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PS Audio Stellar Phono -vs- Manley Labs Chinook
Interesting. I went from the Goldnote PH10 to an LFD and felt the improvement was incredible. 
How Do You Live The Audiophile Life
Develop your secrecy skills if you have a spouse. Always claim that a particular piece of equipment costs much less than you actually paid for it. Phrases like, "I got a great deal on Audiogon!" or "It was actually way less than I expected because... 
What should you hear?
Toms should also stretch from your right to your left in descending tone on newer recordings, mimicking what you'd hear if you were watching a right-handed drummer on stage.  
Retipping Cartridge
@uberwaltz. +1 
Retipping Cartridge
Wow, @nandric, way to crap on the OP's cornflakes. Why does he need to justify is so-called pr4 this place? He was happy with it, provided anecdital evidence about how it worked out for him; what else does he need? 
Owners of Jelco arms?
@jond Yes.  
Your "Best of..." audio manufacturer in each state
@rWait, wait, wait. BAT is out of Delaware? 
Owners of Jelco arms?
Morrow cable I think it's still having their 45% off sale. I just picked up a PH-4 cable for my jelco 750 e b and it really really opened up the sound 
New TT for ~$1500
The Hana SL is a wear-it-down to the nub cartridge. Thats a good thing.  Also look at similarly priced Benz. 
What does a tonearm contribute to the sound of a turntable?
Not to mention I had to adjust the VTA after reinstalling the arm, so that may be a factor as well.  
In the middle of a pandemic, Stereophile reviews ~ $30K equipment
On a bit of a tangent, I get more and more disillusioned with the actual prices of some of these things. They have no basis and relative reality of the prices of comparable items. You will never convince me that a tonearm, no matter how incredibly... 
stand-mount speakers for classical music
TannoyHarbethFritzLSAThese all present classical music beautifully. However @schubert is a classical guru on the site, so he may have one of the more informed opinions 
Looking to upgrade my 3-way towers
@mofojo makes a good point. What about the Sierra's aren't doing it for you? What's your price range? Music style and listening preferences?  
Best debut album
@johnto Good call on CSN - that also reads like a greatest hits [email protected] So true with PJ - "Ten" I consider the most influential album of the 90's 
What is up with Audio Research during the pandemic?
To circle back around to the OP's original thoughts - tangentially, at least - I remember having several fruitful discussions with a few audio makers themselves, including Robert Lee of Acoustic Zen, Steve Deckert of Decware, and Clayton Shaw of S...