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Contact Enhancer Q45T
Tweak1 I agree completely especially in the hole where the ic and pc will be connected.  
Contact Enhancer Q45T
Tweak1 , Nasaman tried both q45 and MS , he prefers the Q45 ..  
Silver Speaker Cables
Charleee be patience Bob is good at responding email, unless something happen.  
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
Used Red rose r3 monitor speakers, I’ve been desiring this Speakers for yrs and they showed at good price, to add to my Speakers collections. Used Tyr  Nordost  1 Speakers cable, I heard them at Axpona lin the technic room and I like them.  
Why do so many members seem afraid of making an audio decision?
Iam also close to Chicago area, true OP we are bless to have many audio store here, Music Direct is also here.In my situation it took many years to learn this hobby,Many valid reasons why many audiophile don’t want to make decisions . In my case m... 
What are/were the best sounding cheap components you have ever had?
Norh le amp monoblocks $400.I still have them.  
Schiit Audio
Schiit are legit. With good service.  
Silver Speaker Cables
Charles thanks   
Silver Speaker Cables
Where is Lavricables located?  
Breaking in new speakers, what is your favorite music for this?
Rock is the one I will use, if you don’t have burn in cd like xlo burn in cd.  
Yamaha CD S1000 or S2100 as transport
Output555 yes I use the s1000 with my Ares.  
Ribbon Cables vs. Standard
Flat cables they can be very fast and if not careful  on matching? They will sound bright or thin or a system that is already resolving.  
Open invite
How far are you from Teajay?  
Open invite
Teajay does do open invite as well.Maybe 3 years ago , My friend and I went to visit Teajay to listen to the Tekton ps 12, we both end up owning them.Its more than an hour drive from Illinois.We have a great time.  
Yamaha CD S1000 or S2100 as transport
I own the s1000 , Iam using Ares transport from denafrips. And Marigo apparition digital cable. I love this combo.