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simple there an audible difference in the quality of these cables?  Recommendation?

Living the audiophile life.

Couldn't agree with you more about diminishing returns. Marginal cost is another way to look at i...

Problem with Rogue Medusa Amp (I need advice)

Hello fellow Audiogoners,I recently upgraded from a Rogue Pharaoh integrated amp to a Rogue Medus...

All in one streamer for parents in their 70s

I'm looking for a streamer for my parents  - for spotify and pandora, but primarily for internet ...

Be Careful before you order cables from PartsConnexion

Dear Friends,I would like to inform you that PartsConnexion is listing some items which they don’...

Time to upgrade DACs

I am currently running a Marantz HD DAC-1 with a Bluesound Node 2i. With a $2,500 budget, I can't...

Opinionson Electrocompaniet EC-1 MK IV CD player

It's time to change a CD player (my current CD player is Cary CD-308T that I purchased in 2004). ...

Mirage Speakers?

Craigslist find here...not much out there on these.2 Mirage 460 speakers1 Mirage MC-4 center chan...

Re wire a Graham arm wand

Does anyone know someone that can re wire a Graham Armwand ?

This is mainly B.S. or useless Hyperbole, but....secondary units/systems.

If you have been at home more and, perhaps, listening to your audio system more,...what are your ...

Ayon Spirit III Generation 3 or 4

Hello,Does anyone know what changes were made from the Ayon Spirit III Generation 3 and the Gener...

BandCamp sale Friday June 5

Carmen Gomes, Gregory Porter, Larry Goldings and many more!!! "Bandcamp will be waiving their...

Fuses in the 3 speed SME PSU

I have a model 20/2 table serial # 1173 and wish to upgrade the PSU with Hi-Fi Tuning fuses. Ther...

headphone amp senn 6XX

Another moderate priced headphone amp suggestions for the senn 6xx?So far i see drop cavaliers CT...

... How to select tubes for line level preamp ...

Hi to all...Kinda happy with the sound of my present system: older Marantz SA-8001 SACD, into Wol...

Fritz Speakers Carbon 6 Review

This is my review of the Fritz Carbon 6.It took me a few weeks to really appreciate the Carbon 6’...

From Artesania Exoteryc rack to...???

Hi,Appreciate your comments focusing on the Artesania Exoteryc tandem 3+3.  Any comments related ...

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120x85macbob1's System (macbob1)
Thanks for the nice comments. The speaker cables are both the same length, 2 meters each. The interconnects however are 5 meters and they to are the same len... (macbob1)
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120x85Deja Vu all over again! (jond)
Oh, one more thing. I used to have an Exactpower but I, like many others, had failures and had to get it shipped to a guy in California for repair... Freakin... (devilboy)
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120x85Deja Vu all over again! (jond)
Very nice components, jond. I love Audio Note. Not familiar with Deja Vu, however.Also, thanks for commenting on my system. (devilboy)
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