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How Electricity Actually Works
@deludedaudiophile I didn't make typo.  
How Electricity Actually Works
@jea48 That's more like critique and expressing opinions instead of EE text book.    
How Electricity Actually Works
@jea48 , perhaps you know nothing you try to talk about. what you've posted comes from the same basics of prior educational university text books. Ralph Morrison isn't describing such basics. He is describing what can be done and how, but at the e... 
How Electricity Actually Works
@jea48  In all of the books of electronics and electrical engineering, the electric signal through the conductor is the ordered motion of electrons  
How Electricity Actually Works
electric signal travels through the conductor approximately 5c i.e. 5 speeds of light.  
Bob James
Bob James was part of so many projects since 80s that you would really listen to at least some of those whether you wanted or not or whether you knew about those or not. His solo career is just a small part   
Cures for Vocal Sibilance?
some of the units are like Jeep. Stock version not good and needs upgrades.  
Power Conditioners Lifespan
I have Max5300 since even earlier than that. Still works no need to replace  
How to keep albums playing at the same volume
didn't grow up to that level yet. all records and CDs are recorded at different volumes in general. All you need is perhaps remote controlled volume  
Inexpensive Good Vintage Turntables?
Thorens TD160 with all original parts will be a great start. The performance is superior to Technics1200.  
16 rpm
those were designed for blind listeners. they don't have to flip these albums too often.  
Missing Members
Glad he's still around. To my math he's already overstepped his 80th birthday or even further than that. Thanks for the heads up on his new moniker as I've always respected his views  
Is it good to upgrade the crossovers in your speakers?
Instead of buying overly-overpriced and overly-overrated audiophile caps, makes far more sense purchasing higher performance speaker. Other than that, replacement premium quality caps can be found on generic electronic sites such as o... 
Rega Apheta 3 on Rega Planar 8:  Any idea on screws torque values ?
instead of spending $275, just follow dover's advice and it will be a lot cheaper without any other compromise.  second instruction of that cartridge somewhat amused me about cartridge bolts... are the wires of the cartridge that badly exposed an... 
Recapping Krell FPB-Monoblocks - Need Advice
where did you get the information that recapping FPB monos is 2 hours per amp?? That's absurd!!! 2 hours is only to break down chassis components before even getting into circuit boards whaddaryoutakinabout??