Tune of the Day

"Blue Rondo a la Turk"  on the Two Generations of Brubeck album.  Wow.

There are many fine versions of this tune, but this one gets me dancing, clapping, fist-pounding, whatever, every time....and it's not easy to dance in, what, 9/8?  I love tunes that grow, build, develop, and move through changes.  This one just picks me up and takes me right along with it.  Great melding of jazz and rock idioms, too.  It's fun to imagine Dave Brubeck setting the groove and then sitting back to hear where his kids and their friends take it. 

You can continue exploring Dave and the kids on Two Generations of Brubeck, "The Great Spirit Made Us All".  And Chris Brubeck's rock/jazz band Sky King on "Secret Sauce".

For extra credit, give a "spin" to Chase, "Bochawa" from their last album, Pure Music.

Anyway, that's my two cents today.

Bill Callahan "Faith/Void"

Fairport Convention "Sloth"
Dave Mason "Look at you Look at Me" (Alone Together/lp)
If I'm allowed another...

Death Cab For Cutie "You've Haunted Me All My Life"
Great song Astro! And what an album, with great drumming by the stunningly good Jim Gordon (Mad Dogs & Englishmen, Derek & The Dominoes, Traffic). He went mad and killed his mother, and is now locked up.
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Liquid Tension.2, Biaxident.

Deep Elem Blues / Jerry Garcia Band
This is my current favorite from "Almost Acoustic" (great album) 

There's a video on You Tube picturing Brian Wilson and the other Beach Boys around the time the song "God Only Knows" was recorded. What makes this clip worth searching for is that what you hear is the isolated piano and melody vocal, sans the orchestration (by Brian) heard in the full mix version of the song on the Pet Sounds album.

This allows the song's chord structure and voicings to be more readily heard and appreciated. Brian is renown for his melodies and harmonies (with good reason), but imo it is his chord arrangements that elevate him above ALL his peers.

Crack the Sky, White Noise.

"Razors in my Heart"



Joanne Shaw Taylor, "Jealousy".
Live clip from Songs from the Road. Great CD/DVD set. She can definitely lay down some blues!


Beth Hart, "Am I the one".
She channels her inner Janis Joplin on this track. 


Transatlantic, "Black as the sky". 
Portnoy is one of fav drummers, Morse is a visionary.


Billy Cobham, Spectrum, "Stratus".
Tommy Bolin- lead guitar



"Brown Eyes"  Fleetwood Mac
Cucumbers "My boyfriend".
excellent czarivey!

Freddie Freeloader - Miles Davis
David Byrne  "Women Vs. Men"
Glenn Hughes, The way it is, "Take you down". 

Glenn's vocals are unreal on this track. The guitar work is fantastic also.

Velvet Underground "Foggy Notion"
Star Star off the Stones' album Some Girls Live in Texas (1978), also available in HD sound on YouTube.
Pat Metheny, "Forward March", from The First Circle.
"Something Evil" Starflyer 59
"The Hook" Grant Lee Buffalo
for tomorrow.............. today...

"Pegasus" Allman Brothers.
Crack the Sky, White Music, 


"Hitman" Jeremy Messersmith
"I Believe In You" Bob Dylan
The Twilight Singers "Waves"
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Eagles, "Long Road out of Eden".    Flawless recording. 



Steely Dan- "The Royal Scam"
"Make Like Paper"  Red House Painters
The Rolling Stones, Blinded by Rainbows


The Pink Mice, In Action, "Para Elisa de Beethoven"


Queen, Tenement Funster, Flick of the Wrist, Lily of the Valley 



We responded, why aren't you?
Still watching this thread.  I really like these music threads...best this, best that....It always amazes me how broad are the tastes of posters and how much great music is out there that I've never heard of, as well as reminders of stuff I haven't pulled off the shelf in my own collection lately.  Today's highlights, at least so far, are the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, "Stairs" from the album "Spin", and "Coming Home" from the O'Conner Band with Mark O'Conner.
Glen Hansard "Drive All Night"
Diana Krall, When I look into your eyes. CD
"Popsicle Toes"

David Bromberg - How Come My Dog Don't Bark When You Come 'Round?