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Denafrips Price Increase
The KTE may dac went up $500 when released in the spring , that was before  the Biden inflation disaster, you can guarantee in the next few months Holo springs  willbe going up .   
Denafrips Price Increase
China is up and running OT  while they were shut down they were still engineering new products. the New Terminator -2 has only been out 4 months now ,a slightly scaled down terminator +.  
Denafrips Price Increase
Not many u.s made dacs That  are superior to the Denafrips Terminator-2  with  their Gaia, or Hermes DDC over clocker thee reclocker  work well with other brands also I sold my current U.S made dac and it was not even that close and the U.S made d... 
How to tame a bright system?
Having over 20 years in system upgrades or mods. upgrade your loudspeakers Xover unless you spend over $20 k   90% of the time the Xover has average parts at best .i hav3 called out personally  several high end mfg and in a few instances hung u... 
I bought the new Denafrips terminator mk2 dac help and ? On connections
Has anyone else bought a dcc clock and synced the 2 - 45 MHz, and 49 MHz clocks ?  
What is the best USB cable under $500 for a natural presentation and good detail ?
I am more then pleasantly surprised ,Audiogon own Grannyring makes Excellent cables I have spoken with several on other forums . I recently received his Acoustic BBQ  USB cable and it is made top shelf Litz wrapped and totally isolated power from ... 
I bought the new Denafrips terminator mk2 dac help and ? On connections
Thanks much , I may then email him directly .  
Does Lumin x1 needs a dac ? does a good dac will improve it ?
Hamir I couldnot disagree with you more. the terminator with Hermes reclocker,and BNC 45 MHz,and 49Mhz clock sync  all for $5500 it was much better then the X1 lumen ,throughAurender 200 streamer  there was much more realism and dynamics ,sorry... 
a remarkably basic question about Roon
In a nutshell ,I have recommended Roon to a bunch of people ,there is always something new yiu can learn, just go on YouTube and ask for a demonstration . i was against looking for several years just this year I decided on Roon as the  ultimate m... 
Does Lumin x1 needs a dac ? does a good dac will improve it ?
Totally wrong. The dac in the Lumin is pretty decent but not even in the same league with the new Denafrips Terminator 2 that is without question  for $4500 it is a great dac and if not bough5 direct this dac would easily  be $10 k  I have heard... 
DAC better than Denafrips Pontus II
Why not buy the iris or better still the Hermes dcc clock it totally cleans the stream coming in usb ,then the clean signal goes I2S to the pontus  well worth the effort if coming from a computer Big step up even the $650 iris , please remember it... 
SET the best?
I have had most of everything out there ,and owned a Audio store  SET. Amps are great holographic midrange especially  300 B  but are softer at the extremes , 845 I feel has more drive , you should have a very efficient speaker  adding good powe... 
Your Favorite Christmas Song-One only Please-
Ri here two greats Bing Crosby,David Bowie little drummer boy,peace on earth. 
What are the top 3 USB cables being used today in reference systems?
Get a sonore usb I2S conversion  granny ring makes a Excellent usb and other cables without the markup.  
Bought the wrong subwoofer!
Svs has a 45 day return policy