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Rotel RMB-1575 a good match for B&W CM10's?

Most B&W dealers I've spoke to generally point to Rotel as a good match amp wise so I was thi...

How much isopropanol is effective but safe for viny?

I make my own cleaning fluid using isopropanol and distilled water but am aware that some think I...

Can I Use a Fiio a17k amp/dac through my LG phone

Hi,   I was wondering if anyone has experience utilizing a Fiio a17k Alpen amp/dac,and have it op...

Indy Audio Labs Acurus Act4

Hello all,Has anyone here had a chance to hear this new processor.  Im trying to decide between t...

ATMOS speakers

Hi, pretty much just wondering if I should get this ones or not.http://www.bostonacoustics.com/US...

The Best Apple AirPlay Streamer

Now that the Apple AirPort Express is going away, what is the best AirPlay streamer available?Onl...

PoE CAT 7/8 as a DC cable - Amazing SQ results for little cost!

After many years of perfecting my digital source (many threads started on HF and USAM) I discover...

What is the best connection between a Fiio e17k amp/dac, and my LG Stylo 3 Plus

Hello,       I am wondering what would be the best connection going from a Fiio e17k to an Lg Sty...

Audio Research DAC8 Firmware

Does anyone have the latest firmware for this unit?  With later Mac OS updates the unit no longer...

m5- hp

crossover setting with   3 sig and rogue 180 wq subs