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The famous 811A tubes, what experence in large amplifiers ???

I would like some input from people that have used the 811A tube in amplifiers ???

YOUTUBE and Vinyl are gonna bankrupt me!

I jumped back in to vinyl and boy has music buying become more expensive! Not only because vinyl ...

Oppo UDP-205 for streaming Tidal or Skype.

Good CD/SACD sound very good.  What do I insert between home router and Oppo for best sound?  Lap...

Oppo Sonica Wireless speaker

I just bought this one for $299.  Have an iPhone 6.  Select free Skype.on iPhone.  Sounds pretty ...

Oppo sonica dac streamer issue need thoughts on what to do

My Sonica dac 3 will link to tidal but when a song is selected it won't play. It sits on 0.00 . I...

Hegel, Spectron, Conrad-Johnson

Hi All,Has anyone ever done a direct comparison between Hegel, Spectron and Conrad-Johnson?I am d...

HEGEL H80 DAC upgrade recommendation 2018

Hello,I just purchased a Hegel H80 and am new to the "audiophile" world. I am however enjoying my...

Review : AMR Audio 90% Silver Alloy Fuse Tube With Fisher 180 stereo receiver

Budget Esoterica Review MagazineJuly 2018 IssueAMR Audio 90% Silver Alloy Fuse TubeI like trying ...

recovery CD for Olive Opus model 3

Hi everyone!Does somebody has the recovery CD for Olive Opus model 3, or Olive Musica.I lost my o...

Need help with the PA system

I enjoy good audio but I'm not the most adept at the technical things. I'm currently trying to se...