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Marantz KI-Ruby is called PM-12 in Japan...

Hello to all,Recently I checked the Marantz Japanese website, and noticed that the KI-Ruby is cal...

AMR amplifiers, why they were discontinued?

Hello to all,I was checking the AMR website this days, and appears that the company made a brief ...

Take a tour of Nelson Pass’ listening room

Take a tour of Nelson Pass’ listening room https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n3ZJnzo1tY

Wanted: Shunyata VTX-09 JUMPER for speakers

Can only be in either of the following configurations: Banana to spadeSpade to spade

Hum de Dum

My System has a very low hum running thru it. It seems to go away if I employa ground removing pl...

Schiit Freya + Aegir vs Rega Elex-R

Hi Folks,I'm looking to upgrade from my Marantz PM5005 and my budget is around 1600$.  I think I'...

Audiophile Adventure Weekend in NJ Highlands/Water Gap

HI Audio Friends:I am testing the waters for an audiophile adventure weekend and fund raiser for ...

What did you do this weekend

A must read and feel free to post enjoy http://https//www.audionirvana.org/forum/title-to-be-adde...

Roon in the cloud

I have been for many years a happy Logitech Transporter user.Then Qobuz came along, I subscribed ...

Apollon Class D amplifiers, Multi Channel, Active, anyone?

Hello to all,Anyone using the Apollon Class D multi channel amplifiers on a active system? Wonder...