?

I built a new main power cable to replace the stock one that came with my Integrated, the PC that...

XLR to RCA adaptor

So I have a new integrated Decware tube amp coming and its inputs are RCA. All my current sources...

Richard Gray Power Conditioner/UPS Maintenance. Model RGPC 400 Pro

My unit was hit with a major power surge induced by lightning storm.  I need to learn how to rese...

Please Help Me Choose a Speaker Cable

I need to replace my existing speaker cable setup with something more wife-friendly. I am curren...

Does anyone have any experience of hybrid valve and solid state power amps?

Hi guysI ask this question because I recently had a listen to a JE Audio Dyad S400 power amp. I w...

Paypal Increases Fees Effective March 29

We are changing the cross-border transactions fee for card present and PayPal transactions from...

XLR cable signal ground wire question

Hi,    I have  a question regarding balanced (XLR) interconnect cable design.   There are 3 wires...

Can't tell,if my house is properly grounded

Hey guys, I have a low level hi/low buzz that is coming through my speakers, not dependent on the...

It is a good idea to purchase a vintage tube pre-amp.

Since the new one are pretty expensive and what I can afford is an old one with budget of US$2000...

Tuberolling the REF5se...

just dropped in a NOS 60's Tung Sol black plate 6550 ... wow relavator moment for sure....Sourced...

T+A DSD 8 DAC v. Lampizator Atlantic DSD only

My current setup: Sonictransporter server (i7 quad core purpose built to run HQP) running Roon ...

3D Array Soundbar - GoldenEar Technology

Does anybody have experience with GoldenEar Technology 3d Array soundbar?  The reviews sound good...

Mono questions

I have a couple of mono questions on a stereo system:1.  Will playing a mono recording be the sam...

B&K preamp question

I would like to hear from those that may have experiences with the b&k PT 3 and PT 5 tuner pr...

Project Debut Carbon

Found a listing on Craigslist for this table for $60 and though it wasn't the newer DC version an...

Need Wireless Subwoofer Options

I am in the process of minimizing my system footprint and the large boomy Velodyne VA-1215X that ...

Power cord for Electrocompaniet aw250r

Any cords that truly standout when mated with this amp?

DACs - what exactly do these things do?

Howdy.So I recently bought a Sony HAP-Z1ES so I could rip all my CDs in ALAC and keep them on the...

