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WHRO vinyl giveaway

An article in today's Washington Post about the massive vinyl giveaway at WHRO. Did anyone here a...

has anyone had any experience with harmonic technology melody iii rca

hey all i have a pair of truth link ii and pro silway ii but never heard the melody and want to u...

Robert Plant transmission impossible 2020 cd

I've always been a huge Zeppelin fan.I have every release l could get my hands on,every bootleg e...

New Maggie sub

There is a lengthy video posted on the Absolute Sound site talking about the Ultra Wide Band Woof...

Qobuz info blurbs

While poking around on Qobuz this afternoon, after discovering Back Up Against the Wall by variou...

Shindo preamplifier

Hello everyone, Yesterday I used a Shindo Mazeris Bellevue pre-amplifier in my house, instead of ...

Recommended streaming folk station

I frequently listen to Folk Alley radio.  I use Innuous and  they offer a myriad of streaming ra...

9mm spades

Mods ... please delete thread. Thanks.

miniDSP Input Tilt

I'd always wanted a tilt EQ for my HiFi to tame some recordings since my earliest audio foolery c...

Jadis one-box line stage preamps

Are the DPL and JPL the only one-box preamps that Jadis made without phono stages? How do the DP...