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Failed to enqueue. Any ideas?

After three or four weeks of glorious streaming Qobuz directly to my Cambridge 851N using their n...

What should you hear?

I'm new to the hobby and curious what type of imaging sound stage you should hear.  I have a pair...

WHat did Audiophiles hear during Tape deck era?

How did Audiophile listened to audiophile quality during tape cassett era?

PS AUDIO Stellar M700 Mono Amplifier?

I’ve never owned or don’t know anyone that has had any of their equipment. I watch a lot of Paul’...

Linear Power supply for dedicated line

I'm having 3 dedicated 20amp lines run with 1 Oyaide R1 receptacle on each line. I'm planning on ...

Low volume listening dynamics

Hey all, question: I listen to music at a relatively low volume, but I still want the clarity to ...

Automatic Tonearm Lifter Help

My wife forced me to get rid of my old semi-automatic TT (an older Techniques - I'm still pissed ...

I can prove your room is bad

So you want to upgrade?  You want to know what the next big thing is you can do for a better soun...

Focal Kanta No 2

Would anyone be in support of upgrading from Kef Q-750's to the beautiful Focal Kanta No2's? I ca...

Trying to fix specific issues with my listening area

90% of time I feel my RX-A3060 is a fine performer on daily tasks. Unfortunately, the other 10% o...

Too good a post to waste

On a thread that is a running example of the textual equivalent of nonstop cat videos. So here it...

Blown driver

I left my stereo on for my house keeper while I went to work, bad plan. I came home to a blown dr...

Vandersteen 1Ci , your experience?

Hi, I hope you, and yours, are all well and safe.  In going over thoughts for a 2nd system, I hav...

Kef Reference Tweeters-Ferrofluid Replacement

It took me three months to build up the courage to replace the Ferrofluid oil in my Kef tweeters....

Audioquest Rocket 33, anyone knows how to take off the banana plug end?

Hello all! I have a 10ft audioquest rocket 33, the original banana plug is sorta darkish, i gotta...

Have you ever wondered who sets the trends in the hi-end speaker industry?

Have you ever wondered who sets the trends in the hi-end speaker industry? Analyzing the modern m...

Teddy Thompson - New album HEATBREAKER PLEASE is out!

Upgrading Aerial Acoustics Model 7T

Hello,I am thinking of upgrading my Aerial Acoustics Model 7T. Here the two speaker choices, not ...

Repairs for Revox

I have a Revox B77 Mk II.  I have two questions:  (1)  Any recommendations for Revox repair.  Thi...

Best cheap integrated amp

I'm looking to minimize my system in retirement, as I find my stereo gets minimal use. I'm lookin...

Lower end Soundsmith cartridges vs others in same price range?

Soundsmith seems to be a great option for the long term due to their retipping prices. I'm just c...

Replacement Tubes for ARC Reference 6

I realize that the tube replacement for ARC's Ref 6 are good quality, and when I get these from A...

Removing a ZERO from the price of amps I m...

Troubleshooting occasional popping from solid state amp?

Hello all,I have this problem with amp making single pops occasionally, around once every 5-20 mi...

Marantz SA11 S3

Hi , I am looking for Marantz SA11S3 , Black Color, 230V. please let me know if anyone has for  s...

Luxman L509X fuse type

Can anyone tell me what fuse my Luxman L509X amp takes? Thanks.

Spendor D7 vs. Harbeth Super HL5+

Anyone who has heard both? Comparisons? I own the Harbeth. Curious about the difference with the ...

SME M30 owners. Height gauge Q

For the SME 30, the height adjustment gauge, part number 1084, has two ends A and B.  Can anyone ...

Yes, it is possible to make digital audio sound like vintage vinyl because I just did it!

Sam here again and in my never ending quest to make digital audio sound like vintage vinyl I disc...

Tube rolling McIntosh c2600 preamp?

Has anyone changed the tubes in the C2600 with positive results. My sound stage has good depth bu...

Pass Labs 30.8 or Clayton Audio S-40

All else being equal, which of these two power amplifiers would you choose and why?Many Thanks!

Jvc tt101 ql10 platter repair or for sale

Dear all i have a jvc ql10/tt101 that was damaged in transit. Thankfully wilkinsons have repaired...

Pass labs x250.8 stereo amp in San Diego?

I know this is a shot in the dark. But does anyone in San Diego have this amp that I could auditi...

Speaker pairings for Lyngdorf 2170

Hello,I'm looking to try some different speakers out with my current Lyngdorf 2170 integrated set...

I found a free digital plugin that is worth sharing. digital to vinyl.

Sam here again and I have been on a quest to make digital audio sound like vintage vinyl, which t...

Albert Von Schweikert Has Passed Away

Daemon Von Schweikert just posted a tribute to his dad on their Facebook page.  I believe he was ...

Galaxy Z Flip is an an awesome digital audio player

The lcd panel of my Galaxy Z Flip phone has suddenly dropped in brightness and  resolution from m...

