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new york city audio show 2018

it doesn't look they have enough exhibitors to run a show,  unless one of the nyc dealers gets in...

Best Loudspeakers for Rich Timbre?

I realise that the music industry seems to care less and less about timbre, see

Looking for Audio Desk vinyl cleaning service

I'm looking for somebody who offers vinyl cleaning service in the San Francisco Bay Area and who ...

Budget DAC/Preamp with Remote?

I have been using a Yamaha receiver as a preamp to drive a BelCanto amp into Magnepans but have m...

Which magnepan

It’s been a while since I have had a pair of  magnepans and wondering which pair to size...

Room correction, DSP for dummies.

I have not paid a lot of attention to audio for some time, almost 15 years and as a result I am t...

Merrill Audio ELEMENT 118 on Tour

As some of you know I had to deal with a serious family medical issue which has been miraculously...

Esoteric S-03

Does anyone have any experience with this amplifier or the S-02? I like Esoteric equipment and th...

Tube recommendations

Hi all The phono stage within my pre currently uses these 3 stock tubes - Sovtek ECC83, Electro H...

Stylus and Cantilever Cleaning - DAP Blue Stik

I recently had a good cartridge rebuilt by Soundsmith.  Their documentation included how to clean...

REGA RP6Turntable mat

Is the wool frabric of my RP6 catch more dust and static than other material.  Have you try other...

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MAC Autoformers? (pubul57)
Kimber select jumper cables anybody use them ? (hiendmmoe)
Syncing music across multiple divices (malibupacific)
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Which magnepan (addyson815)
Time to weed the LPs.... (choosing stuff to dump) (elizabeth)
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each! (whitecamaross)
Room correction, DSP for dummies. (dsycks)
Perfect Path Technologies: Omega E mat (t_ramey)
NEW Cerious Technologies Upgrade - Graphene Matrix Cables (lancelock)
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YOUTUBE and Vinyl are gonna bankrupt me! (prof)
Accurate vs Musical (ebonyvette)
blue jeans cable? (roggae)
Martin Speakers USA. Any info? (vlad1456)
Mad Scientist Audio - Manufacturer and thief! (sweetmamma31)
Great equipt stand for under $500??? (knollbrent)
Does hearing the best in high end audio make your opinions more valid? (calvinj)
LampizatOr Amber II Fuse Location (thankful)
MFSL worth it? (josiesdad)
Outdoor Garage Speakers (bacardi)
Anyone try a SUB THREE from Vandersteen yet? (bstatmeister)
Belles Greatest Integrated ever! The Virtuoso (audiozen)
Theta Cassablanca 3 setup related question and request for input (gbabu5y)
Small or large sub for music (dbphd)
High Fidelity Cables MC 1-PRO (68pete)
Merrill Audio ELEMENT 118 on Tour (merrillaudio)
The RME ADI 2-DAC 32Bit/768kHz (luxmancl38)
Speaker Dilemma--A Good One to Have but Confused (jbhiller)
Who wants to return to the previous Audiogon list format? (degnanje)
Thoughts on Concert Fidelity DAC-040BD Digital-to-Analog Converter (rbodner)
The most fun you can have in audio is DIYing your own speakers (erik_squires)
Removing spikes... Now my speakers sing (audiosens)
CD player cuts out (leemaze)
Tube pre amp (wayne3720)
Tekton Double Impacts vs the competition.... (tommypenngotti)
Have transports improved for Redbook CD playback? (celander)
Reasonably Priced 6CA7 NOS (or even good used old stock) Tubes Available Anywhere? (nightfall)
Tube recommendations (infection)
If you still spin CD's their is a reference level Transport for reasonable money (teajay)
My 6922 Tubes Are Too Bright! (wbaggesen)
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC? (rauliruegas)
Vintage Tubes - Why do they sound so good? (therobert)
Opinions on best integrated under 10k? (uberwaltz)
Anyone have a Little Fwend tonearm lifter? (tlong1958)
Paypal issues through Audiogon (lwin)
$1000-1500 range for phono preamp... what to buy? (justinhowley)
Callisto 2200 Cirucit Board (machado1779)
Soundproof a party wall (bizwork)
Zu Druid & Definition Roundup (213cobra)
Thiel SS2.2 added a new dimension (ncluff52)
REGA RP6Turntable mat (audiosens)
"Greenfield" flex conduit for DIY power strip? (gera)
Thiel Owners (jafant)
Does anyone leave their amp and preamp on all the time? (vinylfan62)
What Center Channel are you using in your Home Theater? (eternalcamper)
Phono preamp vs no phono preamp (johnmarzy)
Other brands similar to Dynaudio house sound? (robertjason75)
Rega Elicit-R Volumes: Phono vs Line (justinhowley)
Virtual Systems Activity
120x85Benchmark Harbeth (tobes)
I concur with your findings. If you have the right speaker then everything sounds great and differences between DACs don’t matter that much. That said I find... (shadorne)
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