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Linn Espek or 5140 Kustone Bases

Is it still possible to find these speaker bases for the above speakers?

QPlus Reference from Quadraspire

Anyone using these and have comments?  Thanks

High End SS Preamplifier Ayre, EMM Labs, ML, or Pass

I have Clayton M300's that I'm looking to pair with a SS preamp to drive Von Schweikert VR-5 Anni...

Rega RP3 or Mofi Studio Deck ?

Has anyone heard both of these and have opinions of a comparison between the two ?

M.L, Ascent #betterwoofer

I'm wondering if anyone can suggest upgrading the 10" woofers in the Martin Logan Ascent with som...

Belles 350A Reference Preamp Choices

Could anyone share their preamp combinations they have used with the Belles 350A Reference and wh...

Want to trade MIT CVT Terminator 1 Biwire for MIT CVT Terminator 1 Non-Biwire

I have a pair of 8" MIT CVT Terminator 1 Biwire speaker cables in VGC that I'd like to swap for a...

Krell Digital Vanguard

Anyone have any experiences with the Krell Digital Vanguard? Looking at getting one.

McIntosh MAC-3 Surround Decoder - bypass volume control?

To bypass the volume control on a MAC-3 surround decoder, do I just turn the volume to max and in...

Bat VK P3 phono board

I am currently looking at doing some work on my Bat VK3i preamp which I have had since new as its...