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Hi finally getting a turn table! I have a NAD 356 amp with totem Sttaf speakers. What do you reco...

How many shipments can audio equipment survive?

I’m sure many buyers and sellers on Audiogon have pondered this question. Assuming an audio com...

Power an amp and component with batteries instead of direct outlet power?

Hi neighbors,It is common for guitarists and bassists to use batteries in their effect pedals bec...

Very Bad purchase from upscale audio Acoustic Zen Adagio

This was not my first purchase from Kevin Deal at Upscale audio. I am a entry level audiophile. M...

Don't buy from

The owner of Higherfi is Chris Moon, previously of moon audio. I bought a MagLev table from hi...

Can a new brand of power tube even duplicate what this pair of RCA's are putting out?

Hello, Having a difficult time finding a brand of tubes to match the wonderful low end tone this ...

Odyssey Stratos vs Parasound A23?

I'm toying with the idea of changing my power amp. Currently have the Parasound A23 with a Conson...

Lack of bass in NHT 3.3.

I recently failed to sell my pair of NHT 3.3's to a local(Dallas/Ft. Worth) buyer who remembered ...

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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120ATC SCM300ASL Limited Editions (xta)
Congrats Mtr - the SCM100A is awesome. I love my burr magnolia finish too. (shadorne)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120ATC SCM300ASL Limited Editions (xta)
Hallo Mr mtrATC is very accurate but also musical speaker, congrat for your SCM100A. (xta)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120The Summit (islandmandan)
Posted comment and photos of just-completed reworking of plinth for the Garrard 401. Problems with the finish caused me to remove the face and top pieces, re... (islandmandan)
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