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Chord Dave vs Esoteric D-05X

Has anyone compared the Chord Dave to the Esoteric D-05X? If so, please describe the differences.

Onkyo NS-6170 streamer?

The Onkyo NS-6170 streamer looks interesting because of it´s Dual-Differential AKM 768 kHz/32-bit...

How good is the McIntosh MC-2300 vs modern SS amplifiers?

John Curl gave a most informative talk on the Wall Of Sound used by the Gratefful Dead. He had a ...

Primare pre32 & A34.2 with MM30

I just bought the amps and they will be here Wednesday. Ive heard the 60’s and they are excellent...

AES/EBU Digital Cable

Has anyone compared Analysis Plus Crystal AES/EBU digital cable to XLO Reference 3 AES/EBU cable?

North Star Design White Gold or Revelation Audio Prophecy i2s

I used a Revelation Audio Prophecy i2S Rj45 cable between my North Star Design CD Transport and N...

Capital AudioFest 2018

http://capitalaudiofest.com/CAF 2018 is right around the corner.Its shaping up to be a great show...

Rega p6 RB330 how to get XLR output

Seems like google search really did not help me.  Is this impossible?. How easy for a novice like...

Signet TK10ML

I recently was able to buy a NOS Signet TK10ML cartridge. It now has about 20 hours of use and so...

Kinergetics SW200 amp with built in cross over

I have a pair of single 10" Kinergetics subs with an sw200 and was wondering how to use it as an ...