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Integrated amp recommendations for harbeth 30.2 XD
I don't have experience with the Monitor 30's only the 40's and the SHL5 series. The best integrated amps I have heard with the Harbeth's are the Aesthetix Mimas and the Ayre EX-8. The Mimas was what I chose but I liked the EX-8 almost as much. Th... 
Speaker Cables
No, John doesn't advertise it but he likes it for his Proac customers. For everything else he likes AQ. 
Speaker Cables
ProAc Speaker Cables$450.00–$550.00ProAc Signature Black Speaker cable was engineered by ProAc, for ProAc speakers.Constructed from two 14AWG Oxygen free stranded copper conductors, insulated with PTFE foam. 
Speaker Cables
Let’s see if this works. AGOn deleted my DM to you. Apparently they prohibit sending contact info. Ask for John. 
Speaker Cables
Why not use Proac's own speaker cables? My dealer uses them with all of his Proac's even though he sells AQ, Cardas and a few other brands. It's not that expensive and sounds great with all Proac speakers. 
Pressed Rat and Warthog - Cream 
Recommendations for a modestly-priced audio system?
PS Audio offers a package deal on the Sprout100 + ELAC Speakers plus speaker cables for $999. 
Speaker pairing for Naim Nait 5i
Look at the Vandersteen VLR Wood. It should be a great match to the Naim and can be found (occasionally) in your price range. New they are $1650. Here is a review: 
Moving up the Harbeth line
Agree that the TON TRAGER stands are the best for Harbeth’s but if you cannot spend the $1500 for them the Something Solid XF stands are really good. bass issue will be fixed wit... 
good looking speaker stands
if you like wood- 
Are there any speakers for nearfield listening that sound GREAT at low volumes?
The Harbeth P3ESR Loudspeakers play well at low volumes. One of Harbeth's strengths. 
Looking for a DAC under 2k
The Ayre Codex is a worthy option. A Colorado based company that offers excellent support and service if needed. For under $2K it's a great DAC. 
Best skiinny floorstanders
Vandersteen Treo CT’s would be a good choice- 
Re-terminate speaker cables
Audioquest does not solder the terminations on their speaker cables. 
Re-terminate speaker cables
I am surprised that AQ has not responded to you. I sent in a request on Monday to re-terminate a set of interconnects. They got back to me on Tuesday with the price and an RMA form to complete. Did use the contact us email on their website?I would...