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Recommendations of good sounding newly pressed LPs

Howdy, everyone!  I'm just getting back into analog (after 20 years) and would like recommendatio...

Chapman Audio Systems

I really wish that everyone has an opportunity to meet an icon of our industry. After that wish, ...

E.A.T. ECC88 tube

Anyone using this tube as a substitute for the 6922 tube?

Higher Fi Magnetic Levitation Audio Platform.

Hi,Has anyone any experience with the "magnetic platform"? Looking at one to place under my Well ...

11 inch tonearm? or 'short' 12inch tonearm?

I fitted an Ortofon RMG309 Limited (a rather nice silver wired limited edition of the 1990s Japan...

Shunmook ebony weight owners

Any owner of a shunmook ebony weight please tell me the weight and the heighs of this beautiful r...

Luxman C600f repair

I found out that tone control function of my Luxman preamp isn't working anymore. I need to repla...

Triangle Magellan Cello vs Signature Delta

Hello,anybody had a chance to compare the two? Is the extra expense worth it? Listening mostly to...

Advice on how to reset circuit breaker on Richard Gray UPS Power Conditioner

Richard Gray Power Conditioner/UPS Maintenance. Model RGPC 400 ProMy unit was hit with a major ...

Anyone experience Cala Mighty Sound Denon 103's.

I've dealt with the French outfit Cala Mighty Sound a couple of times and have had great experien...