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I need some advise on a shipping disaster.

I recently purchased a pair of speakers on Audiogon.  The price I offered was accepted and I sent...

Speakers costing range of 2500-3500 per pair

With my budget what speakers would work well with the Denon 4311-ci

EVS Ground Enhancers: 4 Years on !

It’s been almost 4 years since I posted my findings on the EVS Ground Enhancers.  Many system cha...

Power Cables and Affects on Timing (and speed)?

I stumbled across an interesting finding (by accident) due to an earlier oversight on my part.I w...

Foundation made of Speakers....

While I have owned a variety of average consumer stereo equipment off and on for years I am just ...

Hum issue

I have a basic 2.1 system in our family room I cobbled together from gear I've acquired over the ...

Speaker Upgrade

Hello. I'm considering upgrading my speakers. I can't say I'm unhappy with my current speakers (w...

A "primer" on soldering...

I’ve been reading with great interest, the threads on DIY cable rolling and such...I have a decen...

Can you identify?

Gang,Can you tell what type of speakers these are?Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000218 EndHTML:0000031...

Wow! Vintage HiFi magazines.

This is amazing. One example here:

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5-10k budget... so many choices (lowspark)
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Audioquest Sate speaker cable (jklowan)
Tom Petty autopsy released (pops)
Would love some feedback / Denon DL-S1 / phono match / cart recomendations (fsmithjack)
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Your Favorite Cover Songs? (danoroo)
Can you identify? (martygto)
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After a (weeks) worth of listening... (slaw)
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OPPO 205 Help! (don_1)
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Totem Forest Signature -or- Spendor D7 (shawnlh)
Usability Issues with Tidal (wakethetown)
New in 2018 (jafant)
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Wow! Vintage HiFi magazines. (noromance)
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Higher end value cables (easola01)
Vinyl from Barnes & Noble (winoguy17)
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Dude, where's my bass? Oh, lost to stiffened rubber surrounds...who knew? (compass_rose)
Technics 1200g vs Rega rp8, VPI aries, avenger, Basis 2000, Linn LP12 etc. Can it compete? (tzh21y)
Anybody Listen Voxativ? (bache)
One of the best HDMI cable? (hunlaohun)
additional processing and customs charges on goldring 1006 or nagaoka mp150 (salc)
Greatest Dowsing Rod Ever Fantastic Sound Tuning Ability (randy-11)
Do I need a sut? (jdodmead)
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This is for Georgehifi especially but others can chime in. (bubba12)
Virtual Systems Activity
Hi-End of the Low End System (wetlikeaghost)
Nice system but would like to see the pics right side up. (tattooedtrackman)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Desert Blend (bar81)
In my below comments about the EMM Labs TX2/DA2 I said that "If it gets any better than this, I don’t need to know".  I’m here to admit that I was VERY wrong... (bar81)
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