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Does it bother you when you see inflated MSRP’s for used gear on AG?
Are you only buying at MSRP?  If not, who cares!  
Sound Stage and Imaging
Speakers are only part of the solution.  Better to find components that produce what you are looking for no matter what speaker you are using.  
Volume Problem Trouble Shooting Ideas?
I prefer the 845 tubes but the 45 tubes are great sounding also.  If you need assistance, I am located in New Jersey.  
Help with tube choice
look at Ness Tones  he has some cheap ones that I have used around $10 each.  Worth a try before you go completely crazy.  
Speaker Efficiency
So much goes into the design of an amplifier.  Transformers, power supply section, parts selection, etc.  Audio Note, V-Caps, point-to-point wiring, copper chassis, etc.  Then there is the implementation to reduce the noise level.  In typically lo... 
They are still in business.  Was at Audio Connection yesterday.  Poor service maybe but still in business.  We also do not keep any inventory or very little but we do try to respond within 24-48 hours. Enjoy them, they produce some magical sounds.   
Amplifier Specification questions
@curiousjim - well their answer is completely BS.  Sounds like Class A.  I have to laugh at what manufacturers actually say to their customers. Happy Listening.  
Phono Stage, Tonearm, Cartridge Question - Which is the most important?
Being a manufacturer the phono stage is the most important.  We have access to so much equipment and the phono stage is what produces the sound.  You don't have to spend big bucks on a cartridge like the Denon DH103 and get a wood body for that, o... 
What is meant exactly by the description 'more musical'?
Many great posts above that provide great descriptions. My favorite is "The fact that a Stradivarius sound is better than a cheap violin is a matter of design knowledge about sound experience first not a matter of taste" The wood is also a major... 
What percentage of digital vs. analog?
Probably 90% of the time digital playback.  But once we put on an LP, there is nothing that compares to that sound reproduction.  It is so magical to listen to.  To our ears, the LP makes digital playback sound average at best in direct comparison... 
New pre-amplifier?
@audioman - you have something against ALPS?  LOL.  Counterpoint used carbon pots in their preamps that were $5K!.  But that was way back in the day!  Prima Luna besides looking at the volume control, take a look at the names on the other parts! ... 
Still looking for a new Moving Coil Cartridge
Forget all the suggestions above and buy the Denon DL-103 cartridge.  Then get the wood body for it and you are done.  We own the Gold Bug cartridge and Denon makes that also.  For the price of the DL-103 and the combination with the wood body you... 
B&W CDM2 - looking for replacement woofer alternative
call Bill Legal at Miller Sound in PA.  He can give you the advice you need and possibly repair the driver(s).  He is the expert on drivers period.  
Higher-End Class A/B vs. Class A Integrateds
Are you just looking for the lowest distortion?  You cannot determine sound quality by class alone.  We build pure class A mono blocks and hybrid power amplifiers.  It comes down to design implementation and the quality of parts.  If you want a go... 
What To Do?
I am in New Jersey if I can offer any assistance.