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What’s your vote for the most ridiculous, overpriced, and useless tweak?
As has been written earlier, I find it hard to accept a little metal box that sells for $50,000 has the same amount of technology, testing, and time invested of a similarly priced Mercedes. Or that a record clamp is a technological marvel enough t... 
Anyone else notice rating scales are getting inflated?
A few months ago there was a speaker listing in which one of the tweeters was pushed in. The speakers were rated an "8".  I called this out to the poster, who responded that it was only the "dust cover" of the tweeter and didn't affect the sound. ... 
VTA for Sumiko tonearm?
@mofimadness Thanks! It's that triangular piece with the threaded steel pillar. That's the part that's missing.  
spatial audio m3 or tekton perfect set
My M3 Turbo S's are an endgame speaker. For now :). But seriously, having had everything from Maggie to AZ, Triangle to Focal, Ref 3A to Totem, Vandys to Decware, the Spatials are the most satisfying.  
VTA for Sumiko tonearm?
The base collar. As of now I have to do gross adjustments with the entire tonearm column.  
What is a lowball offer? How low is low?
I love haggling both as a buyer and a seller. Sadly, some people see haggling as an insult, which I've always found odd insofar as if someone matches my asking price, I tend to get suspicious. But offering below the asking price  - and below what ... 
An Audiophile is Anyone Who Loves Audio Regardless of Monetary Status. Agree?
I think it's easy love music without being an audiophile. Most of the planet does. An audiophile likes the playback of that music in such a way that it fits their version of sonic reality.  
How loud do you play music?
When I'm alone in the house, about 98-100 db. I love loud music!  
Refurbishing 1973 Large Advent speaker
I would upgrade the caps and get a new pair of drivers. The DIY audio forum will have all the info youll need.  
Good Inexpensive Amp for Back Yard Speakers
Don't know your exact budget, but for two hs-2 outdoor speakers, a decent cheap receiver should do well. Something from Yamaha or Onkyo. 
Anyone experienced with Emerald Physics speakers?
I have Spatials, the successor of sorts to EP. Absolutely beautiful sounding speakers. Huge soundstage, lots of nuances, and just fun to listen to music with. you should email Eric after the holiday and see what he says about them. 
Do You Remember Your First CD Player?
Not really. Maybe one of those 90's Aiwa boxes. But nothing dedicated until my Cairn Fog in 2003.  
what would you do?
@grinnell  +1 on the de Capos. I had them in a very small basement listening and they never overwhelmed while also filling the space completely.  
Black Ash.....
And yet a beautifully done burl is so much more attractive than black ash veneer.  
Am I considered to be a materialistic person?
Yes, you're materialistic and, yes, you love your hobby and the music behind it. Admit it. Embrace it. Revel in it. And reign it in when it starts to overwhelm you.