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Full range speaker recommendation
Used pair of Vandersteen 5As.  Pretty easy to dive, powered subs, plenty of room adjustments, and they get better with associated equipment.  Have had most of the speakers mentioned above and these still play music for all types.  Not a Vanderstee... 
Old guy needs recommendation request for old CD players / DAC
The rega cdps are also a good value   
Old guy needs recommendation request for old CD players / DAC
Old cd players for the price can sound good and last a long time. Don't worry about the laser. Think old marsntz cd-94    
$25k speakers, are we there yet?
I am not a fan boy of Vandersteen speakers but we have the 5As and 7s in the room.  With our components, they sound better than I have ever heard them at a dealer.  We also have Sonus Faber, Vivid, and Horning speakers.   All are welcome to come... 
$25k speakers, are we there yet?
All depends on what sound you are looking for.  The room treatment cannot change the tone or clarity or slam, or the separation as well as upgrading the parts in your components.  You have to know what makes something sound the way it does.  Think... 
Holo MAY KTE DAC/ Kitsune Hi FI, Lynnwood Washington
If you need anything audio repaired, I can do that here in New Jersey.   Happy Listening.  
A warm natural sounding preamp
just send anything you have to me and I'll make it into anything you want.      
Up to $4000US tower speakers for Jazz and Classical Music
For Jazz music simply buy an old pair of Alon speakers.  They are open designs, fast, have a beautiful tone, etc.  The price for them used is fantastic also.  
Help me pick a new pair of speakers
If I was in your shoes, I would simply upgrade the components with better parts.  That would be more on an impact than a new pair of speakers, etc.   Happy Listening.    
Is Mark Levinson still considered up there with the best of the best?
They have new products out that are designed by a few top designers today.  The integrated amp (list price I think is $9500) is a really fantastic sounding unit.  One of the best SS units I have heard.  I believe that the people who designed this ... 
2, Which speakers to exhibit in audio show?
listening through ear buds, #1 was way more open, separate, and natural. #2 was smooth but blocked the open sound, less separation, etc. Should have used my tube equipment to solve all of your problem! Happy Listening.  
Why do preamplifiers have so many capacitors?
All capacitors are not the same and resistors also.  Just rebuilt a very high end DAC with better capacitors.  Improved the openness, separation, dimension, speed, clarity, tone, etc.  Close to 50 capacitors were replaced.  All other responses abo... 
Quest for an external Dac has resulted in me way down the rabbit hole
What do you think you will gain from spending $1000 over the Rotel CDP?  You would be better off sending me the Rotel for an upgrade.  $1000 can sure buy much better parts like Audio Note capacitors and resistors, a good choke, etc., that you won'... 
Can moving wire location at circuit breaker reduce hum?
Sounds like there is something else on the line or something with the ground wire.  Have you tried a cheater plug yet?  See what ese works when just that line is working.  Could be like a refrig, or something else cause the problem.  
Why Is Hi Fi Gear So Darn Expensive?
Again, Price has nothing to do with sound.  Can someone make something as good or better for less, why sure.  There a differences though depending on who makes the product. I imagine no body here has tried to manufacturer anything and sell it in ...