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What is the Best LP Cover Art for you Wall

Hi Y'all,I've taken to putting up some LP Cover Art on my wall over the LP racks.  I use those si...

Technics Reciever

I bought a Technics Model Number (SA-8500X) 4-Channel Quad Reciever off of EBay & the Tuning ...


I just got a Technics Model Number (SL-1600mk2 Turntable in 100% Mint Condition. And it was just ...

Preview: CODA Technologies new generation number#8 Stereo Amplifier

I have always had a keen interest in hearing a CODA amplifier in my own system for a long time. T...

'Diamond' cantilevers: a man's best friend?

An increasing number of cartridge manufacturers is offering models with 'diamond' cantilevers at ...

Speakers for First Watt SIT-1 amp

My favorite sound seems to come from an SET amp and single-driver speakers but I want to leave th...

Cary SPL-05 or VTL TL 5.5 II

I was wondering if anyone had a chance to compare these two components.I currently have the Pass ...


Hello all, I have a vintage system that is in need of repair. Martin Logan, Sony, Nikko, Marantz....

Nakamichi CR3A Cassette Deck

It is time to downsize. All the children are gone to college. I have too much old HiFi gear inclu...

Help for a Greenhorn: Devialet Phantom Reactor vs. KEF LS50 powered vs. Audio Pro Drumfire

Hi!  This is my first post on the forums and I am excited to be here!  As a rookie in the audio w...

DSP service

I saw a discussion about someone/a business who would take measurement files and create room corr...

Amplifier Recommendations for Monitor Audio Silver 300 Speakers

Earlier this year I bought a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 300 speakers, I have been driving them ...

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Virtual Systems Activity
120x85Silvanik's System (silvanik)
Very , very nice set up !  And Love the table you built !..Mark (in_shore)
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120x85Silvanik's System (silvanik)
That is a very well crafted system.  It is the second system I see that is based with just one digital front end but with a DNA-2 at the heart of the system.... (bemopti123)
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120x85dreadhead's System (dreadhead)
 Very nice setup. I will bet it sounds great. Can I ask what power cords you are using on your preamps?  (lostbears)
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120x85Babybear's System (babybear)
Hi Luther,Thanks very much. You should definitely come by for some listening - you are welcome anytime.I do think that there are many very high quality digit... (babybear)
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