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Jazz Mount Rushmore

1. Kind of Blue 2. Chet Baker Sings 3. Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown 4. Billie Holiday Lov...

When feeding a DAC Hi-Res files, DSD128, 256, 512, PCM 32/768, etc are NOS DACs prefered?

If you are planning on collecting and feeding a DAC higher Res files, is there any preference for...

Adding streaming services to a streamer via usb

Is there a way to add streaming services to a streamer that are not native to the streamer?  Many...

Replacement for Shindo

Shindo closed down and i cannot find a Montille amplifier.   is there any amp comparable to Shind...

where I can buy tubes to my ALLNIC PRE (3A/110A and 3A/109B)

HI I'll be glad to receive any recommendation where I can find those "rare" tubes to my Allnic p...

Anybody here listened to Daniel Hertz Speakers? What did you think?

100db efficiency on the first watt and hand made in Italy- that sounds lovely. But how do they so...

speakers similar to focal kanta 1

I have reached a point in building my system where I think I should consider a speaker upgrade. ...

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Anti skating SME V (fosse)
Community radio station (bwguy)
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where I can buy tubes to my ALLNIC PRE (3A/110A and 3A/109B) (yossie4)
Modding the PS Audio Directstream DAC MK1 and MK2 (richardselectronics)
Off-axis compensated for by balance adjustment (cantorgale)
JK Richards PS Audio DSD MKI transformer upgrade (gme109)
Replaced Everything, New Gears waiting to be installed... (gemoody)
One receiver for both ht and 2 channel (diff speakers) (johnjmark)
Buying from Japan...Accuphase or Luxman what are the costs ? import duties etc (superhonestben)
Luxman M-10x and Banana Plugs (choclabguy)
Beatles CD box set (wrm0325)
New In 2024 (jafant)
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Esoteric VRDS-NEO not reading discs (russ751)
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Subwoofer tweaks (cmach)
Belles Soloist 1 integrated amplifier (audiofilo123)
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