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Von Schweikert Unifield Two

Good afternoon, tell me, did anyone hear Von Schweikert Unifield Two? How does this acoustics sou...

Most Beautiful Receiver / Integrated - Ever was... ?

Time for what I hope is another fun thread. Please include links if you can.I'm curious to everyo...

2017 Honest Cabling that doesn’t promote bankruptcy

Looking for experiences and recs for current mid to upper mid level cabling solutions I’m talking...

Tannoy eyris 3 vs eyres DC 3 ...How much difference is there between Sound Quality

Anybody knows Tannoy eyris 3 vs eyres DC 3 How much difference is there between Sound Quality &am...

Tannoy eyris 3 or focal cobalt 816s.. whats good ?

i'm looking to buy Tannoy eyris 3 or focal cobalt 816s.. Please Tell me your opinion ? whats good...

Best Subwoofer To Use With A Two Way Speaker System

I received my new Wilson-Benesch Vertex stand mounted loudspeakers in mid-January.  After about a...

Advice please!!!!

Hello! I am new in this forum. I´m from Mexico city.My father in law won in an auction between se...

Another Audiophile obituary just saw this ...


What is reasonable to expect in SQ gain with respect to a DAC, since there are no actively moving...

Worth the move: Polk Lsi9 to Tyler Acoustics Halo 4?

I have an opportunity to pick up a pair of Tyler Acoustics Halo 4 for a pretty reasonable used pr...

Speaker Output for Subwoofer--Sounds Better

I find using the a neutrik subwoofer cable at the subwoofer input to speaker terminals of the amp...

Clint Eastwood

Gents;a general question & not & not sure this is right place?I was listening to the Soun...

VAC vs Conrad Johnson Amps?

I have had my Conrad Johnson Premier 12 140w/side tube monoblocks for many years and loved them. ...

Tubes for VTL 2.5

Hi all,I'm thinking about tube rolling and want some input. I currently have the original jj tube...

Seller has not contacted yet. How long should I wait...

I bought an item (auction) approximately 12 hours ago from a  member here who's currently has no ...

Newish product

Anyone heard of our know anything about a device call USB Disrupter? There is the websites info a...

Name that tonearm !

I cannot remember the name and the tonearm has absolutely no lettering or symbols to help me. I e...

May Day!

I just bought a Marantz AV-8801 pre-pro for my main A/V system and am having two issues:1. Unit w...

Is Spiking Necesarry?

I like to move my speakers around a bit for to test how they sound, so I slide them.  I have the ...

Looking for RCA connectors

I am looking for the RCA connector that fits at the back of a Denon POA440A. Mine is broken and n...

Escteric UX-1

I have an Esoteric UX-1 I bought new and paid a small fortune for.I am having a problem with the ...

Who is this cello virtuoso? Dying to find out!

Does anyone know who this cellist is? I saw a short video of his performance, and the video didn'...

Dynavector or Ortofon?

Dynavector 20 x 2H or Ortofon 2M Black? Turntable: Acoustic Signature PrimusAmp: phono stage in L...

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A New Ground -- Benefits of introducing the Synergistic Research Active Ground Block SE (folkfreak)
Looking for vintage system suggestions (maranta, klipsch, etc...) (rawchuck)
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All New 2018 Toyota Camry just moved up to "Best Of Class"! (reference999)
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The Slow Secret Death of the Guitar (jond)
Most favored hearing aid for audiophiles (goldenear1948)
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Curved and Straight Tonearms (ericsch)
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Dave's Picks 23 (otherone)
Isolation footers for amps (mross1949)
Slight hum in my amp. Is this normal? (oldschool1)
Koetsu surprise (karl_desch)
Pani ... New ART-9 up and running ... (oregonpapa)
DAC for CD transport (murgeshj)
Impressed by Pangea Audio AC-9SE (audiolui)
Help: Do Subwoofer Cables make a difference in Sub Sound? (rsa)
PS Audio NEW Huron Firware upgrade. 😩😫😩 (audioman58)
Audioquest (corvette01)
Cardas Golden Reference Power Cable Reterminate? (nutty)
Avid Diva II SP or keep my Linn (linnlingo)
Monitor Audio Silver 8 - Power Handling (jdekehoe)
Name that tonearm ! (toolbox149)
No Audiophiles in Hollywood (mitch4t)
Altis Centauri Transport? (illusion)
May Day! (discnik)
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Viva, no longer a fan (vip428)
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Best "RedBook" player out there (spaz)
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Emotiva xpa 1 monos (corvette01)
Your last concert was to see who and when? (kiddman)
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Tidal free trial subscription (giri)
The one that got away (zavato)
Fastest way to correct hifi system? (sakelig)
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Revelation Audio Labs (infection)
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Chicago Vinyl Guys (nkonor)
Preamp / amp option (dnanstad)
5 meter Speaker Cable Recommendation - flexibility important (dhcod)
Help me build speaker cables please! (toddverrone)
Adding a DAC (jfd11)
Audia Flight FL phono vs Avid Pulsare (pani)
Looking for a Cheap DAC? (randy-11)
Theoretical cable question (tgrisham)
a beginner question about compatibility of cable metals for speakers (s video) (rkrk)
Escteric UX-1 (myboys2603)
Shunyata, Kimber or Nordost? (1985tqc)
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Who is this cello virtuoso? Dying to find out! (avguy)
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suggestions for Windows 10 software please, , laptop to USB DAC, AIFF files, remote app (herman)
Thiel Owners (jafant)
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Focal Utopia Headphone Cable (imgoodwithtools)
Class D is just Dandy! (erik_squires)
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Ryan R630 or Spendor D7 (agiaccio)
Usability of Oppo BDP-93 without a monitor? (rebbi)
Garcia Live Volume 9 (otherone)
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Austin Texas area Audio folks? (getfrog)
Small system, high WAF (samdance)
Denafrips Ares. Anyone have one and care to talk abou it? (stfoth)
Rega/Totem combo wow! (mgrec42)
Where to begin when choosing new setup?? (edwardhughey)
Better quality replacement for PEERLESS Tymphany 830669 woofers (f456gt)
Any Allnic users out there? Hum problem. (vindanpar)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Ayre VX-5 twenty and Thiel (drrsutliff)
How does the Ayre sound with the Thiels, now?Vs what you had before?More powerful bass?Jeff (frozentundra)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Vinylphobia's System (vinylphobia)
I like that you have the mud/tweet assembly on the inside. I've wondered why I've not seem them set up like this previously. (lordcloud)
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