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CD Ripping To Roon Nucleus

I was trying to figure out the best way to rip CD's to my Roon Nucleus.  I was looking at Astell&...

Soldering Panel mount Rca


Streaming Atmos on Netflix vs BluRay

This might be a total newbie question but I'm a 2 channel guy who's dabbling in Atmos.  I do have...

Jerry Garcia’s McIntosh amp

Does anyone know what model McIntosh amp it was that Jerry used when he played live onstage?  He ...

Roon ready streamer and DAC convo

Hi I’m looking for a Roon ready streamer for playing music on my NAS over the network and also us...

2021 Need help choosingt hi value, hi performing USB & SPDIF/RCA cable

hello sports fans,am looking for two items I believethe preference here is of course for great v...

Had an epiphany, what would happen when all of you die?

This is not about analog directly or even music, I don't think there is another place in this pla...

Technics moving all turntable production to Malaysia

I haven’t seen this reported anywhere. Heard it first from a dealer and now have confirmed it wit...

Favorite Platform for Linn LP12

Was wondering what your favorite platform you like to set your Linn LP12 on, or any suspended tur...

Square Buys Majority Share in Tidal

Square, Inc. Announces Plans To AcquireMajority Ownership Stake In TIDAL

High Efficiency home speakers or Pro speakers - Recommendations

I'm currently in the process of building a media room (5.2.2) Existing equipment: Denon X4500H Pa...

A tale of two turntables

Hi All, I am upgrading from Vintage TT and I have good opportunities for either a pro-ject carbon...

Other Rectifier tubes Alternative for 5AR4

I have several components that it explicitly stated that I can use a variety of rectifiers in the...


Anyone tried this DAC and if so what do you think?  I have an iMac and want to play music thru my...

Audio Research Reference 75 se

Hello,Need help...I live in Azores/Portugal and I don't have any technical assistance here.I put ...

Tone control altered Balance ?

I was listening hifiman Sundara headphone connected to Nad c326bee. It sounded thin to my ear so ...

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DAC/w Volume control + Power amp or DAC + Integrated? (czar2000)
2021 Need help choosingt hi value, hi performing USB & SPDIF/RCA cable (blindjim)
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CD or Streaming... am I missing out? (mglik)
Bass Vs speaker efficiency (ashoka)
Mark Levinson - refurbish or start fresh (dorrman8)
Bel Canto Dac 3.7 in 2018? (jred)
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Tune of the Day (77jovian)
Square purchases music streaming service Tidal (ghasley)
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Coupling/Decoupling Electronics (paul6001)
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wooden tonearm. cld diy (anthonya)
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Are you troubled by the imaging of a symphony orchestra? (mglik)
Which is the best King Crimson remaster? (joefish)
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New Cartridge Time (cub)
Solution for Schitt Loki wall-wart power supply? (stuartk)
Sonus Faber speakers (sheridan50)
Amp to drive Focal Kanta 3 (kulo)
If I wished to upgrade my cables, in which order would you place these in terms of impact? (johnnystereobuyer)
to buy or not to buy (ultrasonic record cleaner) (barnettk)
Is a separate phono preamp worthwhile? (gjohns)
A tale of two turntables (astorey)
Upgrade Advice for music lover (gruebmeyer-m)
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Cheap hearing aids? (ptss)
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Wireless option for rear surround speakers? 7.2.4 (jwl244)
GaN-based Class D power amps (celander)
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ?? (goodlistening64)
Townshend Audio Podiums: The Full Review (millercarbon)
SGC vs Roon Nucleus (rsf507)
Speaker Upgrade Recommendation for Current Analog System - under $10,000 Budget (wah8dy)
The best TT system for under 30K (uwiikz)
Tone control altered Balance ? (czar2000)
Survey: HiFi System Priorities (temporal_dissident)
External DAC connection for Bluesound Node 2i (after "Another streaming newbie" thread) (apanhc)
6SN7 variants circa 2019 - tone, longevity, reliability, value (markusthenaimnut)
NOS Tubes - Ecstasy or Agony (drewh1)
Magic returns in seldom used bookshelves? (menosavy)
Do pure copper banana plugs make a difference in the quality of the speaker sound. (johnspain)
Classical Vinyl Series (alexberger)
Technics 1200 MK2 vs Technics SL-1210GR (davidantonio)
Best cost no object tube phono (uwiikz)
MHDT or Border Patrol (kalali)
Built a DIY butcher block and iron pipe rack over the weekend (jmphotography)
BAT VK-55: cap upgrade (nigi25)
Chord Qutest + MScaler (akwilson501)
Some interesting stats from Discogs (geof3)
What makes speaker's sound big? (martin-andersen)
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120x85Uwiik’s latest update March 2021 (uwiikz)
Thanks a lot folks! (uwiikz)
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120x85dcaprilia's Home theater (dcaprilia)
@b_limo  It was 18 years in the making 😂 Thank you for appreciating it 👍🏼😊 (dcaprilia)
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120x85SET bliss (charles1dad)
Jon,Thanks for the recommendation I'll check it out. Charles  (charles1dad)
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120x85Uwiik’s latest update March 2021 (uwiikz)
Wow! Thats awesome man. I’ve got to quit looking at these virtual systems... makes me feel poor, lol (b_limo)
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120x85dcaprilia's Home theater (dcaprilia)
Im jealous. (b_limo)
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120x85SET bliss (charles1dad)
Charles yes I do understand I am the same way I plumb the internet looking for new recs and try out lots of stuff on Qobuz. Right now listening to a very nic... (jond)
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120x85Deja Vu all over again! (jond)
Hey @celtic66 thanks for the kind words and yes it doesn't look like much in terms of bling. But the tube glow does usually suck the uninitiated in :) And th... (jond)
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