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Flexible Power Cords

I'm looking to replace my bevy of power cords with a consistent set.  I want flexible cords for ...

Clearaudio Maestro V2 Ebony has eclipsed Hana SL

I've been randomly switching back and forth between the two just to save wear and tear, but in th...

Has anyone tried a Gustard H26 used as a preamp?

I can’t find a single review on the Gustard H26 other than cut and paste marketing material.  It’...

Is it an Upgrade? From Kef R3 + R2c to Quad S4 + SC

Hello all,   My first time posting on Audiogon.   Currently running a 5.1.2 system. Front LR ...

Looking for a full featured tube preamp similar to McIntosh C22

Im looking to upgrade my Schiit Saga +. Ideally tube, included features would be bass, treble and...

Naim Anton headphone dac/streamer & Macintosch

What r the thought of using the Anton streamer with a Macintosh MA 8950 and Klipsch Palladium P17...

Audio Research Reference 320M is being debuted in Meunchen

My ARC dealer www.audioexcellence.us told me last night at dinner that Audio Research was finally...

Puritan psm156 vs Bryston bit20/torus rm20 ?

Has anyone compared these power conditioners?

Cary Music Players

Although not inclined to replace my separates, I'm getting nearly daily solicitations for Cary's ...

Oyaide Vondita

Hello everyone has any one used the subject DIY cable with the oyaide p004 and c004 connector w...