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Whats playing on your system today?
Phish / LawnboyLittle Feat / Waiting on Columbus 
What’s really hurting the audio hobby?
Consumers are not being replaced as they move on.....for me I am doing so many other things since I retired that I do not spend near as much time with the system.  And I won't spend the same amount on upgrades or changes like I did while working. ... 
Are DAC's overpriced?
Amen viridian! 
Best cheapo Cartridge
Thanks Raul, that is what I believe as well.  I was hoping a less expensive alternative to the high priced MC's might be an option. 
Best cheapo Cartridge
Thanks for all the feedback, just what I [email protected] retipping is certainly an option.  In addition to SS, Ortofon offers a rebuild service on the Jubilee for a minimum of around $1200.  Not cheap.  Also considering searching someone to possible... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Eric Clapton / Reptile 
Best cheapo Cartridge
Thanks guys for the reponses, I will probably give both At VM540 and Najaoka a try.  @noromance and @chakster I am intrigued by vintage MM and will start investigating.   
Whats playing on your system today?
Radiohead / In Rainbows 
Television technology - where are we?
Man I dread when my pioneer elite kuro plasma bites it! 
Whats playing on your system today?
Allman Brothers / Win, Lose, or DrawThat duel drum section is unbeatable for drive! 
MIT 350 EVO reference i/c
@ptss you should check out the heritage series, the EVO series and 2C3D series.  I am using all EVO 2’s.  I have always had MIT in and out of my system all the way back to 350 reference and 350 EVO series.  The newer heritage series I am using off... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Wishbone Ash / Argus 
Careful if buying Purist Audio Neptune fluid cables.
I haven’t heard your particular cable but I did own a Corvus IC for a while and did not like it compared to say proteus and venustas.  It was more resolution than musical.i would be surprised if Jim doesn’t make it right.   
Whats playing on your system today?
Gomez / Split the Difference  
Any experience with Tube rolling 6922 for Conrad Johnson preamp?
CJ uses a EH 6922 or Philips PCC88.  The Philips is a little more reliable, I’ve had a 2 new EH’s from CJ that were noisey from the get-go.The EH  does sound nice, the Philips does as well with a little less sparkle.  I am using a Siemens ECC88 6D...