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For Gustard R26...which bang for the buck: DDC or LHY OCK clock?

I've been enjoying this dac for several months now. I have tried USB and COAX and now I2S. There...

Simaudio 340 i hard to beat for the $$

I have a bit of a dilemma in that I’m having a hard time moving from my Simaudio 340 i. I absolut...

Is soundstage DEPTH a myth?

Ok, help me out fellas. Is it a myth or what? I’m a good listener, I listen deep into the music,...

Ultimate test of bass - Lana del Rey's A&W

I've been listening a lot to the excellent new Album from Lana del Rey.  One track really stands ...

Pass labs earlier X series amps with a Classe SSP -800 pre ?

 Hello, Has anyone run older pass labs x series amps with a  Classe SSP -800  pre ?   Also, ar...

Home audio or pro audio?

I went into an audio store not knowing it was only dj and professional systems nothing home audio...

Jazz like this? Suggestions

I've been listening to "The Gotland Sessions" by the Magnus Ringblom Quartet for a good while now...

Summer time is coming, touch your breakers!

When your AC starts going it may be time to survey your electrical panel for hot spots.  Just put...

What should my heirs do to dispose of my vinyl and CDs?

I am typing up a document with all details of my system components and cables with approximate va...

where and how to find blank "music" CD's

I recently came into possession of a TEAC LPR 400 turntable that can copy vinyl to CD. The proble...

Absorption, Diffusion or a combination of it all?

Looking to add more acoustic treatment on the wall behind the speakers. Currently using GIK absor...

Lightning and Ethernet

Found an article I read a while ago and thought I would share it. Based on this I’ve been using m...

Finally added Accuphase to my collection

 Found a superb deal on a new Accuphase 380 to add to my collection of amps. I have four that I r...

Is soundstage width a myth?

AHHH CRAP, I MEANT THE TITLE TO BE ABOUT DEPTH. Sorry & Thank you. Can’t edit the title.

Ozzy Restoration OTARI MX-5050BII2

I already had a Revox B-77 Mk II (modded to play 15ip/iec) that I used for Tape Project, Analogou...

Puritan 156 Power Cord

I like the Puritan 156 a lot and wondered if any users have tried cords other than the Puritan mo...

GR Research/ Jays iyagi speaker cable blind test

Curious on your thoughts of this video. Thanks

Worth fixing?

I have a Rotel 951 CD player paired with an Arcam alpha7 amp and Paradigm speakers. One speaker c...

Aural recalibration

Went to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at Penn's Peak Friday night.  The sound was superb and blew all ...

Experience with Puritan Audio 136 Purifier

Hi All - I've spent the last few months researching power conditioners with some level of surge ...

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Spending a month's salary (tee_dee)
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Virtual Systems Activity
120x85Subtle, but Bold (veroguy)
Cool, enjoy the adventure, Tom. If you do go with the ASW608s be sure to read the setup guidelines in the manual. The basic EQ and DSP B&W put into it is... (samac)
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120x85rooze's 2nd System Build (rooze)
Besides a single photo, can you please fill in your component selection, so we know what your system comprises of. Thanks. (mjcmt)
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120x85Subtle, but Bold (veroguy)
Thanks for taking the time to share your experience and and suggestions Scott and Doug.  Really - it's humbling.I'm going to give subs a try with the Bryston... (veroguy)
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120x85Subtle, but Bold (veroguy)
Tom, God's Peace,Scott is correct; subs are indispensable (unless you have big floor standing speakers of the close to state of the art variety) for improvin... (douglas_schroeder)
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120x85Subtle, but Bold (veroguy)
“ Sonically, I'd like a little more depth of sound stage, and something that handled complex music a bit better.  That Titanium tweeter can get a little shou... (samac)
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120x85rblondeau's System (rblondeau)
I know I should say lovely components and system, which is completely true, but I gotta say - absolutely love the rug (which is the opposite of what I have).... (toro3)
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120x85jimbones's System (jimbones)
Speakers look great! (jond)
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120x85rayd's System (rayd)
Very cool phonograph but looks like you've come a long way since then. :D (jond)
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120x85Subtle, but Bold (veroguy)
Thanks for the sub suggestion, Scott.  I'll give it a try.I do like the Mini-T's - I think they are a really good, while unknown speaker by most.   I wouldn'... (veroguy)
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120x85Subtle, but Bold (veroguy)
Thanks for stopping by, Doug.  Have always respected your insights.I have the original EX-M1 - so no pre-outs.  I did to a number of upgrades on it though: I... (veroguy)
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120x85Subtle, but Bold (veroguy)
Nice, tidy system! If you haven't read my review of the Kinki Studio EX-M1+, I encourage you to do so. I discuss opamp rolling, and it makes a distinct diffe... (douglas_schroeder)
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120x85Subtle, but Bold (veroguy)
Great looking room and stereo setup. Really like the credenza, chair and lamp. From all accounts the Mini T is a great speaker. Out of curiosity what are you... (samac)
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120x85Streaming Hi-fi Streamlined (tuberist)
VeroI have owned the Weiss one year, It replaced a LUMIN T2 I owned 3 years. The Weiss is superior sonically in every way, tone, spatial qualities, transpare... (tuberist)
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120x85Streaming Hi-fi Streamlined (tuberist)
Thanks, Tuberist.  Going to give NSMT a call.How long have you had the Weiss dac?  I've always wanted to hear one.  What was your previous dac? (veroguy)
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120x85Subtle, but Bold (veroguy)
Mad a few changes in the last couple months: Upgraded opamps in Kinki to Staccatto SR Purple fuse in DCS network bridge streamer Upgraded from ENO ethernet f... (veroguy)
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120x85Carnegie Hall in My Living Room (opera1)
Music Haven (pmcc1212)
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120x85Sweet Harmony (eccleswood)
Well done. (pmcc1212)
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120x85bugredmachine's Tennessee System 2023 (bugredmachine)
I have another Aluminata power cable to try this weekend and on Monday I am receiving 2 Elrods to enter into the mix as well. This should be fun. (bugredmachine)
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120x85Liszt, Herron in Dedicated Music Room (goose)
A beautiful room and system!Happy Listening! (jafant)
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120x85Streaming Hi-fi Streamlined (tuberist)
If I had known how good those speakers are, I would have indebted myself for the model 100s. The 75s are  astounding. (tuberist)
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120x85Streaming Hi-fi Streamlined (tuberist)
What a nice system and room.  Love the simplicity of the system.  I'd guess that system synergy is really good.Thanks for posting pictures of your new NSMT 7... (veroguy)
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