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Getting left channel blobs from Accuphase C220 phono preamp

Hi! Recently connected an Accuphase C220 phono pre to my system. Connected to it are Denon AU 300...


Hey!!!I'm about a buy a NIKKO STA7070 and i dont have any idea how it works, sound etc etc???Is t...

What quality stereo/preamps include an FM tuner & bluetooth without breaking the bank?

My basement is fully wired with 70v speakers. I have the 70v amplifier, it will be running 3 zome...

LM 518ia wth Merlin VSM

Anyone tried Line Magnetic 518ia with Merlin VSM speakers

st AT&T digital question

Hello All,   I have a question if some can help. I have a CD player with the st AT&T output, ...

Anyone experience the Magnepan Tri Center

I have a pair of 1.7i's which I use for 2 channel listening and Home Theater.  I have the MGCC3 c...

Tchernov cables. Anyone knows anything about them?

I ran into them on youtube, they were used in Lamm/Wilson or Lamm/Kharma set-up, don't quite reme...

Mutec Jitter Reduction and Digital Switching

Thought I would start a thread on MutecI purchased a Mutec MC-1.2 and am extremely satisfied.. fo...

Anyone listened to the Heco Elemanta 300’s?

Greetings, I’m looking at the Heco Elementa 300’s, they spec out nicely for a standmount at 32hz-...

Avantgarde Solo ... opinions?

Hello,Recently I've been intrigued by the Avantgarde Solo speakers. They seem like a compact way ...