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Good starter amp recommendation
Another amp to research would be a McCormack DNA 1. Don’t see one on this site but these guys sale on here a lot so hopefully safe to pass this on. 
Good starter amp recommendation
Owned a B&K ST140 as mentioned above and agree it’s great little amp; they don’t get much simpler than this goes as far as parts go. Never owned a NAD 2700A but did the previous 2600A which not sure it changed much but feel the B&K was a m... 
At what point is an external D/A converter warranted or beneficial
Agree with Elizabeth on if the OP hasn’t touched the AC, that might be a wise place to start. I was questioning if my CDP/DAC was becoming my weaker link as after the addition of a streamer I am listening to my system more than ever or at least to... 
So disappointed in today's Americana
Americana? Dale Watson. I’ve seen him several times and he’s always talking about Americana. Puts on a hell of a show. 
Replacement Amp For Audio Research Classic 60
How about a ModWright KWA 100SE?  
DAC choices: Exogal v. Schiit v Benchmark v. Denafrips
@celander: can you give a bit more info on what drew you to the decision on the Exogal? By chance was your dealer local so you could demo at home? I’d prefer to be able to listen at home before making a purchase which has my only option I’d be int... 
Denafrips Terminator vs. Venus
Interesting. Aren’t Denafrips already priced far below others that run through a dealership distribution? I know Mike Powell is only working off 10 points as they’re a direct buy like Schiit Audio and others. One does have to ask are they really c... 
Looking for a good entry level streamer
Yes, the DAC in the Bluesound is respectful but I’m sure using the DAC in your Marantz SA 8004 is better. For the money the Bluesound is a great streamer but best to use another DAC if in the budget allows. 
Does anyone use wood for vibration control?
All my equipment sits on its own bamboo butcher block from IKEA. Between the component and shelf I use a mix of Daedalus DiD isolation devices and Cardas myrtle blocks that I’ve modified by using a spade bit drilling out enough to place steel bear... 
Update on Paul Laudati of Clear Day Cable
Never met Paul in person but spoke on the phone once or twice and corresponded through many emails. Unbelievable he would send cables to people without asking for a credit card, but just on trust that if you liked them then mail a check later. I’v... 
Cables suggesting for dac to solid state hard drive
What type of cable? If it’s one of these types, you’re going to have to spend a lot to do better. Supra Cables. They make a great ethernet cable too; bought mine off eBay. 
Denafrips Terminator vs. Venus
The 205 is a really good all around deck, but my Cambridge is more resolving and open. The 205 is on the warmer side and I do like it on poorly recorded music. Who knows why a person throwing a Terminator on an Oppo why they didn’t like it; maybe ... 
Really bad sounding power cables ?
Shunyata Sidewinder Helix CX12 gets my vote. First off they are rigid as rebar. I have an old Hydra 2 at home on loan with three Sidewinders, one being the one you have to use to plug into the wall outlet as it has a 20A IEC socket which makes no ... 
Denafrips Terminator vs. Venus
@bultacoNot knowing the rest of your system I’m not sure you need to jump to a $4K DAC to improve your Oppo BDP 95 as you can do it for a lot less. If you’re interested in the Denafrips line, my guess is the Pontus or Ares will be a substantial im... 
Which is the better one of these two speaker systems?
I should have kept my dads old Stereo Review magazines. If only Julian Hirsch was still with us he would have the answer. Doesn’t Sonus or Bluesound make something that would be much better for a portable bedroom speaker?