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George Michael "Freedom Movie/Doc" J.A. Michell Gyro SE showcased!

I was delighted to watch this documentary/movie about George Michael. He was a one of a kind tale...

Mod my Rega P5 OR...time to move on ??

I`ve been enjoying a nice Rega P5 with Groovetracer upgrades (minus platter) but am thinking abou...

Morrow Audio MA5 Interconnects.

I am thinking of purchasing the MA5 which is going in between Phono Preamp and Preamp. It is goin...

Nice MQA discussion

Im really starting to not like MQA. I rarely listen to TIDAL in favor of Qobuzhttps://www.audioas...

B&W CM6 towers with a Sonus Faber center??

Help!  I have a pair of B&W CM6 Towers (and an REL sub) that I use both for music and TV.  Th...

Anyone Heard the Legacy Calibre Speakers?

heard them at AXPONA and they sounded impressive but it was a controlled sales demo with limited ...

DIY tube amps

I'm wondering about other members experience with some of the "build it yourself" tube amp kits o...

Boston lynfield 500l

Hey Guys, Just bought a pair of boston lynfield 500s. Using a krill kav400xi to drive them with. ...

Okie Dokie Okki Nokki

After two years of "doing vinyl" and a recent upgrade of my cart (Maestro V2), I finally moved fr...

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Has anyone tried these stunning new CPT power cord? (bacardi)
Amplifier Recommendations to Match the Tannoy GRF90 (hddg)
Airtight vs My Sonic Lab (glai)
The new Synergistic Research BLUE fuses .... (oregonpapa)
Tekton Double Impacts (corelli)
Anyone using an Okki Nokki? (4musica44107)
Sanity check on new system? (harp)
What 2 channel Amp would you Buy for $6k? (roddyboy)
What makes you build a system around an amplifier? (erik_squires)
PADIS vs Furutech fuses (auxinput)
Picking an amplifier (shalmaneser)
Whats playing on your system today? (nutty)
Whats on your turntable tonight? (slipknot1)
Has anyone made the jump to $uper High end and were disappointed? (aberyclark)
Boston lynfield 500l (ampgod007)
Wilson Sasha 2 Pre owned? (brownsf)
Mod my Rega P5 OR...time to move on ?? (scm)
Looking for a reasonably priced good quality interconnect (rvpiano)
Morrow Audio MA5 Interconnects. (couger4u)
Wharfedale Denton vs Diamond 225 (audiogabby)
Duelund 16g Speaker Wire Question (snackeyp)
I Find Primalunas Ugly. How about You? Is there an alternative? (defiantboomerang)
Toggling Integrated Amp Input During Music Playback (gdhal)
Reference disc player...UDP 205 or Marantz? (jonasandezekiel)
JMW-9 tonearm nightmare / need help (robelvick)
Why no Spectral phono stage? (azjake)
Best music of 2017 (slaw)
Schiit Yggdrasil -- 21 bit? (defiantboomerang)
Emotiva ERC 3 cd player versus.... (rafael0054)
Vandersteen Treo vs 3A Sig as upgrade (wlutke)
Best Drum Solos (heyitsmedusty)
LP's... Do they sound better now than 30 yrs ago? (rsa)
A battle between two turntable generations. Which one is the winner? (ultima700)
Emerald Physics CS2.3 MkII (augwest)
"Best" mini-monitor? (meiatflask)
Airpulse Model 1 active monitor initial impressions (metman)
Equi=Core 1800/Core Power Technologies 1800 (luvrockin)
KEF LS50... The ultimate anal-ytical speaker for living rooms? (chrisr)
Jazz for aficionados (orpheus10)
Need Help Ripping My CD Collection (mkaes)
Which Monitor Speakers to Consider (redphu72)
Mid grade Integrated amp choices (bkmaxey)
Swapping Receivers due to 4K HDR passthrough - thoughts on Yamaha? (ethos4lyfe)
DIY tube amps (crazyeddy)
Vandersteens, PSB or something else? (sb_caribou)
Power Cords (ricred1)
Thiel Owners (jafant)
Upgrade path from Wilson WattPuppy 7s? - seeking advice (gerryah930)
Virtual Systems Activity
Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120New SET up (evank)
Omens, yum. (scott_w)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Zu meets Schiit city, sweetheart (scott_w)
On a whim decided to go back to separates after 10 years of integrateds. Schiit has the same mofo vibe as Zu, besides being amazingly budget friendly, ergo w... (scott_w)
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