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Falling out of love for my Gallo Strada 2’s (long)

History: For many, many years I enjoyed Martin Logan Sequel 2’s, followed by Ascents with a Logos...

Acurus RL11 Mods

Hello,Does anybody know who does the upgrade modification to these units?

Older jbl speakers and solid state amps

Have been seeing older jbl speakers coming up for sale lately and was wondering how do they sound...

Gain control not working

Hi guys, I have a 2.1 system in my lounge, probably 4 years old but not used that much. The gain ...

Cardas Clear Digital SPDIF

HiAny experience with the Cardas Clear Digital SPDIF?How does it compare with Aural Symphonics Ec...

VooDoo Cables

I recently swapped out my Shunyata Helix CX power cables for VooDoo Cables, the Mojo High Current...

DAC question re: Tidal MQA + Macbook Pro + Rane MP2015

Hello,I've recently upgraded my DJ setup and I have a question regarding the output quality poten...

Resolution Audio Remote

Hi guys,Anybody have a CD50 remote laying around that they don't need?  Would love it.Thanks!

Anyone else had a reliability problem with Chord Electronics equipment?

After only eight years of low usage both my Chord Blu and Chord Symphonic have suddenly failed at...

Transport screw for a ML 390S

Does anyone know where I can get a transport screw for a 390S? Emails to the company have gone un...