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Could AudiogoN seperate Dealer listings?
No they cannot seperate. They don't know what is it. 
Youngsters these days.
old folks tend to be crazy over spending something that will please their eyes including walrus tusks for instance. over decade ago i've became a rational freak and would collect rain water for watering my garden when it's not raining and stopped ... 
Recommendations for floor standers that sound good at low levels too
One note I want to point out that on uncompressed recordings you won't still be able to hear quiet parts unless you're in bunker with no ambient noise.Closed back headphones will seem to be more definite solution. 
Recommendations for floor standers that sound good at low levels too
Totem Forrest speakers are good at low volumes. Many inefficient speakers are good at low volumes.  
Jazz for someone who doesn't like jazz.
Great suggestions so far.I'll add new modern days jazz performers:Andrea MotisKhruangbinJamiroquaySnarky PuppyFresh Cut OrchestraMohini Dey 
Digital Amplifier Company aka Cherry Amplifier ...
Several things that would keep me away.1. Not mentioned physical location of the factory or 'ships from'2. Unknown company if things go down south 3. Prices are up North nevertheless.It seems that amps are assembled and tested in China where you c... 
Are tubes really “warm”?
What I really found out in tube amps is you can never get great sound of Strat with solid state amps. The sound won't be warm at all.  
Tosslink NOOB question!
out from my TV it's the only option available and I was wondering if it will have multi-channel capabilities during streaming 
As good as it gets
@geoffkait , that seems like lead substance of high temperature had traveled through brain and fried it. guns no good. 
Recapping Krell FPB-Monoblocks - Need Advice
total recap is not necessary most of times. you need to go over caps exposed to high temperatures and voltages. measure their parameters before replacement. if parameters are within specified tolerance and no visual damage, leave them back in the ... 
Basic Tidal streamer to USB DAC
airplay is never reliable and never supported by manufacturer warranty.  
Technics SL-1700 feet
You can PM me for feet if you still need. I have from SL-1600 that will be even better.Don't go for alternative feet that Technics uses. Keep things original.  
Studio Standard FISHER 1980's amp
donate to goodwill.  
Which amp would you go with
Musical Fidelity like most suggest. 
As good as it gets
good notes on amps should be sounding nice out of box and break-in only slightly makes it better.