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How come Horn + woofer designs are not more popular?
For many years, most every Radio Shack store across the country had a pair of Realistic Mach model horn speakers playing in the front of the store. Big and impressive looking but the worst sounding shoutiest Radio Shack Realistic brand speakers ev... 
How come Horn + woofer designs are not more popular?
Two words: too big.If not for tube amplifiers there would probably be little need for this typically high efficiency design in most homes. High efficiency potential is the key advantage. Pro audio involving larger spaces is a different story. 
Gobel and the Bending Wave
Yes that's it.   
Gobel and the Bending Wave
That’s fine theoretically but in practice the bottom ported Ohm Walsh driver produces sound both pistonically and via wave bending at the same time.   
Gobel and the Bending Wave
It would seem apparent that for wave  bending the cone cannot be a "rigid" piston.   
Gobel and the Bending Wave
That is my understanding. I have two pair of Ohm Walsh in my home for many years that demonstrate it. It was discussed to some degree a few years back on the Ohm Microwalsh who’s heard them thread. Should still be on the record. One of the contrib... 
Gobel and the Bending Wave
No contradiction. The driver modulation is pistonic with sound produced via wave bending as described. The current Walsh model speakers produce lower frequencies pistonically and the higher frequencies through the midrange via wave bending.  
Gobel and the Bending Wave
Hmm well bending wave Walsh style drivers are essentially specially designed cones that operate pistonically just like traditional dynamic drivers. "Bending wave loudspeakers Bending wave transducers use a diaphragm that is intentionally flexible... 
Gobel and the Bending Wave
The model shown here ( Epoque Aeon ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ipjahbc6QRE looks like the seemingly hidden driver at the top could use the advertised bending wave principle similar to Manger speaker drivers. Pistonic motion would be radial ... 
Monitors with big sound and deep bass
You need extended monitors for the size that are designed to be an easy load to drive (hard to find), like Fritz Carrera for example. Those would be my choice. I’ve heard these do quite well off less than 10 w of good quality tube power. Otherwise... 
So what's the best system out there? Everything is relative and subjective....
I listen to a lot of live music and the "best" gear at shows, dealers, wherever, then I match that for way fewer $$$s in my own home. Each room I tackle there is unique and different.   I also listen to headphones from time to time and apply the s... 
Geoffkait - right???
Him being right warrants headline news.  Got it! 
I want a streamer
Use your Smartphone or tablet.  No need for expensive special streaming devices. 
Bought some `Vintage Gear`
Very cool! 
Can one ever be "done" in this hobby?
I too still like to keep up with new innovations or products that might add value even after having identified and actually "hit the target". I also actively look for every opportunity to downsize and still hit that target or at least come close e...