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System synergies: Chaotic or predictable?

When speaking of system "synergies", do you consider these to be chaotic? or are they a predict...

Light weight speaker cables

L.S., With your feedback, I installed my NAD system. Recently, I exchanged the NAD M2 (already a ...

Suggestions for getting a commission to custom build tube amps

I read about some people commissioning someone to build custom amps and preamps for them in Audio...

So I bought a Pro-ject Pre Box RS... (Valve suggestions?)

The Pre Box RS comes from the factory with Electro Harmonix 6922, on the output stage. All I h...

Kiseki and Lyra Cartridge Dealers in Japan and Taiwan

Good day all!Do you know any good phono cartridge dealers in Taipei, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka or any m...

Pricing Dunlavy Audio Labs SC-VI speakers

I have two pairs of speakers for sale: Dunlavy Audio Labs SC-VI and Martin Logan Monolith III. En...

Looking for an early Belles SA 30 Class A statement series in black but silver would do.

Does anybody out there know where I can find an early, first iteration before 2013, Belles SA 30....

Audio output for a non-HDMI pre-amp

I have a McIntosh MX 135 A/V pre-amp which has balanced outputs for 7.1 and has component instead...

What would be your list of the World's Top Ten DAC's and Why?

I first want to say I have not had experience with tons of DACS. But I’ve heard a few that I enjo...

804 matrix or 802 series 80?

Hi! I'm having a hard choice between the bowers Wilkins 804 matrix and 802 series 80(the 1st gen)...

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Speaker selector app. (honashagen)
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High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Effect (jerrybj)
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What differences should I be hearing as my new system breaks in? (skyscraper)
What are you spinning tonight? (uberwaltz)
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oscillation in power supply filter caps (hoghead1)
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Thiel Owners (jafant)
Luxman m-900u owners - quick question (garebear)
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Other forums? (tgrisham)
KD 500 w/ Grace 707 arm. Stylus type. (analogvm15)
Tidal SQ over comcast internet (stray_cat)
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Only $800 to work with streamer/power for 3rd system (kren0006)
PASS LABS X150.8 AMP SUFFICIENT FOR B&W 803 D3s? (liszt458)
Options on Belles / Belles Aria? (skystudios)
Preamp suggestions (icarus12)
Paul McGowan's (PS Audio) autobiography -- "99% True" now available for $4.99 on Kindle (whitestix)
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120x85jstrouth's System (jstrouth)
Beautiful system! I very recently purchased the same speakers. you seem to have your toed in quite a bit but in my case I find they are a bit bright toed in ... (sbonamo)
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120x85Archguy's Extra System (archguy)
Awesome system dude, something this retired fixed income Vet can only dream about. (mantaman)
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120x85OBLGNY JULY 2019 (oblgny)
AR big Plus 1 ... MMGi liking it ...BTW the Sketch Plan is a Perfect Start Point  (rego)
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120x85smscott's System (smscott)
Very cool, must sound great. (jhugg9)
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120x85d2girls's System (d2girls)
That picture with winnie sitting on top of the JBL's is my all time favorite system photo of all time ?Why ? Because it' showing in the most basic way of why... (guskund)
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120x85Archguy's Extra System (archguy)
Wow! Love it all...including the absence of a TV!  It must sound like “earphoria.” Thank you for sharing Archguy.Kindest regards,Toi (toicat)
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