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Tellurium Q Black Diamond cables
I just received my black diamond cable ic, it’s used ,so it’s burn in , it is still settling , but my initial impression, it brings the best of the black diamond Speaker cables.In my system they complement each other perfectly., more musicality an... 
Tellurium Q Black Diamond cables
JC Iam using the black diamond Speaker cables , they are amazingly good for my Andra and Tekton,smooth tends to remove sounds hardness as well.very neutral but with sweetness, no motion sickness or positioning effect.You can’t go wrong on the blac... 
A Word About SkyFi audio Customer Service
I bought apparition Marigo digital cable to them. No problem.So far so good.Their pricing is maybe they are collectors items or vintage or rare. 
Gabriel Gold IC's are they really this good?
Gabriel  cables compare to Audio Envy that are excellent , I wonder how much better the GC  to the Audio Envy Cables ?It looks like Gabriel are not that popular, this thread is old. 
System Enhancement CD
Xlo reference recording is also excellent  
Alternative to Tellurium Q Silver Diamond XLR
Jc51373 the silver diamond , I will make a guest they’re really really good , they have the magic of their statement series according to the review I read , that cost lots of money. I do have the black diamond Speaker Cable , it’s unbelievably good. 
biamping with 75 watt solid state and 18 watt tube amp.klipsch rp600m...t
Those jumpers that came with Klipsch will not do them justice to do their best. I would strongly recommend Biwire at least. 
biamping with 75 watt solid state and 18 watt tube amp.klipsch rp600m...t
Charles honestly I ordered the Klipsch just for fun , then return them, I got also curious to hear what wave guide does Darko and  Steve G got me so curious. As you know I do have the Omega 3i and the Omega rs8 both very good speakers musically sp... 
Audio Companies with Integrity??
I forgot to mentioned Ron Sutherland, very very humble and accommodating Audio guy. 
Audio Companies with Integrity??
Eric from Tekton nice guy to talk to, explain and recommend what’s best for you.Nick from TMR Audio, Steve at usedcable.com, Joe at AA.Tom Bess, Rob, Mike at Music Direct, Nate at Acoustic sound. 
Audio envy - dang!
Captain makes good stuff on my way to order balance ic to him, nice guy too with full of knowledge. 
Audio envy - dang!
New power cord? 
Wilson’s Speakers are very very good speakers, well built, like piece of art, Do I want want? Sure I do.You get what you pay for. 
The very best sound: Direct to Disc
Isn’t it Sheffield lab was now own by Acoustic sounds Chad Kassem? 
Tekton Double Impacts
The Encore always intrigue me , because of Clements Perry’s reviews, I bet they are good.