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Nad 116 preamp "true" balanced or not?

Hello, I have this preamp. One word "Just excellent". But my question is the following: this pr...

Michi X3 vs X5

Just wondering if anyone has had a chance to audition both amps. Besides the difference in power ...

Anyone out there running the orig Air-Tight PC-1 cart?

Hello, wondering if any of y’all are running the first Air-Tight PC-1 cartridge and what loading ...

Linn DS w/organic DAC or DCS Bartok

Has anybody out there been fortunate enough to A-B these two DACs?

Interesting read: Multitest bookshelf speakers – 2500 Euro – part 1

Live stream bakeoff:   

Magnetar UDP800 as an Oppo Clone: Would Its Mother Recognize It?

When I finally broke down and decided to buy a 4K DVD player, I discovered to my chagrin that Opp...

Boutique Fuses

Just ordered/received the Audio Magic M1 fuse, been quite content w/ the entire SR line fuses.  O...

Amp info

Does anyone here have any information on a Spectrum energetics dma 2001 power amp please?

ISO Unison Audio Unico P service manual

Is anyone able to supply a copy of a service manual for the above integrated amp?   Mine is cur...

Notre Dame Acoustics

Maybe wrong forum but its where I think rooms are discussed the most.  Article on Notre Dame Acou...