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Amp vs Preamp
@mpomerantz you match sensitivity of an amplifier to the output voltage of preamp and you match output impedance of your preamp to input impedance of poweramp.  
Amp vs Preamp
No preamp still can work with PVC or TVC, but the volume range will be a lot smaller than with preamp.  
What's the value in lots of capacitors inside a line stage preamp?
well you have a full life in front of ya. start pulling them out one by one and see what happens.  
Pre Amp break-in balance issue
poor description + unhandled shipping by carrier and/or seller probably equates to poor condition preamp.   
New DAC issues
sometimes price isn't proportional to the quality. if it does not sound great out of the box, then it is perhaps how it sounds and will sound after few hundreds or thousands of hours or days.  
Need some treble
solution would be either an equalizer box or preamp with tone controls.   
Time heals all wounds?
Sometimes demons go inside and block performance till they get out from your unit(s) Not working? Not powering up? No sound? Just wait and see maybe it's temporary or ask an exorcist to get them demons away from yer machine(s)!    
...and yet we think that wires can change sound... they change mood perhaps.  
Tracks that bring out the best of YOUR digital system
Oh sorry, I was looking for the word that make more sense like "Krill". It's also very tasty meal with simple cooking instructions :-)  
Best Subwoofer Connection for Music
I meant secondary pre-out... That dictates preamp to have 2 outputs and that's usually the case with most of the balanced preamps where one output balanced and the other isn't and one of them can be used to feed sub(s).   
Tracks that bring out the best of YOUR digital system
@motown-l  I think you meant Diana Krill right?  
Best Subwoofer Connection for Music
I've always preferred line-in connections to subwoofer via tape-output.  
My Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable died...what to do?
I'd have to pay a repair shop to put the motor in, and we have an official Pro-Ject repair ctr. in my city. Really? Why so?  I've been always thinking that cleaning fixing motor is a lot more sophisticated than just placing a new one in.  
40 years of fitting cartridges to a variety of arms, I'm feeling stumped
Looks like The Voice is sored by COVID19 and in need of some medical attention.    
When Was The Audio Golden Age?
Golden Age can be given at any point of time and it all depends on how and when you label it Was it when copper was cheap enough to make faucets and tea kettles?