Krell amp Mods / Tune-ups????

I was wondering if anyone has done or heard of any Krell modifications to be done to their amps , mainly their older KSA series or the MDA series ? Does a Class "A" amp need servicing after a length of time ???? Like to hear from you guys for some help.
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Of course Krell amplifiers need servicing from time to time. The only one who can provide this service is your local garbage collector.
the last guy is a asshole
Would anyone else like to take a shot with my question ? Or am I a hated man for liking my Krell amps?
But seriously folks, are we to believe the following: Bryhifi knows how to operate a computer, find Audiogon, and type a posted question, but does not know how to forward a service question about Krell to Krell itself. This is an obvious TROLL. Try asking the manufacturer - they probably know the answer. PS I am not that anti-Krell I was just trying to stir the kettle for fun.
Isn't the purpose of this forum to share information, help each other, raise questions and answers, and advance this so-called "dying" field? A huge amount of the questions raised could be directed right to the manufacturer. But by asking the great unwashed(us), we can often get more pertinent information than we can from the mfgr. What is gained by attacking someone asking a question??? Quite the contrary, by raising the question, and having people respond, I get to know something about the situation as well. My knowledge becomes increasingly greater. As is the case for others too. From there, perhaps we all become better at this whole thing.
Krellnot,,,I work for Ford Motor Co. and if you ask them about performance upgrade they just give you a huge line of Crap!!!!,but if you go next door to Ford Team Racing (formerly Ford Motorsport) they will give 100 ways to next year to build your motor and then ask about the rest of the car ????? Get My Drift ????? I've seen a lot of other Companies offer Mods to their own stuff but also see outside organizations offer Mods too. What do you think Krell already told me ? This TROLL can send e-mails ya know. THANKS FOR YOUR POSITIVE INPUT THOUGH ! Does anyone have any personal experience with this question?
I endorse Trelja's sentiments. Audiogon is generally a wonderful forum where we can share and argue our viewpoints (often, with great energy) in a non-demeaning way. KRELLNOT's comments are most objectionable as they personally insult other well-meaning users of this site. To boot, KRELLNOT further tries to comfort us by alledging that he was merely trying to inject some fun. Who on earth does he think he is by having "fun" at other peoples' expense. Does he honestly think we are too simple to recognise his hypocrisy? I'm all for criticising equipment (no matter how forcefully), provided the argument has substance and cogency. Making wholesale snipes at other members should, under no circumstances, be tolerated. I trust that Audiogon will take the action it feels is adequate to rebuke this sort of behavior. Moreover, I further object to slogans such as "KRELLNOT". This would imply that this individual is using this site as a vehicle for his own negative propaganda.