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New Analog Technology???
Let's toss HD Vinyl into the mix, shall we? https://hdvinyl.org/hd-vinyl-benefits/  
New Analog Technology???
According to these (2)  quotes from the article:   "new ultra-high-fidelity medium" "newly developed discs that advance the art of recorded sound and mark the first breakthrough in analog sound reproduction in more than 70 years.”   Kinda say... 
New Funk Firm Achromat Warped
While I don't have a Technics table, I have tried the Achromats on a bunch of different tables.  All with excellent results. One of my favorite mats...and I'm kind of a "mat"aholic, so I own a lot.  
School Of Rock Students
Here's another relatively new video...but of an older song.  They guys are wonderful!        
School Of Rock Students
This was just released earlier today.  WOW, just WOW!!!  Hard to believe these are kids 15-18 years old.      
School Of Rock Students
The kids just released a new video:    
Used amps, how to tell if,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
The OP listed the model as a 7.1. That could have been a 7.1 HOME THEATER system with several different models of Maggies OR the .7 model OR the 1.7 OR 1.7i model, so it wasn't really all that cut and dried.  
Used amps, how to tell if,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
What's a Magnepan 7.1?  No such model. Most Maggies will work better with more power.  IMHO, at least 200 watts or something with very high current capability.  
Ralph...I apologize if this has been asked.  Can you make a higher power amp with this module or is it limited to output as designed?   Thanks!  
Vintage Voltage Show in Denver (Sunday March 20th)
Just wanted to "bump" this because today is the show.  
Where is best place to sell vintage WiFi?
HIFIshark has both a "currently selling for" tab and a "already sold/expired" tab.    
Looking for pure copper or Cu/Au bananas
Furez: https://douglasconnection.com/shop-by-brand/furez-products/  
Class-A Amplification and 15 Amp Outlet
I've owned Class-A amps most of my life, kinda my jam.  I currently use a pair of Pass XA160.5, which I've had for quite awhile.  Probably have owned at least a dozen different Class-A amps, along with others. Never a problem with any of the Clas... 
@rsf507: https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/atma-sphere-nirvana-amplifiers.32871/  
Audio nonsense
The "Teleportation Tweak" gets my vote! http://www.machinadynamica.com/machina60.htm Actually, anything from Machina Dynamica is pretty out there...