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New In 2020
Wolfgang Muthspiel 
New In 2020
Lucinda Williams 
Transparent ultra mm2 speaker to ultra G5 or MM2 Ref?
no_moneyThank You for the follow up.  Happy Listening! 
Transparent Ultra or Super?
no_moneyExcellent!  Happy Listening! 
What is the Best power cable for the Soulutions 540 CD player
calvinjThank You for the update. Will you try other brand(s) of cabling for your Soulutions 540 spinner?Happy Listening! 
Esoteric Grandioso K1 "Disc Error"
mmbl622hope that you are able to seek repair for your K1 player.Can you talk about the sonic difference(s) from the X-03SE and Grandioso K1 ?Keep us posted on Esoteric customer service regarding this issue.Happy Listening! 
Magico A3, suggested integrated amp.
Another +vote for Ayre. 
Jack Bybee Has Passed Away
R.I.P. Jack 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Slayer - Hell Awaits (now 35 years old) 
Thiel Owners
Happy Fall Friday! All 
New In 2020
Thiel Owners
tomthielThank You for taking time to adress SmartSub SS1 and SS2.Hope you and your local repair shop are able to figure out Jim's design and crack his cryptic code.Happy Listening! 
Thiel Owners
biannuzzi22Good to see you again. We have another SmartSub fan among the Panel.  What other gear is in your system currently?Happy Listening! 
New In 2020
Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder (box set) 
New In 2020
Dave Brubeck Quartet (December)