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Classical Music for Aficionados
@frogman Yes, the orchestral version. Thank you for the recommendation! 
Classical Music for Aficionados
Question: what's a good pressing of Ravel's " Le Tombeau De Couperin" 
Klipsch Cornwall IV
I was surprised when the store employees started dialing in song selections from their iPads. There was a McIntosh turntable in the room and I had brought some vinyl, but at no time did the store emps ask about it or offer to play. They said they ... 
Klipsch Cornwall IV
@wrm57 my space could easily accommodate the CW4s. It's just a matter of finding the circumstances to audition them at my place.  
Klipsch Cornwall IV
In this room, the Cornwalls were tightly cornered with little to no space between front and side walls. A McIntosh MA352 was the amplification and some streaming/iPad platform was the source. I have the feeling these speakers weren't presented as ... 
Klipsch Cornwall IV
I've owned Triangles before. These Cornwalls in this room just seemed too muddy and smeary. YMMV 
Klipsch Cornwall IV
Okay, an update. I had the chance to listen to the Cornwalls today at The Sound Room here in st. Louis. It was a Klipsch Heritage event complete with artisan whiskey tastings. Impressions: the room was nicely treated acoustically. And Much Too Sma... 
So you think wire conductors in cables are directional? Think again...
@andy2 Legit curious question: What more than 1's and 0's constitutes digital signal? 
Interesting thought
How many young people, like 27 and under, care about what bourbon they get when they go to a bar? 
So you think wire conductors in cables are directional? Think again...
I've never bought into the directionality myth. Blind tests over the years indicate I cant tell the difference when the directions are reversed, no matter where the arrow is. I align the arrows just to assuage my OCD, but that's all. The same with... 
Is $2,844 too much to pay for a fuse?
I think this thread answers the question of the "Where Are The Young Audiophiles" thread.The Millenials suffered through the Great Recession and a huge increase in college tuition; disposable income for many of them is illusionary. Gen Z's are con... 
Turntable Isolation
+1 for MC. I placed Nobsound springs under my VPI HW19 and they made a world of difference. Much cleaner sound;; and a deeper sound stage. I had to make a commensurate adjustment in the sama, but it was all good. A highly recommended tweak. 
Analogue Productions announces May 21st release of ultimate Kind Of Blue LP
Look, I have several vinyl copies of KOB, including a 1959 OP with only several clicks and pops here and there. I get the idea of a re-release with better sonics, trust me. But this is nothing but a cash grab for a select audience. And yes, unfort... 
What are you streaming tonight?
@reubent yes, and you're right in that it doesn't capture the magic of the early-90's indie vibe that NAD and Ride and others created. "Godfodder" is a classic of the genre.  
If a blind guy can use a Rega Planar 3 ...
True. I had one made for my vpi HW19