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Jena Labs 1.4 Power Conditioner: Quick Thoughts

I heard I needed a power conditioner, and I added the Jena Labs 1.4.  It totally opened up the sy...

join the Primaluna amplifier owners group

Please delete if not allowed.Come join the Primaluna amplifier owners group. https://www.facebook...

Thoughts on Pro-ject CD Box RS?

Still shopping for a transport and came across a deal on a new Pro-ject CD Box.  Does anyone have...

What size Spade for Wilson Audio Speakers

Cardas is reterminating a pair of speaker cables for me, and want to confirm what size spade I sh...

turntables Denon DP60L vs Harman Kardon T-45C

so i have a denon dp60l and a harman t45c and i can only keep one. current cartridge is an empire...

Jolida Fusion 3502S vs. Jolida Fusion 801

  I would appreciate comments from anyone who is familiar with both the Jolida Fusion 3502S and t...

WTH is That Sound???

Streaming Pandora & listening to Stevie Wonders You Haven't Done Nothing from the FFF disc......

Considering An Upgrade From A Musical Fidelity NuVista M3

Been using this NuVista for awhile now, and got a few benjis in the audio kitty that are slated f...

Anthem STR Integrated Amp

Does anyone have an opinion on how the Anthem STR compares with the Lyngdorf 3400?

New Dynaudio Confidence 50 and 60

Hello,Does anyone know about these new floorstanders? Dynaudio introduced them in the Munich Audi...