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Sonus Faber Olympica III, Olympica III Nova
@audiopacer -- congratulations! And welcome to the Harbeth family. I was so impressed by the M30.1 that I replaced my Olympica IIs with the SHL5+ as well, although mine are the regular (non-XD, non-anniversary) version. IMO, for your taste in musi... 
New Stereo Times review on CODA CSiB Integrated Amplifier
@amorstereo -- Thanks, Teajay! This is the first time someone has explained the difference between Pass Labs and Coda in a way that I can understand. Getting CODA separates is probably outside of what I can afford in the short term, but I remain i... 
New Stereo Times review on CODA CSiB Integrated Amplifier
@amorstereo -- sorry, I didn't realize it's you Teajay :(In general, I think we have all grown weary of the so-called professional reviewers, so I hope you can understand my initial skepticism. Of course, you are one of the few reviewers whose opi... 
Raven Audio Nighthawk
Agreed --- the point was to not expect miracles. It has been claimed that those 20 watts are much, much powerful than you would think -- they're not! Within it's power specs and price range, it is a very good amplifier and worth buying. 
Clear difference between Harbeth 30.2 & Super HL5 Plus?
@gunners01 - you’re always welcome to come by and listen to them at my house to see what these speakers are capable of. IMO, and from what I remember when I heard it at your place, the LM amp is not doing enough justice to the SHL5+. I tried the s... 
Raven Audio Nighthawk
@jjss49 -- the simple answer is that it competes very favorably in its respective price category. No, it’s not better than the other amps that you mentioned. I compared it directly with two integrateds that I have owned -- Cronus Magnum II (Blackh... 
New Stereo Times review on CODA CSiB Integrated Amplifier
Let's wait for @yyzsantabarbara to get his hands on the separates and compare them to the integrated. I have more faith in his assessment than any reviewer, with all due respect. 
New Stereo Times review on CODA CSiB Integrated Amplifier
@yyzsantabarbara Thanks for the update. It'll be interesting to read your comparison between Krell and CODA separates. I think Krell must have gone through substantial design changes to sound a bit on the warm side of things. I remember hearing a ... 
New Stereo Times review on CODA CSiB Integrated Amplifier
@yyzsantabarbara  Man, you've been on a roll lately. Did I tell you how much I envy you? :)I'm assuming once you get your Coda combo, the Krell will be departing, or are you planning to use it with your RAAL setup? Last week I talked to a local au... 
New Stereo Times review on CODA CSiB Integrated Amplifier
It'll be nice if they can work on the appearance, especially the front plate. No need to make it look fancy or expensive, just make it more streamlined and less cluttered. 
Bookshelf speakers that project voices well
Have you considered going with a three-speaker setup with a dedicated center channel speaker? Many companies either voice their center channel to excel at dialog, or you can use EQ to enhance this aspect further. 
Ampli Tube for Canterbury Tannoy
OP -- you might want to talk to @lalitk. He has one of the nicest systems built around Tannoy Canterburys. I have no doubt he will lead you in the right direction. Good luck! 
New Stereo Times review on CODA CSiB Integrated Amplifier
How does the CODA CSiB (the latest version) compare to Pass Labs integrateds -- INT-25 or INT-60? I know the history, so no need to rehash that part, but would love to hear from someone who has actually owned a CODA and Pass Labs.  
LSA 20 Signature - I am thinking of buying a pair - anyone love/hate them?
@heycarlos -- I owned them around 7 years ago. Unless they have radically revamped the speaker since, my suggestion is to audition other speakers as well. They were not bad, but at the same time nothing to write home about. They did not anything w... 
No free lunch
@lalitk -- of course, it’s been on the cards for quite some time. That’s why I said I have ’yet’ to meet a high efficiency speaker that I liked :)But keep in mind that your Canterbury’s are in a whole different league when it comes to price and pe...