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Power amp recommendation
George hit it on the head. Will add McCormack DNA1.0... always preferred it over the Aragon 4004. The 4004 was a really good amp for the money in its day too. 
ARC 100.2 or Belles Ref 350A?
I don’t base my opinion on age alone but in value and sound quality and experience of owning or hearing actual equipment being asked. Should one consider age of equipment... to some extent I guess. I have a Pioneer receiver I got new for Christmas... 
Wywires Silver to Platinum interconnects. How big an upgrade would that be ?
I like his power cords a lot but admit I haven’t tried everything under the sun. I’ve tried some PS Audio, Shunyata Sidewinders I’ve owned, Pangea, Tributaries, and still own a couple Kimber Kable PK10 Golds which are pretty nice too. Currently I ... 
Wywires Silver to Platinum interconnects. How big an upgrade would that be ?
I think Alex would give you an honest opinion if you reached out to him. Always been straightforward with me and doesn’t oversell to you if he doesn’t think it’ll make a difference. Are you using WyWires Silvers throughout including power cables? 
Speaker cable help
Agree cables a very much system dependent and what you like or think is right will be different with anyone else. Only cable on your short list I’ve owned is Kimber 8tc and it is a good cable. After the Kimber I went to Clear Day Cables Double Sho... 
Wywires Silver to Platinum interconnects. How big an upgrade would that be ?
Wywires are all copper. The metal names are just what they are... model names not what the metal is. 
Proac Tablette 10 Signature
Proac’s do sound wonderful with tube amps but I think a lot of SS amps such as Pass, Ayre just to name a couple will do nicely. 
Take up drums at age 56?
I mentioned Bill Stewart in my previous post. I never get tired of watching this. 
Take up drums at age 56?
Drummer for 43 years now and took private lessons for six years weekly in school with a very accomplished Jazz instructor/drummer. Never went professional but in high school played against Bill Stewart at State Jazz Band. If you have never heard o... 
Good starter amp recommendation
Good starter amp recommendation
Owned a B&K ST140 with a ModWright SWL 9.0 SE w/Apogee Centaur speakers and far from muddy and dark or too soft. Maybe it was just great Synergy or I was lucky.... not. Was using Clear Day Cables throughout at the time. Was it as good as the A... 
What do you drive and why?
In the drive.Wife: Audi Q7Daughter: Jeep Liberty Son: recently turned 16 and took my Jeep JK Rubicon with 2 1/2” Teraflex/Fox lift, Poison Spyder flat flare fenders, Poison Spyder front and rear bumpers with tire carrier running on 35’s. Both soft... 
At what point is an external D/A converter warranted or beneficial
@firstnot I remember doing the copy CD’s to VHS thing back in the day when I had one on my rack, (still own but in the storage room) a Sony SLV-595HF. It actually did a fine job but lost interest real quick when trying to find certain tracks. Did ... 
Good starter amp recommendation
Another amp to research would be a McCormack DNA 1. Don’t see one on this site but these guys sale on here a lot so hopefully safe to pass this on. 
Good starter amp recommendation
Owned a B&K ST140 as mentioned above and agree it’s great little amp; they don’t get much simpler than this goes as far as parts go. Never owned a NAD 2700A but did the previous 2600A which not sure it changed much but feel the B&K was a m...