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Best progressive rock album side
Umphrey’s McGee, take your pick, I like Anchor Drops for starters.  
Just got started on Qobuz. Can anyone recommend an album or song?
Curt Elling.  Practical Arrangement  
Looking for Blues with High Fidelity
  Mighty Sam McClain, especially “Give it up For Love” Rocky Athas, especially “Shakin’ the Dust”. Walter Trout  
Thiel Owners
I had lunch this week with a friend of mine who lost his home in the Marshall fire in Colorado.  It didn't occur to me until we talked that, among his losses, were his Thiel 2 2's.  Sad day.  
Tune of the Day
Chris Jones— No Sanctuary Here  
Roger Miller anyone?
I’m a fan.  Some good songs in Big River. Also check out O’Brien Party of 7’s “Reincarnation” a tribute album of Roger Miller songs.  (Party of 7 is named for Tim O’Brien and his family).  
Tune of the Day
"Mind Transplant"--Alphonse Mouzon  
Tune of the Day
Foxy, what are the Jellyfish albums called?  Qobuz lists a lot more than two.   
Tune of the Day
Not for the first time, I'm sitting here, listening to music I never heard of before reading about it on this this thread.  Not to diminish others' contributions, it's often bdp24 whose deep knowledge sends me in a new direction.  Today, I can't b... 
RMAF 2021 Cancelled
That's sad news.  I went a number of times and enjoyed each show.  I'll always remember the Patricia Barber concert they put on some years ago...excellent.  I saw and heard a lot of equipment that otherwise would never have been available to me.  ... 
Tune of the Day
Roxy, that's a new one for me.  Great tune. 
How many of you are digital only systems?
My turntable is in the basement with a few hundred albums.  Same thing with my cassette deck and cassettes.  Though I love the sound of analog playback, I don’t have physical space for redundant playback systems.  the back of my mind, I intend to ... 
Hearing aid suggestions
Thanks, Photon, for the helpful information.  I was afraid my question would ignite hearing aid controversies...tube or solid state, hearing aid trestles, that sort of thing. 
Tune of the Day
“Like You Do” from R.E.O.  T.W.O.  A fine album from REO Speedwagon. 
Do you care about car audio?
Audio matters to me wherever I am.  I’m surprised to read comments here, where many spend a lot for small improvements in a great home system but aren’t interested in large improvements that can be achieved for less money in a car.  It’s a challen...