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Speaker companies with a focus on parts quality and measurements (skinwalker)
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When and how did you, if at all, realize vinyl is better? (jbhiller)
DAC for CD transport (murgeshj)
Have you ever tried a pair of speakers and said this Is the last thing I will ever need. (jakecanada)
Whats on your turntable tonight? (slipknot1)
Ancient AR Turntable with NO anti skate (normansizemore)
Please assure me I'm not going to burn my house down. (toddverrone)
Agoners: Need Advice! Have 3K to spend on an Amp, what do I do with no way to audition? (cohicks4)
What's your favorite album cover art ? (brf)
Interesting look at THD (ptss)
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Amps Atma-Sphere M-60 Mono blocks OTL design (ozzy)
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Can't tell,if my house is properly grounded (last_lemming)
How much do large Vinyl collections go for these days? (jyprez)
It is a good idea to purchase a vintage tube pre-amp. (faust168)
I've decided to try Tubes (aberyclark)
Looking for recs for my first foray into MC cartridges... (jaredvancamp78)
Acoustic Zen Crescendo speaker crossover capacitors ... who makes them? (grannyring)
Tuberolling the REF5se... (tomic601)
Grateful Dead May 77 Box Set Announced (otherone)
Jazz for aficionados (orpheus10)
Best standalone music server? (uberwaltz)
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Counterpoint NP-220 died: (quercus)
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All I want is The Truth, just gimme some truth... (clio09)
Saturday Afternoon at the Opera, often live, from The Metropolitan Opera (ptss)
Is it too bright or is it high resolution? (phd)
T+A DSD 8 DAC v. Lampizator Atlantic DSD only (shredder)
Pani ... New ART-9 up and running ... (oregonpapa)
Alan Maher Designs (tjbhuler)
Whats playing on your system today? (nutty)
Mono questions (philcrocetti)
Rotal 1072, Oppo 95, or Oppo 105? (simao)
PS Audio BHK 300 mono VS Modwright KWA 150SE mono VS D'agostino Classic stereo (thieliste)
High fidelity REVEAL interconnects (jayctoy)
Paradigm Signature S4: Any info please (xenithon)
Time to Upgrade (dnanstad)
Any Recommendations? Southern California Audio Shows & the California Audio Show Oakland (hgeifman)
Straightening Bent Fins (alpha_gt)
Do caps deteriorate with time even if an amp is not being used? (weebeesdad)
B&K preamp question (geph0007)
Ahhhh...breaking in a cartridge. (jbhiller)
Finally absolutely satisfied with my system (itsikhefez)
Cardas Clear Beyond Interconnects ? (biggy79)
Project Debut Carbon (john421)
Berkeley vs Bryston vs Lampizator (rockyboy)
Best female vocal recording on CD? (meiatflask)
Not to be too maudlin, but what will be your Swan Song? (toolbox149)
Calling all VDH Colibri Fanatics and Experts ... (ctpilapil)
ELROD new MASTER SERIES Statement Gold,a true surprise; changes the game considerably (zephyr24069)
Legacy focus polyfill (rvito)
Subwoofer cable question for those in the know... (hossfly10)
Need a remote control for my Audio Research CD1 CD Player (okimike23)
Help me get started again. Tube amp... (portlandlay)
What to add or change for my system? (smills59)
Ir repeater to plug into the "remote in jack" (aim1photo)
I'm considering replacing my passive preamp with a tubes. Is it worth it? (amritash)
Problem with CD Baby cds (jzzmusician)
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report (ghosthouse)
Klipsch Heresy iii paired with Vintage Marantz integrated amp? (onefin)
Power cord for Electrocompaniet aw250r (hiendmmoe)
Sony UHP-1 experience? (mahler123)
Tube vs Solid State (lalitk)
Confessions from a VPI owner of some 30 years (slaw)
DACs - what exactly do these things do? (babyseaotter99)
Virtual Systems Activity
Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Westminster GR System (arthursmuck)
Yes it's R2R.  Differences are thicker faceplate, upgrade IC sockets, AC filter, Copper chassis, two superclocks, KR rectifier, Mundorf caps in power supply ... (arthursmuck)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120rgafvert's System (rgafvert)
The SME sits on a Project Ground it platform which sits on a 3/4" inch piece of granite.  It's a reasonably priced platform weighing some 25 pounds and fille... (rgafvert)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Albert Porter's System (albertporter)
Albert I know if I will look at your system and Mike Lavigne I would learn and discover something new.I love those speakers.. (jayctoy)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Hey buddy, can you spare a couple watts? (scott_w)
Hi Scott,The PMC Fact8 are fairly efficient at 89db 8 ohms. I am also looking for efficient speakers. Can you please elaborate on the areas that the Sonist i... (milpai)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Life is too short...Listen to more music!!! (zephyr24069)'s great to hear from you and thank you very much for the kind words! You are welcome here anytime with a bit of advance planning (travel and schedul... (zephyr24069)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Albert Porter's System (albertporter)
Hello, Albert,I hope all is well. Think of you and your system every time I plug my system into the Porter Ports I purchased from you back in '06. You were e... (samac)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120rgafvert's System (rgafvert)
What do you have your sme 20/2 sitting on and what else have you tried? (jim94025)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Westminster GR System (arthursmuck)
Arthur,What is the difference between the Lampi Atlantic and the "Golden" Atlantic? Also, how would you characterize the sound quality and how does it compar... (pdreher)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Painless Storm (beewax)
Beewax,  I am putting together a McIntosh system. I have recently auditioned the MC601 and loved them.  Are you biamping MC275 (MF/HF) with MC601 (LF) with 8... (lalitk)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120System 954 (exlibris)
Replaced the stock Philips 12au7  in the linestage with a Mullard  long plate (1958) . (exlibris)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120acoustic1's System (acoustic1)
Nice system. What Jimmy Page LP is that? (suncore)
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