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Hi finally getting a turn table! I have a NAD 356 amp with totem Sttaf speakers. What do you reco...

LS17 can be compared with c2300 or c220 mc pre ?

hi, I am considering buy my first AR pre for match with my krell evo power.I have had MC c2300 , ...

Integrated Amplifier for JBL 4312E

Looking for an Integrated amplifier for the JBL 4312E monitors.For now I am using NAD but I would...

Ortofon verto step-up any good?

Hi everyone I just purchased a new RP8 turntable, I am looking at getting a dynavector 20x2 cartr...

Looking for quality stereo repair/refurbish in Denver Metro

I need to take my Thorens TD124 in to get cleaned up (haven't used it in forever). Anyone know of...

Meitner MA1 V2 upgrade - worth it?

Hi All.  I have a Meitner MA1 DAC that I like very much.  There is a new (not inexpensive) hardwa...

Ripping to Sony HAP-Z1ES

I’ve been using AIFF 16 bit with iTunes, and the sound has seemed very good. Yesterday, I used FL...

McIntosh MPC1500 Power Controller

I'm curious if anyone has used the MPC1500 on a two channel system, and if so your thoughts

Advise on purchasing an ARC DS225 to match my LS17se

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McIntosh C48, Internal DAC, and External DSD Digital Source

I have my C48 connected to a Sony HAP-Z1 and outputting DSD (DOP) over a USB connection. When I t...