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COX Cable Modem Question

Unfortunately COX has a monopoly in my area. I have 250Mbps service and routinely get to almost 3...

EICO Tube Amp HF 14...Transformer question

I just purchased these vintage Mono Blocks . Upon checking the insides I noticed that one transf...

Ascend Acoustics speaker upgrades -- anyone try them?

I’ve been really really happy with my Ascend Acoustics Sierra Ribbon Tower w/Raal, bought just ov...

Phase Linear serial numbers 700 series

Hi, Does anybody know of a list of the 700 series amp serial numbers ?  Thanks   

Hifiman Arya Stealth and Hifiman EF are magic together

So I’m pretty new to this audiophile thing so forgive me if I’m not fully detailed! I just recent...

Totem Model 1 vs Totem Arro

These two Totem speaker models had more or less the same price, and it was natural to choose betw...

Sony PCM-D100 vs 3Dio vs Neumann for Recording Difference in system changes

Hello, I was contemplating purchasing a Sony PCM-D100 to record differences in my personal stere...

Totem Wind or Totem Wind Design

Has anybody compared these two speakers side by side? What is the difference?  Are the designs w...

DVD player disc cleaner

Hi any opinions on a good DVD lense cleaner the disc type? Maybe a link too.

WHRO vinyl giveaway

An article in today's Washington Post about the massive vinyl giveaway at WHRO. Did anyone here a...