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Groove Tubes GT-E34LS Medium - Review?

Has anyone listened to the new Groove Tubes GT-E34LS Medium? They are supposed to be replicas of ...

Counterpoint service manuals wanted

Looking for Counterpoint service manuals for the following amps. Counterpoint Solid 2, Counterpoi...

Tekton OB Sigmas

Has anyone compared the Sigmas with the Spatial Hologram M3 Turbo S speakers or other Tektons lik...

Rotel RA-1572 sub out?

Hi,I have a new Rotel RA-1572 integrated amp, and I'm wondering if anyone knows for sure whether ...

Looking for photos of Funk Audio gear

Hello.We represent Funk Audio and FWA, as well as ALLDSP. And we are looking for photo submission...

LM 518ia wth Merlin VSM

Anyone tried Line Magnetic 518ia with Merlin VSM speakers

Anyone listened to the Heco Elemanta 300’s?

Greetings, I’m looking at the Heco Elementa 300’s, they spec out nicely for a standmount at 32hz-...

Avantgarde Solo ... opinions?

Hello,Recently I've been intrigued by the Avantgarde Solo speakers. They seem like a compact way ...

Has Anyone Compared the Triangle Art Osiris to Others In Its Price Range?

The inverted magnetic  pivot seems interesting. And it is quite attractive. However, the Reed 2P ...

Lehmann BCL as preamp

Hi.Does anyone here have experience with the Lehmann BCL as a preamp ?I have been using it for he...