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Death of Rock 'n' Roll
All in all, it’s just not interesting inserting Led Zeppelin CD into the car CD player, because it’s same thing as listening to the radio.In general rock ain’t much of an interest and does get me bored 😐.RnR is dying not only because of jazz or cl... 
Death of Rock 'n' Roll
@sleepwalker,i don’t like good musicians or singers.i like bad ones  
Death of Rock 'n' Roll
@inna I’m a music dealer Malmsteen is too plain and boring. He is just another ordinary rock guitarist doing nothing unusual and interesting.Check Marc Ribot (often accompanies Tom Waits)FZ tried to revive plain and dumb rock, but didn’t live long... 
Death of Rock 'n' Roll
I understand that people like to listen to 70s rock, but there’s none next to continue playing. Even Jack White ain’t forever and there aren’t many RR musicians.All in allAmen to rock! 
Skeptic or just plain hard headed
sorry i'm not into christianity or any deity. 
Skeptic or just plain hard headed
MA gives you enough time to buy into their bs about 500 hours breakin. 
Best way to pay for audio purchase?
cash is best. 
What’s wrong with Diana Krall?
You just can't do same thing all life. Either you stop or change to something different. 
I like my system flat, no tone controls, no eq..........what is your preference, and why.
i like my system 3-d, not flat with all possible and necessary features to play muzik! 
Best Vinyl Cleaning Method
I use ultrasonic I built personally from ultrasonic bath and aquarium compact filters.I only invested around $200I wash records only as I spot dust getting stuck onto surface. Other than that, I use carbon fiber brush each time I want to land a ne... 
What are you hearing?
vintage stuff was built far better and more honest. therefore sounds better. today components only have better descriptions and commercials. 
Another Nice Tool Audiogon Deleted Because It Was Free
one must be really gullible to post items for sale via audiogon, the very unsecure site driven by amateur crew.i never do that, because i'm not amateur, but IT professional so don't really care. 
Which upgraded fuse is recommended for an Onkyo and Elac setup?
oh maan i don't drink to that level anymore -- to old! 
Make Audiogon Great Ahem!
Magagon RULES! 
Which upgraded fuse is recommended for an Onkyo and Elac setup?