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As good as it gets
new tube amp needs to run for at least 50 hours music or no music, as per @celtic66 , but bare in mind, it's best to turn off tube gear when not under control for safety. 
Favorite instrument through your favorite speakersi
Walter Walderley on Hammond organ. 
What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?
b&w c210. I call them little Bees and they're still playing in the lab room where I hobby. I picked them up at good will $10/pair. 
Question about EAT Turntable
Isn't C-major and B-sharp same thing? 
What is the current market value of the Classe Audio CA200 and the Classe Audio 15 amps ?
begin from buck and good luck 
I love the music of the 4 seasons and this thread is not about Vivaldi ( like it tough)
Most of my music I like to listen stoned, but sometimes I can be more recreative. 
It’s the most breakable brand in the gear!And it's very expensive to fixAnd it's very expensive to fix...It's the most breakable brand in the gear!Tadam!!! 
Would you donate a dollar to have these Members Review a Product?
So what's the better deal (honestly)?
I'm keeping my Aerial 10 since 90s Thanks. 
What if the cable is too cheap that it cannot be that good?
I remember Chinese knock-offs from Harmonic tech and Synergistic research for less than 10 times cheaper original just because only looks is what you get them for, not really performance. 
Selling locally/Value questions
FB marketplace has the best exposure to sell items for free of charge listings. 
Beginner: Best all-in-one including speaker unit?
I was very impressed by Beogram A9 stand alone bluetooth amplified speaker. You can have them pair or single speaker that will play both channels. 
Change input labels
You have vintage quality unit and want to replace labels??I'd rather use some stickers with notes, but would never touch neither faceplate or rear panel.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
80s disco party is tonite in my dwelling.Kid CreoleGrace JonesSupermax (I know it's 70's, but matches so great)Depeche ModeDaft Punk 
Cataloging Question
Alphabetical order is good, but not really great for me. I don't want to look for Bryan Ferry knowing I can find his stuff in the Roxy music section also I don't want to look for just Chick Corea. I want to look first in the Jazz section that I ha...