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ATI AT4003 / ATI AT543NC for ATC SCM / Dyndaudio

Looking for an amp that will last a while and which is more than adequate for speakers like ATC S...

Aries Cerat

Im curious if anyone here in the US has actually ordered a piece of gear from this Aries Cerat, w...

Golden Audio Aon 3 vs Aon 2

I’m having a hard time deciding between the two. Is there much difference  besides the bass being...

Marantz SA 10 compared to

Oppo 205 for CD play only. ?

pioneer 12" pax-30E speakers do I need to re attach, attenuator's?

Hi The leads for the attenuators have been cut off so he could remove the speakers from the cabin...

Damn it

Ok, I have a problem, granted it is a gold plated one. I thought I had this down to two choices, ...

Best Baffles for In Wall Speakers

So it looks like the Russound In-Wall Flexbox is not available anymore. Does anybody have any oth...

Synergistic Research Blue Powercords

  Just curious if anyone has tried either the 10 guage high current blue pc or the 12 guage model...

Users of: Graham Slee phono stages + Graham Slee monoblock amp, share your thoughts.

Hello to all.I read great reviews from Hi-Fi magazines about the Graham Slee phono stages +  the ...

ANT (Audiophiles of North Texas)

This club started over a year ago but fell off when my wife and I separated.  Life is calming dow...