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your first system-
1976/77.  Pioneer SX-750 receiver, HPM 100's, Rotel TT.  
Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good
Dire Straits - S/T Clapton - Unplugged  
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Zuill Bailey - Bach Cello Suites  
Like Pronouns do we have to many music genres?
I don't see an issue with different genres to describe various types of music. Pronouns are pronouns. Nobody needs to reinvent the wheel, especially if the new version won't roll.  
How long do you or should you keep your gear.
I still have my Pioneer SX-750 that I bought new in 1976.  
RIP oregonpapa
Wow, hate to hear that, prayers go out to family and friends. Godspeed, Oregonpapa.  
Dust on speaker cones.
small Swiffer    
In the beginning
People first beat a stick on a log, or something similar, to communicate over distance. Survival was primary. The "arts" came later.  
Bully pulpits
Or keep it, and reconsider some of the members.  
Upgrade path from Paradigm Studio Reference V3
You never really said which Studio’s you have, but the V3 is in the middle of their time frame. The Paradigm Signature S6 V3’s are excellent, and should have a familiar sound for you, but much improved. They were discontinued when the Persona line... 
Stacking pass labs power units??
The control can be placed on top of the power supply but for the best performance they should be separated a little. Putting the power supply on a lower shelf works great. From the manual.  
Stacking pass labs power units??
Contact Pass and ask them. They show them stacked on their site, that might just be for the photo op, though.  
Thank you millercarbon
Reminds me of junior high. Chuck, you can't consider it a reading comprehension test when nothing is read.  
WTF: uncontrolled Tsunami of Spam pure crap post arising on AGON daily
I'll gladly lay a lot of our problems at the doorstep of the current administration. Spam on our audio forum isn't one of them, however.  
Dedicated 20 Amp Line for Audio
auxinput 2,682 posts 11-18-2021 9:49am  You can use 8awg, but you are only going to get stranded wire...   That's not true, you can buy 8 gauge Romex that is solid.