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REL #25 or Stacked G2s

My current setup is Magnepan 20.7's with a pair of REL G2's. I'm thinking of adding two more G2's...

2 sub-woofers. One with cable and one with wireless transmitter?

Hi. I ran into a little hiccup. Long story short, I have only one option is to hook up one of the...

Integrated for Canton Ergos

I have a pair of Ergo 1002 DC towers. I listen to 2 channel stereo; Rock, Jazz, Country, some C...

Shunyata Tritron Owners / to Typhon or not to Typhon

......that is my questions. I have heard different schools of thought on this question ; get the ...


Any thoughts about Thorens TD 160 as far as upgrades and refurbishments to this unit. I was just ...

Guy for Aurora, Co. Selling defective Audio equipment

Heads up, Just a warning there is a man named Kelly Johnson from Aurora, Co. selling defective eq...

Vac 30/30 Signature upgrades??

i have a vac 30/30 Renaissance mk3, looking to upgrade to the Signature Series.  Any members had ...

New PS Audio Ampliphier

Does anyone have any expedience with the PS Audio Stellar S300 Stereo Amplifier? 

Manley Stingray iTube tube roll.

 So I have been playing with the Manley for about two years, rolling a collection of speakers as ...

Jazz FM 91 - New digital encoding?

Hey everyone, So I'm a long term listener, recent member of Toronto Jazz FM 91. Always great cont...