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Are audiophile products designed to initially impress then fatigue to make you upgrade?
Why those little sneaks….😠  
Home audio or pro audio?
Nothing wrong with the option of good quality pro audio gear. You just won’t read much about it here because that is a different industry targeting a different set of users.  
Something strange with imaging
Hard to say. I had a similar sounding case recently where I found a particular phono preamp setup I was using to convert to digital had a small hardly audible but measurable difference in output levels left to right. It was simply a minor flaw tha... 
Something strange with imaging
Yup could easily be the ears and solution maybe a pro ear cleaning.  Eliminate that possibility first.  I recently had a similar problem.   Sound was  suddenly unbalanced and highs distorted.  At first I thought my hifi was maybe snuffing it but a... 
Describe the "new HiFi sound"?
The new sound is to the old sound like hi res video is to what came before, ie sharp and clear not soft and fuzzy.  That’s it really.   
What's all the fuss about late 70s and earl 80s run of the mill midfi turntables?
Fuss?  What fuss is that?  
Describe the "new HiFi sound"?
Technology is better and so is the sound.    
Seriously though, maybe the best tweak is exercise?
No doubt exercise is important to overall health of body and mind. Enjoyment of music is ALL in the mind. So just put 2 + 2 together. Saturday morning I hit the gym early , come home, have a decent breakfast then usually a nice long listening ses... 
Why audio streamers are so much more expensive than video streamers?
Great topic! Video streamers cost less because video streaming is a big thing. The money is in streaming video services not in the streamers themselves. Video streamers are a mass market commodity that opens the gateway to making money via stream... 
What are some good things to do when going to an audition
+1 take your smart phone with a sound meter app like decibel to help visualize and better understand  what you are hearing.    
We should reject hard-to-drive speakers more often
Measurements from a reputable source always help. Most makers do not overdo the specifications for fear of either confusing people or scaring them off. It’s just the way it is. Again it’s a different ballgame these days for those willing to use C... 
Bluesound Powernode 2i vs Bel Canto C5i
I have a c5i running similar “Super” Ohm Walsh 2 upgraded with 8” series 3 driver in the family room. It has stuck there now for a number of years. C5i is a very clean sounding and very flexible device. It has everything except streamer including ... 
We should reject hard-to-drive speakers more often
If you buy stuff that doesn’t work well together, guess who’s fault it is ?  
How do you find time to enjoy your $$$ speakers and system?
People always find the time to do the things that really matter to them.   
un-becoming an audiophile
Try it. You’ll like it!  See wasn’t  that easy?