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Magnepan's new LRS?

A brief blurb in Stereophile online (by Herb Reichert reporting from AXPONA 2019) gave accolades ...

Turntable hum

If I hook up the grounding wire from my turntable to my amp the hum gets noticeably louder. What ...

Besides Aja and zeppelin pressings, what others are demo level recordings?

Since I’ve realized completely quiet vinyl is impossible, what pressings are out there that can t...

Tekton tweeter design

Hi everyone, I found a cool, fact filled thread with some smart DIY'ers over at the DIYAudio foru...

Vintage Fisher Int Amp Model CA 2120 or Kenwood KA 8100....Opinions

Was this Fisher one of the last of the better built  models ?I have heard negative comments regar...

Sonist Concerto 4

Looking for new speakers, preferably made in the USA. Need a tube friendly warm/neutral sound wit...

Looking for a good entry level streamer

Right now I have two streamers on my listALLO DigiOne Signature for Raspberry PiBluesound Node 2I...

Best recorded 2019 jazz track on Tidal

I’ve been an early Roon/Tidal subscriber and picked up a very well recorded jazz track on ´You do...

Looking for phono preamp recommendations

Really need some feedback on phono preamps. I have a clearaudio innovation with Koetsu Black cart...

King Crimson on Streaming Services

Looks like Fripp is finally warming up to streaming services with the KC material. Most of it app...

Cables suggesting for dac to solid state hard drive

Hooking up dac to hard drive does any one have suggestions thanks scooter

Deja Vu Audio 300B Mono Amps

Greetings.I wanted to start this off by saying that compared to most of the people reading this, ...

Turntable for a Denon DL-103 cartridge

I was interested in buying a turntable that would work well with a Denon DL-103 cartridge. I was ...

Decision on speakers to go inside a cabinet

Here is my situation:- I am looking for speakers to go inside a in-wall cabinet- The cabinet any ...

Need a decent Bluetooth receiver

Putting together a system for my Daughters. I’ve got a Rega DAC which I love, and picked up a pai...

Rotel rsx 1058 or marantz mm8077

Hey folks novice guy here!I am looking at the Rotel and the Marantz used of course.  Is one bette...

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This Schitt is totally refreshing in the world of high end audio! (jbhiller)
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New, Geostationary Orbit Demagnetization Service (erik_squires)
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Virtual Systems Activity
120x85Austin Acoustic 4-Way Horn System SET Amps Fully Active (austinacoustic)
I am not exhibiting at LSAF this year.You are welcome to come listen in Austin. (austinacoustic)
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120x85Austin Acoustic 4-Way Horn System SET Amps Fully Active (austinacoustic)
I am considering a trip to Lone Star this year (my first). As the owner of a horn based system, the highlight of the show for me would be to experience your ... (acresverde)
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120x85Tomorrow's Modern Boxes (robelvick)
@frozentundra  Thank you.  I love the PH-10, and it has worked wonderfully with a few different table/cart combos, including the Clearaudio.I just installed ... (robelvick)
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120x85Tomorrow's Modern Boxes (robelvick)
Great choices ;How do you like the Gold Note Ph-10 with the clearaudio?I’m about to take the LP plunge & they were at top of list Jeff  (frozentundra)
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