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Ayre CX7-E vs Rega Saturn; your thoughts please
I wonder if the OP, some 15 years ago, ever made a decision   
Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!
Yes - Reference 3A de Capos. Paired with a good subwoofer and this is all Ill ever need. Well - I may try Klipsch Cornwalls at some time...  
A reasonably priced DAC upgrade from Schiit Gumby
@gemoody Interesting idea. I'm hesitant insofar as adding another element into the signal path.  @glennewdick Yes - that's def. an option  
A reasonably priced DAC upgrade from Schiit Gumby
@soix good questions.  Budget is no more than $1500 used.  I'm streaming through the mconnect app via tidal and my Oppo.    @ghdprentice thank you for the perspective   
+1 I Like It!
This trio is spectacular! I managed to land their Midnight Sugar 45 lp b4 it took off. Love the dynamics and presence.   
Acoustic Zen Adagio- information request
Yes, I had these for a number of years - bought new from Robert Lee - and loved them. Your Lyngdorf should be a good match for them and they really do shine even at low volumes. Fantastic presentation and really crystal clarity. They pinpointed as... 
Anyone Know the Band Playing on T-Mobile Commercial?
Don't know which spot you're referring to, but this site helps you locate music, actors and other aspects of commercials.    https://www.ispot.tv/    
Did a satisfaction threshold exist under 1000 bucks ?
Speaking of Thoreau, Steve reichert's "Gramophone Dreams" column in this month's Stereophile pretty much highlights the unctuous, boujee lifestyle some audiophiles live. (is this the article you referred to, @kota1 ?) . He was visiting a friend wh... 
Did a satisfaction threshold exist under 1000 bucks ?
In the past few months I've sold off an incredibly good dac, an amazing phono stage, and now I'm without vinyl for the foreseeable future until I managed to find another really good photo stage when I have the money. Right now my system consists o... 
New and engaging rap and hip hop artists
@czarivey +1 on Alfamist. Had the Good Fortune to find his Antifon vinyl from a seller in England and jumped on it about a year ago and it sounds incredible. That combination of songwriting production and emotion and Jazz and Hip Hop is unparallel... 
Totem Mani 2 At The Thrift
Totems at a thrift store? That's like a car in a barn find! Lucky you! A few years ago I found a pair of Spica 50s at a local thrift store and I thought that was a golden egg fine for Thrift stores.  
Rotel CD Players
+1 on the 1072 @mofimadness They are truly giant killers and deserve all the many accolades they've received!  
What Horn loaded speaker/ speaker system for $10k'ish and under
These may be too small for your needs, but they earn a lot of praise" https://www.decware.com/newsite/DNA2.html  
Requesting Technical Assistance
Update? Also, don't know where you are, but any electronic repair place can take care of this. There's hope.   
Ruminations On CD Players
Pair a Denafrips DAC with a good Rotel or an Oppo 105 (if you can find one) and call it a day.