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PASS XP-17 or Allnic H-1202

I put this post in AMPS / PREAMPS but thought it might be better if I added it here also.I have n...

DSP8000’s se upgrade

My DSP8000’s are the speakerlink from 2010 so already have eba, to me that means I’m paying an aw...

Dual CS550 Turntable - European Version

Hello All,I’m interested in purchasing the European version of the Dual CS550 turntable and wonde...

Anyone hear pass XP27 phono preamp

HiAnyone hear pass XP27 phono preamp?I currently have the xp17 but thought separate power supply ...

Does anyone own a Sophia Electric Baby II, what do you think?

Would really love to hear your opinions on this SET amp.

The Pooh Sticks

While perusing the titles at RSD this weekend I saw a LP by "The Pooh Sticks". So, I’m thinking, ...

Anthem MCA225/ 325 or Rotel RB-1582

Hi All,I currently have the Rotel RB-1582-MKII powering B&W CM10 S2s and I recently upgraded ...

Shunyata Delta Digital SPDIF

Anyone have any experience with Shunyata Delta  Digital SPDIF cables? Also there Delta NR Power C...

Rotel RB1050 vs. RB971

Hello all,      I am building my home stereo and would like some input on the amp I buy. Currentl...

What to see in Axpona

Year 3 in Chitown, second year in the new venue is really helping I think.So far some stunners ar...