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Responses from mapman

Cable Elevators
Since one cannot know the extent of another persons experience, it’s not accurate to assume what they say is based solely on theory. Too many variables in play as you correctly point out. Better to take what people say for what it’s worth and move... 
Am I crazy? Definitely!
Sounds like you will be getting whatever someone else best manages to talk you into buying for exact reasons unknown.  Good luck! 
Cable Elevators
If people are so sure about what they hear, why does what other people say about it bother them? Why do they then feel compelled to discredit others if they do not tow the line? One reason could be they got something to sell. No way to know for su... 
ls 50 metas compared to floorstanding speakers
When drivers are physically further apart you need to sit further away for best results in regards to overall coherence, detail, soundstage and imaging.So yes what will work and thereby  likely sound better largely depends on the individual “use c... 
What would be your favorite 3 tracks that demonstrate how great your system sounds?
Yes there are too many way more than practical to enumerate.  You have to listen to a wide ranging sample to fully appreciate things.  
Class D for a Tube Lover
I’ve had two icepower amps and would not  call them either warm or syrupy.  
AGD Audion GaN Class D In The House
What’s with the tube looking thing on the top? 
Stereophile's 2021 products of the year
High efficiency speakers limit your choice of speakers.  Plus many high efficiency speakers have very limited bass. That’s how they achieve high efficiency.  So there is more to it than that.  Unless you must  have high efficiency speakers to enab... 
Finally found a space for the speakers I’ve been storing... and I don’t love them any more
Yes switch amps as a test to help get a handle on what you are hearing from what.  
What would be your favorite 3 tracks that demonstrate how great your system sounds?
Yes I did hear the holographic synth and synthesized bass towards the end of Lucky Man even on the little Vanatoos. Nice recording overall. 8-9 out of ten there I’d reckon as pop/rock recordings go. I’ll give it a spin on my bigger stuff when I ge... 
Miracles in Audio, by luck, by good choices,by design or by tweaking...
Of course you have to listen.  The trick is knowing what to choose that you will listen to.   
What would be your favorite 3 tracks that demonstrate how great your system sounds?
Lucky man?ok playing it now.  Only on little Vanatoos.  Let’s see... 
About the importance of the room vs the electronics
You don’t say?  Who’d a thunk it! 
What do you have on order RIGHT NOW.
A 21st century schizoid man face mask that was shipped from China to the wrong state.  
Brainstorm Thursday. Are we approaching the Audiophile Singularity?
Yup soon it will be like HD TVs. Except some will find all the detail and contrast irritating. Then digital signal processing options will take care of that as well. A little blur here, some softness there, some extra nice harmonics or contrast/dy...