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Help setting up a JL E112 sub

I have a Anthem avm30 processor and revel f208 towers  JL E112 sub need help on setting up  it is...

Black Sands Audio.

Has anyone TRIED, or heard of BLACK SANDS AUDIO, and their AC power cords line.There Violet serie...

MAC's MP100 Phono Pre-amp

Hey People. I currently have an Allnic H1201 phono stage (tubed) and am considering moving to McI...

looking to upgrade.... finally

Some years ago I had an lower grade onkyo 605. I paid about 450 new. It sounded ok. I wanted to u...

Steinway Lyngdorf Systems & speakers

Has anyone heard these in a great audio sound room setup?I heard them in an A/V sound room and al...

WTB/Use Yamaha Overhang Gauge for PF 1000/800 Turntable

I recently picked up a Yamaha PF 800 turntable, however it was missing some of the accessories th...

Does anyone have any familiarity or comment on the Budgie Phono Preamp by Shannon Parks?

I'm very curious about Shannon Parks' Budgie Phono Preammplifier.  See http://parksaudiollc.com/b...

Emotiva XSP vs. Creek 50A

I am thinking of either using a Creek 50A integrated as a pre-amp or getting an Emotiva XSP-1 gen...

Cardas Neutral reference IC Verses Analyisis plus Solo Crystal oval IC

Looking for opinions form those that may have done direct comparisons between the Cardas Neutral ...

Audio Show News

This was news to me:http://www.psaudio.com/article/thats-show-biz/