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watchout for another Dali MS5 scam

This to warn all members about a possible scam on Dali speakers. It was advertised on Ebay under ...

Marantz AV7005 remote repair or alternative

I have a AV7005 the remote RC011SR volume button does not always work.  My understanding is that ...

Musical Connections

I like to follow artists, producers, engineers, etc as they wander through their careers.  How ab...

Anybody try this??

I am in the research mode to buy new speakers. My budget will be somewhere in the 20k neighborhoo...

Need Help with Motor/Battery for Teres 340

First , I haven’t been around for awhile due to health problems which caused my system to sit idl...

Focal Headphones with Linear Tube Audio

Has anyone heard Focal Utopia or Elear headphones with the Linear Tube Audio headphone amplifier?...

Any Users of the NAD C 568 CD Player?

Looking for overall impressions, sound quality, etc. Not much on the web on this unit but the lit...

Revolution in Vinyl?

Discovered this on YouTube today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYZtTdiltTg&t=790s

LTA - MZ2 Driving solid state amps.

Hello All,I want to get a new pre and I have narrowed it down to the LTA  MZ2 and ps audio bhk, w...

Counterpoint SA-11 Manual

I have recently become a fan of Counterpoint products. After acquiring a SA-5.1, I found a SA-2 a...