Is Bluetooth friendly with high-end DAC's ?

For several hours I'd been enjoying bluetoothing YouTube from my iPad to the Moon 780D DAC, when ...

How does adding a second subwoofer improve your systems SQ?

The title pretty much covers my question. Thanks for any insights or comments.   

YARLAND CJ-82 Power strip?

Does anyone have experience with this?  Supposedly, two power isolated power strips in one.  One ...

Rotel RCD-965BX Limited Edition, any experience with this oldie?

Rotel RCD-965BX Limited Edition .  I had one at one time and sold it.  It is still in my memo...

Amplifier for B&W 705 S2

Looking for an amp to match my B&W 705 S2 using a Dennafrips Ares II DAC directly into the am...

IsoTech Titan power conditioner experience

Does anybody have any experience with IsoTech Systems Titan Evo 3 power conditioner? or any other...

Tube rolling on Leven CS 600

Good Morning.I have a Leben CS 600 amplifier driving Devore O93 speakers.  I am using Luna Mauve ...

Used XLR recommendation for under $750

I recently purchased the NAD C 658 to use as a streamer and room correction with Dirac.  I would ...

Sony Walkman NW-A45 music transfers.

Hi, does anyone use one of these Hi-res players, I need a recommendation on which software to use...

Cleaning tube pins

Anyone have any suggestions for cleaning gold plated tube pins on NOS tubes. I have heard that Ca...

Buget Components

I`m looking for a  separate pre-amp and power amp, or integrative amp for $2,500 used.Doesn`t nee...

HI Fi Summit Digital Trade Show - What do you think?

It looks like Joe N Tell has brought his on line digital trade show idea to life.  There is a gro...

Raven Soniquil Question

Does anyone have direct experience using the Raven Soniquil cables and interconnects?  My particu...

Paradigm PDR-10 Connection Question

  I'm looking to integrate a Paradigm PDR-10 into my system.  I've recently moved into a smaller ...

Trying to wrap my head around ripping CDs and any loss of data that occurs...

Trying to figure out how to get the 'most' data from a CD ... is there a tried and true way of ge...

ANALOGUE DOMAIN JEFF ROWLAND 825 ? Your feedback appreciated please from JM

Dear Colleagues,Hope you are well. So I wish to learn all experience on ANALOGUE DOMAIN truly amp...

USB Cable for Node 2 - Type B

I've been shopping on line for a USB cable to run between my cable box and Node 2. They all seem ...

