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  • Music Server (larryi)
    (dgarretson) I think I’m headed in sbank’s direction with a microRendu Ethernet-to-USB appliance at the DAC in conjunction with a QNAP NAS with i5 processor. Th...

  • Pass First Watt J2 vs F3 (rcziech)
    (comchenry) Jumping in 4.5 years later. Have J6 and Zu Soul Superfly on the way. Excited to pair it up with the VAC Ren preamp. Expecting some magic to happen ...

  • Music Server (larryi)
    (rbstehno) I have used a Mac mini for years as a music server running software like pure music and audirvana. Using the latest audirvana software and getting ...

  • Tube Amp vs Solid State Amp HELP (hfarrior3)
    (mesch) Have you had a chance to hear the Dali's compared to the Klipsch's? Which speaker do you like the best?  The NAD 316BEE is a good budget SS amp tha...

  • Viva, no longer a fan (vip428)
    (brf) and we do not support equipment coming from used market, transferred from overseas. I am confused.  Is this email coming from the US importer?  I...

  • Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever? (pubul57)
    (mward) I’ve been using the Lightspeed for several months now. I purchased the dual volume control version to solve a balance problem in my room. It works ...

  • Help Id speakers (docmax)
    (danzspkrman) I had a set of Wharfedale Sapphires that were like that....very nice to me. A friend enjoys them now.

  • Song covers that are better than the originals (slanski62)
    (ghosthouse) @bdp24 - Don't always agree with your strongly stated positions but they are generally well written and thought provoking.  Often beneficial to loo...

  • MAC's MP100 Phono Pre-amp (tak1)
    (tak1) Thanks, but wish I had the luxury of that option .... I must sell one to purchase the other .... thus my question. No decisions yet. Happy friday.

  • Thiel Owners (jafant)
    (oblgny) Woohoo - I just purchased from a fellow member here a GAS Son Of Ampzilla which will be swapped in and out with my Primare A34.2 just for kicks.  G...

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