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Proper Preamp into Vintage Marantz 2226B… needed?

I really love the sound of Marantz vintage which I  have…powering into my 102 dB Klipsch Cornwall...

Spending a month's salary

I don't have much experience as an audiophile. Based on my research, the bulk of spend should be ...

I'm curious about the Schiit Audio Modi 3e

I'm familiar w/ the Modi 3, Modi 3+ and current Modi +, but what is the Modi 3e?

Allo Shanti LPS to Bluesound Node (2 prong) DC power adapter needed

I need an adapter to connect these two. Can anyone recommend the exact part? Thanks.

Pro-ject vs Rega

Hello, I need advice. Which one turntable will be better? Pro-Ject X1  Hana SL MC cartridge vs ...

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Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2 vs. Dynaudio Focus 140/160 (1911)
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Any love for the Belles Aria or other recent Belles amplifier? (leahy)
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Spending a month's salary (tee_dee)
Ten Years After “Space in Time” 50th Anniversary Re-Mix (tksteingraber)
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To ROON or not to ROON ? (fullerco)
For an integrated Mcintosh MA-352 amp, CHOICE OF TUBES (roccl007)
Power cords known to produce good bass (mwh777)
Genelex Gold Lion KT 88 “burn circles”? (moose89)
Cable upgrade (tonydec)
Some more modern jazz piano trios (simao)
Zavfino (thyname)
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Audiogon Retail Price listings are not accurate (emergingsoul)
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We should reject hard-to-drive speakers more often (erik_squires)
Magnepan 3.5r Owners needed.... No bass (jsbelieve)
Shunyata Alpha HC Ztron power cord (discontinued) vs Shunyata Venom V10 NR cord (current) (dilatante)
Are big subwoofers viable for 2 channel music? (smodtactical)
Virtual Systems Activity
120x85jimbones's System (jimbones)
Nice system Jim but pretty sure you can't say you made DIY speakers and not post a pic of them. ;) (jond)
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120x85ross6860's System (ross6860)
You have a dedicated music room, thats more than enough for me. (vino_david)
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120x85House of stereo (baylinor)
As stated earlier, I have no more ways to update my system and since I don't want to do the work to post a new one, here are the latest additions:- Sold the ... (baylinor)
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