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Aavik U300 vs DEVIALET D400

I was thinking to upgrade my Double mono class D to D440 or D 1000 but saw the U300 as a good cha...

Vintage Denon turntable

I have an opportunity to purchase a Denon DP 60-L turntable for three hundred bucks. No cartridge...

Platinum Audio Quattro.....what now?

GreetingsI have only owned Platinum Audio speakers in my 20 years of Hi-Fi.  I began in '98 focus...

Esoteric vs Simaudio

I own a Simaudio Neo 260D w/ dac. I've been interested in either getting the Sim 650D or the Esot...

Martin Logan Model " Clarity " Speakers...and pma 757 denon ?

can this work?

Accuphase DP-430

Has anyone owned or auditioned the Accuphase DP-430? If so, how did it compare to other players?

Arm Replacement for U-Turn Tables?

Hello, I have a U-Turn table along with 8 other working, others not working as well, tables. I wo...

Krell amp

Has anyone had any of there Krell equip repaired at George Meyer Av. in my case a large amp?

Mccormack LD-2 info

please tell me about this preamp.  the good, the bad, and the ugly.any issues with the lcd front ...

Counterpoint SA139st

Does anybody know anything about Counterpoint SA139st phono amp?If anybody has one for sale i am ...