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Authenticity of Speakers

Hi all,This is my first post on the forum. I am in process of building a home theater. I found ...

Who wants the best improvement in their system EVER!

Experience and education is the best way to truly understand and effect huge increases in the mus...

Securing Vicoustic Diffusors to my sheet rock wall/ceiling.

I just received my 6 pack of these in black. I have propped them up on a low wood board to get a ...

Audio-Technica ART 7

Good day A,goners :)I was in love with the AT OC9 III sound until I damaged it accidentally !!!...

Amp for Odyssey Lorelei Speakers?

Recently made my first Audiogon purchase, a set of Odyssey Lorelei speakers, and couldn’t be happ...

Magico A3

I auditioned a pair of Magico A3's this week to replace my long-term, beloved speakers (Von Schwe...

Keeping Spend Among System Proportional?

Can I assume that most folks keep the spend amongst components and accessories proportional or, i...

Parasound Zpre3 anyone?

I have the companion Zamp3 which is highly reviewed and acclaimed, it's all true. It's an amazing...

Folded tweeters vs. dome?

Good day, I am searching for main speakers which will replace my Kef IQ5's.  I want them to be a ...

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120x85pawlowski6132 is Back (pawlowski6132)
Sent with the KEF LS550 (pawlowski6132)
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120x85Main System (drrsutliff)
A beautiful VAC Renaissance Mk5 preamp has replaced my VAC Renaissance Mk3 today. The reduction in gain from 22db to 10db is a nice change allowing for incre... (drrsutliff)
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120x85Ecclesiastes 1:9 System (dlcockrum)
Hi Dave,Great looking system and room!I'll bet the music sounds very good.Best regards... (lak)
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