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aquaman and bumblebee will they in top box office this weekend?


My first PSB Speaker Purchase. Need some help.

Hi all. I am confused between these 2 models:1. PSB Synchrony One 2. PSB Imagine T2My budget is s...

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is more than simply a continuation

Watch Dragon Ball Super Broly online

Rega Aria or Graham Slee Reflex M if sticking with MM Cartridge?

A used Aria is similarly priced to a new Graham Slee Reflex M - so if I'm going to stick with a M...

D&S Tech Labs Speakers

Has anyone here heard this companies speakers, or own them I was looking at new speakers and the ...

DAW vs Alexia 1 vs Sasha 2, descending order of $$

Having recently heard the DAW, and Alexia 2, they are very close in performance the $$ suggest th...

Elipson turntable opinions?

No opinions listed here so I'll ask.  Any opinions on Elipson turntables?  Looking at either an A...

Allnic 1201 free tubes offer by Hammertone audio.

In case you own an Allnic 1201 and were unaware they in this case Hammertone audio is offering fr...

best to use overall

hi can you please tell me i will be using a denon 4400 with a emotiva xp...

nat audio single int amp

anyone have an opinion on this amp?good class a tube amp? customer support /service ok?I was look...