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Enjoying my Audience Au24Sx Speaker Cables, wondering how much better are the Front Row?
yyzsantabarbaraI am looking forward in reading more about Audience FrontRow speaker cables. It has been over 10 years since my last Audience demo.Happy Listening! 
Recordings by Elton John, Nirvana and Thousands More Lost in Fire
yyzsantabarbaraThank You for posting this link. It is criminal in the way those masters were stored. There never should have been that much music in one location?  Happy Listening! 
The Day the Music Burned
gormdaneThank you for posting. It is criminal in the ways that music was stored.I did not recall reading how the fire started? Or why for that matter?Happy Listening! 
New in 2019
Justin Townes Earle 
Thiel Owners
jackskyGood to see you again. Thank You for assisting Esprits4s' CS5 query.I believe that we have another CS5 owner on the Panel.Happy  
Thiel Owners
pwhinsonGood to see you here. Hope your are well and enjoying Summer.Glad the Magnepan 20.7 loudspeakers worked out. Your CS 2.4 s are sweet and worth keeping.Happy Listening! 
Thiel Owners
Happy Friday! All 
New in 2019
Bruce Springsteen 
Thiel Owners
esprits4sAs your time allows, search CS5 and CS 7.2 loudspeakers, over on Audio Asylum for additional information. Quite a few Thiel Audio fans on that site as well.  Happy Listening! 
Tellurium Q Black Diamond cables
greginnhI am looking forward to an update. Hope you are well and enjoying the Summer season. Happy Listening! 
Home Demo Faceoff: Nordost / Audioquest / Transparent
nyevI am looking forward in reading more about your Cable shoot-out!Happy Listening! 
Esoteric cd on 2nd hand market
crimsoniterif considering Esoteric cd/sacd players, consult TAP Electronics in California,  for parts/service availability. Keep us posted.Happy Listening! 
Marantz SA-10 arriving Monday!
bluerangerwhich brand(s) of cabling do you currently own? Other brand(s) under consideration? Much Thanks! for the update.Happy Listening! 
Thiel Owners
esprits4sStay tuned for one of our CS5 and CS 7.2 experts chime in on your query. I know that we have (at least) one owner for each model cited. Good to see you again. Happy Listening! 
Thiel Owners
oblgnyGood to see you as always Brother. Hope you are well this Summer and enjoying re-visiting "The Good" Dr. John's catalog. I know that I am.Happy Listening!