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guarneri memento vs olymica 3

Hello all members !I consider buying a pair of sonus faber speakers. Narrowed my search down to g...

Audio Physic Classic 20 and Sitara 25 speakers: Why so few reviews on both ??

Audio Physic has created a legacy with their speakers over the last 20 years. I realize that majo...

Suggestion for daily email

I have been thinking high-end audio was dying out by the parcity of entries in the daily Audiogon...

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 800

I am interested in this amp. Can anyone who has heard or owns this piece describe the sonic? Can ...

Lector ZOR

hi guys,what do you think about lector ZOR valve preamp ?thank you in advance

analyzing the technology of power "conditioners"

Besides the balanced power/massive toroidal approach (Equi=tech, Torus, Bryston, Furman balanced,...

Audio Club in or around Charleston, SC

Does anyone know of an audio club in or around Charleston, SC ? If not, would anyone be intereste...

Bentley Acoustic Corporation EC86 Tubes?

I recently purchased, but have not yet received, an Acoustic Plan Digimaster DAC which has four E...

Free!! Who wants a box for a McIntosh MX122? FREE!

Help me out. I’m downing in packing boxes!BOX ONLY.  It has all the packing material inside and i...

A Meeting with Pete McAlister - of McAlister Audio

http://www.mcalisteraudio.com/So a neighbor of mine is a life-long friend of Pete, and after hea...