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upgrade advice

Hii bought the Hegel h160 integrated amplifier with pair of Spendor D7 loudspeakers.the source is...

Counterpoint SA 3.1 - can I bypass the balance control?

The balance control in this pre-amp is legendary for being a pesky varmint. Mine is shot, so I to...

Esoteric UX-1 Mk2 or UX-1 Pi? Please help to identify my unit.

Question to Esoteric owners/experts:I just got Esoteric UX-1 player, however it has HDMI output a...

CXN vs. NA8005 vs. ?

Can someone recommend a network player?  Don't really need wireless.  What I do need is to be a...

Avid Ingenium turntable with Project 9CC tonearm. Competitve with Rega, VPI, Project??

The above item is described as an "entry level turntable".  I am not familiar with the company, b...

Line Magnetic 219ia & 518ia tube rolling

Hi everyone,I luckily have both of these amps. I am in heaven with both. But as is the nature of ...

I found a way to get music off the Olive Music servers

If any one needs to get their music off of their Olive server  I can do it for you.For those want...

Dunlavey SC4 vs B&W NAUTILUS-801(original)

Looking to opinions on these speakers. I currently run the SC4's in my system with a Mcintosh 250...

Bassocontinuo racks

I would like to find out the diameter of the steel legs /supports on bassocontinuo racks? 

epos k2 floorstanding speakers with gallo classico surround center, sub and rear speakers?

Any foreseeable issue with this setup?