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Anyone tried fiber into EtherRegen SFP?
I have  used it and it makes a difference keeping noise on the dirty end  the media converter too makes a difference . I use the excellent Linear Tube Audio  LPS which makes a noticeable improvement to the regen, and comes with a excellent DC ca... 
Solid core OFC vs stranded OCC copper
Neither a Litz like the Cardas has individual isolated stands that give a more cohesive balance and -0 interactions Teflon dielectric ,I tested all 3  types before rebuilding my Loudspeakers with the Cardas .  
Network optimization for serious streamers
Using a separate modem, and router is a liability ,one less Ethernet cable and power cord, BTW I use Only LPS from my Motorola 8702, which uses Docsis3.1  I will be upgrading to next technologies within the next year. But by using a decent LPS wi... 
How much should I spend on a new DAC
I have found $5-7k gives you very good reference quality beating dacs at 2 x the $$ spent  in naturalness and musicality across the board. tops in my new listening list is the T&A 200 dac , then Between HoloSprings May KTE  dac and latest Den... 
Qobuz hell
When you pay it’s by the month once you stop it it will go to the calendar day your started .  
Qobuz hell
You can go right into your account from Roon  and turn off the monthly subscription.    
Buyer anxiety
I have Brooklyn bridge for sale  please send friends and family  AT   pal pay   
Buyer anxiety
Scam scam scam !!  
Using streaming as a main source ---DSD, FLAC, MQA Streamers and DACS
The T&A 200dac is fantastic and only $6900 it beats or competes with anythjng out there at 2x the price ,plus it’s built forHQ player and Roon.  
DAC/Pre-Amp Advice
Denafrips New pontus 2,12 anniversary around $2k nothing in the $3k range is as musical,a no brainer.   
diffuser or absorption panels, which would you choose?
Both I have bass busters in the corner then acoustic foam panels behind the speakers 2x4 panels as well as behind above, and first reflection panels on the side and a carpeted floor , it makes a Big difference no slap echo and still lively sounding.  
SET Distortion at higher volumes?
Spatial Audio Labs make a very nice open baffle that's very efficient  and has powered Bass . Which work great with SET amps. using the excellent Beyma midrange tweeter amp driver + Bass .  
SET Distortion at higher volumes?
Depending on what you have many lower priced  amps have sheet metal cases that ring ,vs say a Ayon  brand which is machined aluminum . your tubes need dampers Herbies tube dampers on All tubes especially power tubes vibrate and ring , if you tap ... 
Baffled and Frustrated: Streaming/DAC Sound Issues
Try putting in another higher quality usb cable . Borrow one if possible . i willnot use wifi for digital I use from theNewer 3.1 Docsis Motorola 8702 modem - router its 4x faster then 3.0, much bigger buffer and use a LPS on it much better sound... 
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
In our north east audio club I have tested 90% of all dacs, and streamers out there . that’s why building ,or have a super fast  streamer, server with HQ player gives anyone the most flexibility and sonic performance possibly and HQplayer is-not ...