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Acoustic Harmony

Hello - Has anyone got any info / reviews on Acoustic Harmony Japan Audio Cables .....apparently ...

You Tube playlists

Deleted. Questions to follow. 

B&k 505 vs 705

Trying to figure out if these two models have the same power output the 505 is listed as having 1...

anyone remember infinite records new york city ?

memories. pressed between the pages of my mind.memories...……………………….

smsl SU-8 upgrade

anybody modded or replaced a part in the SU-8? What is nice? Blue fuze or similar? Op-Amp?

Aerial 10T speakers, original version vs updated.

Hi,I noticed that the Aerial 10T original version are listed as of greater value then the updated...

Help With Fergitron Dividing Network for a custom built speaker?

Hi. I have a question about a custom speaker I once acquired and spent a little time with. I eve...

Audiophile Love by the PC industry?

I have been using an Azulle Byte 3 with MS Win10 as a cheap media server since I have NAS but the...

Esoteric K03x vs K07xs

Hi.I am from Argentina. My cd player is Marantz Sa11 s2.Did anyone compare and hear k03x and k07x...

Help to ID Speaker Cable

I bought some custom made speaker cables 10-12 years ago and am looking to replace them with a lo...