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Non-subjective speaker test at home

I have a pair of older speakers.  Sound great to me.  Are there some simple tests one can do at h...

Do classical CDs made from early analog tapes sound better on your system than new CDs?

I find that classical CDs produced from analog recordings originally made in the late 50’s and ea...

What makes tape sound better than vinyl ?

Even when making recordings from vinyl to cassette, in some aspects it sounds better, though over...

Album Recommendations for Magnepans

I just got a new pair of Magnepan .7's to go with a Rogue Pharaoh and Rel T7.  I'm interested in ...

Hypex NC400 amps with Raidho monitors

Is any Audiogoner using or tried this combination and would be willing to share his or her opinion?

R.I.P. Fred Cole

Passed  away 9th Novemmber, aged 69. Felt priveleged to witness this incredibly gifted artist in ...

Maybe tube preamp

My current setup is Tidal; ifi  nano DSD; Parasound HCA 2200 (recent purchase) ; Magnepan 1.7i  T...

Need recommendations for inexpensive power cord

I’ve never used after market power cords and am considering buying a couple.  I have some questio...

Looking to upgrade from NHT 2.0 Speakers

HI Everyone, I am currently using an Emotiva Mini A-100 amp with the NHT 2.0 speakers.  I am look...

Vandersteen Treo CT vs Mag 3.7i speakers

I've listened to both at my local dealer.  I have sufficient space for either one in my living ro...

Dedicated Music server vs Mac mini on a Devialet via Ethernet (AIR) connection

Roon and Tidal are working fine now via AIR (EtH) in a Devialet 200. My only digital source is a ...

AE-25-SS Superamp manual

Does anyone have a copy of the manual for this item?It is the Audio Electronic Supply product.  I...

In VIP search mode.

I have a nice VPI HW-19 JR that I'm building-up and in need of an upgraded platter (Mk3, 4, or be...

My apologies_Upgrade path from Wilson WattPuppy 7's?

Folks-I am the naive person who posted about which speaker to buy next, my system is all McIntosh...

Tavish Adagio Vacuum Tube Phono Stage

Anybody try one of these recently? Not too many discussions I can find. They are always back orde...

Audio Salon Coral Gables Wilson Audio Alexia 2 Event w/ D'Agostino, dCS & Nordost.

Friday, December 1 at 3 PM - 8 PM1200 Anastasia Avenue Suite 470, Coral Gables, Florida 33134 ...

Technics EPA-100 MK2 wiring

With a help from my old friend in Tokyo i have finally managed to get EPA-100 MK2 in perfect cond...

SoCal FM radio casualty

Any of you SoCal members listen to the last hours of our 1 of 2 R&R stations sign off yesterd...

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Do classical CDs made from early analog tapes sound better on your system than new CDs? (rvpiano)
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My Home Speakers, My Car, and Me...The Ballad of What's Going Wrong? (evolvist)
Dedicated Music server vs Mac mini on a Devialet via Ethernet (AIR) connection (roestano)
Phono stages employing feedback & record scratch "tic" (robd2)
Would anyone be interested in a timeshare on an Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner Pro? (marktomaras)
Has anyone heard the Miyajima 'Snakewood' cartridge, (dr-john)
Grace Level ll (mitcho)
No frills balanced ss integrated amp? (ghosthouse)
Merlin speakers (mpit)
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New CDP or standalone DAC...? (tomcarr)
Tune of the Day (77jovian)
Joule Electra preamp and Aragon 4004 mkII (foster_9)
Esoteric C03 preamp or Mark Levinson 326S preamp- ANY and ALL FEEDBACK / HELP PLEASE (fsmithjack)
I need help with UPS. (toolfan69)
Pairing Planar Speakers With A Subwoofer (Eminent Technology) (mitch4t)
I have joined in the ZYX Family (artemus_5)
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Greatest rhythm sections (siliab)
Another Free Tip That Yields Better Sound! (tomcarr)
input impedance load on a cartridge. (oharchie)
Virtual Systems Activity
Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Studio Sound (james1969)
@jeff1225 My LP2 Deluxe suffered from a heart-attack.  When I sent it back to Lamm, the Dr. Vladimir had to put in a new power transformer due to a capacitor... (james1969)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Custom Tyler Acoustics D1X (james_w514)
The D1X uses 8" woofers for the lows. I believe the older decade models used smaller drive units. Any needed adjustments have been made for the changes. (james_w514)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120sgonzalez33's System (sgonzalez33)
Thank you both! Working on getting sound panels soon! (sgonzalez33)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Magico S5 - Bricasti M1SE - Pass Labs X350.5 - Mark Levinson 326s - PS Audio P10 System Refit 2017 (fsmithjack)
Super system. Great photos. I’m sure it sounds as good as it looks. (gpgr4blu)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120cassroy's System (cassroy)
Adding a Aurender N100H Upgraded w/SR Black Fuses to the front end and replacing the Ayre C-5Xe with a Ayre DX 5 DSD. Photos to follow (cassroy)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Studio Sound (james1969)
I had t solve a group loop issue with my LP2.1 Deluxe, but one I did I was a very happy camper! (jeff1225)
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