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Audioquest Red Vs Audioquest Cobalt

Does anyone have any experience with the above? I run my laptop into an Audioquest Jitterbug into...

Yamaha CDX10000 (Centennial Series) VS modern SACD Players, anyone compared?

Greetings to all music lovers out there, i"m curious to know if anyone compared the sound of the ...

Neotech cables

I'm thinking about getting the Neotech Amazon IC. Have anyone ever had the chance to audition the...

North West Audio Show Report (UK)

FYI  https://hifipig.com/north-west-audio-show-the-big-report/#more-54646

Jo No. 5 mounting problem

  I bought an EAT Jo No.5 and have been unable to mount it on my SME IV.5.  There is an inclined ...

Removal of Horn from TAD 2404

Does anyone know how to remove the horn from the TAD 2404 speaker? I have removed the 4 long exte...

Mu follower tube rush

Hi, I have designed two phono amps both using 6072A tubes. One has a cascode first stage passive ...

C2600 recommendations

What’s your thoughts on the McIntosh c2600 preamp compared to other McIntosh tube or SS preamps? 

How To Connect 4 Sets of Thonet And Vander Laut BT Bluetooth Speakers

Hi, I have 4 sets of Bluetooth speakers but only 3 will connect using Cassia Hub with my iPhone 6...

VSP labs amp

I'm looking for someone who can repair a VSP labs amp.