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Turntable Advice Needed (puppyt)
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Virtual Systems Activity
120x85The Vintage Altec Marantz system... (patpong)
Awesome! I'm envious. (tvad)
View post
120x85Finnetric's System (finnetric)
Beautiful and well assembled "classic" system. Reminds me of when owning a hifi system was all about the music. (tvad)
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120x85tomic601's Casa Pacifica (tomic601)
Beautiful audio system in a gorgeous room. Very tastefully done, kudos!  That sunset view from you window is breathtaking....the only thing is missing is 🥃 (lalitk)
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120x85Babybear's System (babybear)686
120x85Audionet / YG Acoustics (tom_hankins)
Moved off the Sounssmith Paua MKII to the My Sonic Lab Signature Gold cartridge.  WOW!  Big upgrade. I've been wanting to own one of these for awhile and it ... (tom_hankins)
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120x85Library listening room (audioguy3107)
Thanks Mark!Thieliste - Oh it would be just fine.  My Avalons aren’t the most efficient speakers and your Thiels need a lot of power as well.  The 250 can pl... (audioguy3107)
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120x85True Triode’s Horn System (zipost)
Shkong78... really appreciate it!  I’ve been a Triode and horn guy for quite some time, it’s a nice combination.   Lively, organic and seductive.   Happy Lis... (zipost)
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120x85Home Office System -Updated (hendrixinc)
Wow I am enamored with the CDs and LPs and the tape deck! (mrklas)
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120x85Life is Too Short, More Music!!! (zephyr24069)
Well, the winds of change have blown through my life 🙃, a welcome and new path in life has now emerged, so many changes have occurred.  The house pictured ha... (zephyr24069)
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120x85John's System (201jh)
The SA10 sounds so much better than any DAC I have had in the past, it is has great balance and timing very solid performer.Thank you for cheering out my sys... (201jh)
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120x85Smiling (cymbop)
Russ's system is one of the most enjoyable and musically gratifying systems I have ever heard.  Music is at the center of life in that home and he and his wi... (zephyr24069)
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120x85Library listening room (audioguy3107)
Had an opportunity in late February to visit Buck and see is beautiful home and great system and share great music, food and time with fellow audio nuts. Sys... (zephyr24069)
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120x85tvad's System (tvad)
@tvad What a train wreck! I mean great system and it really is great. I am an AN fan and pretty cool that you've gone the reverse of most folks and paired a ... (jond)
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120x85The Gift And The Curse (devilboy)
@devilboy Awesome looking setup! I used to have a Yamamoto YDA-1 what a great Dac I love my Audio Note Dac-3 Signature but there are days I still wish I had ... (jond)
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120x85RixTheTrick's System (rixthetrick)
Great system. Your speakers look fantastic, excellent job. Welcome to the USA.Cheers,Scott (samac)
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120x85jaytor's System (jaytor)
Absolutely stunning. I imagine that is a top notch sounding room. Nicely done.Oz (ozzy62)
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120x85Michelle's System (justmetoo)
That tiled floor is a MAJOR acoustic problem.  I would deal with that before you tackle anything else. (twoleftears)
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120x85Library listening room (audioguy3107)
@audioguy3107  How do you like your Momentum S250 compared to your previous amps ?I'm thinking about the S250 to drive a pair of Thiel CS3.7s, this amp woul... (thieliste)
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120x85audiohippo's system (audiohippo)
@audiohippo can you please describe the S250 sound signature.I'm pretty interested into this stereo amp for my next set up.Thanks and nice system by the way. (thieliste)
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120x85Mike Lavigne's System (mikelavigne)
Thanks Mike, appreciate the suggestion. some guidance does really help. Like you say they are sexy.   Will  look into that also.  Thanks Mike (rhodes)
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120x85Mike Lavigne's System (mikelavigne)
Ken,my guy is not too available. where are you located? the more i think about it, if i were starting over now, honestly i would recommend the Ampex ATR-102 ... (mikelavigne)
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120x85sro's System (sro)
You are correct.  Sideboard system is music only.  TV with Yamaha, Klipsch and Sony for video only.  Also a bedroom system with Naim XS2 integrated, Blumenst... (sro)
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120x85sro's System (sro)
Framed proofs over Sideboard system are by Dale Chihuly. (sro)
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120x85linnie01's Sunroom System (linnie01)
A beautiful compact tasteful design. My wife would approve. I just happen to have an old iPad sitting around that I may try hooking up to my system. As I hav... (16f4)
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120x85Family Room Bliss (2015) (linnie01)
Love your music philosophy.  Why spend all your time and money chasing equipment, it just takes time away from music. Buy good quality stuff that will last y... (16f4)
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120x85Office Kit - February, 2019 (linnie01)
Wonderful Linn gear.  I first started seriously considering a streamer when I came across the Linn Majik DSM in a showroom in northern Virginia.  I ended up ... (16f4)
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120x8516f4's Current System (16f4)
gadmanrdhWe certainly had considered renovating the basement. We are in limbo right now; we were originally selling the house and moving to an apartment or t... (16f4)
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120x85Mike Lavigne's System (mikelavigne)
  Thanks Mike for the help and compliments.appreciate it. I was doing good until I saw your 3 Studers. I had 2 other makes in mind but it appears that must b... (rhodes)
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120x85Mike Lavigne's System (mikelavigne)
hi Ken,nice room and system, btw. congrats!the A-807 is a 'little brother' to my A-820's, and if you can find one of those in great shape, then it would be a... (mikelavigne)
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120x85Deja Vu all over again! (jond)
@rixthetrick Thanks! I am not a DIY guy but love looking under the hood at others gear so thought I would return the favor. (jond)
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120x8516f4's Current System (16f4)
Great, simple system!  I get it! I could not agree more with all the benefits of streaming!Like you, I walked away from vinyl & CD's several years ago an... (linnie01)
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120x85jaytor's System (jaytor)
Thanks for the comments. @rhodes - Yes, this is a basement room. There is an opening (about 8' wide) at the back left of this room that opens to my home thea... (jaytor)
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120x85Deja Vu all over again! (jond)
Great that you show what's going on inside components, as someone who builds and mods my components, it's really nice to look under the hood to to speak. Tha... (rixthetrick)
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120x85Mike Lavigne's System (mikelavigne)
Can't believe the Studers. I am move up to a Studer. Any suggestions for a model. Would an a807 be a good one to start? Thanks. (rhodes)
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120x85jaytor's System (jaytor)
That's class all the way. Have a long way to go for my room. Is your set up in the basement? (rhodes)
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120x85jaytor's System (jaytor)
were the OB speakers and subs a game changer?great looking system!! (ediaz3)
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120x8516f4's Current System (16f4)
Should really consider finishing your basement. High humidity kills electronic parts over time and would also greatly improve the the rooms sound. (gadmanrdh)
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120x85sro's System (sro)
No mention of system or equipment with TV?  Is one for surround and presumably the bookshelf system for music primarily? (syocum)
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120x85John's System (201jh)
Neat system.I am wondering about your statement - "Listening to a lot more digital since I bought the SA10, but still really enjoy listening to vinyl.". What... (milpai)
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120x85sro's System (sro)
Nice room!  What is the name of the artist of the two side by side prints? (dfwines)
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