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can you add tone controls to a primaluna HP integrated amp
+1 on Schiit Loki. Can be used as described by yogi or kalali. 
SACD Multichannel player - $400 budget
Old thread, however I own the yamaha BD-S681. I agree it is a great option below the $500 price point. I do not use it multichannel however.  
Worth of current system
Al, yes I had to look up 'opprobrium'. My main system retailed at ~15K, probably have ~$7500 in it.Put together for placement in a small (12x15') dedicated room treated with DIY acoustic panels. 
Best sound in old late 70s early 80s receivers
My 1st component based system consisted of a Dual 2019 TT w Sure V15 type II cartridge, Sansui Au-555 integrated, and Pioneer C63DX speakers. Also had a Teak 4010S reel to reel. Put together summer of 1970 on Okinawa.  
B&k EX4420
So the diode burnt out. I would not worry about it. I once owned the B&K ST-140, great amp. 
Music lover or audiophile?
Addendum: Not to love music also seems senseless. 
Music lover or audiophile?
Few music lovers are audiophiles. To be an audiophile and not a music lover seems senseless.  
R2R Dac choices.
99% of my music is CD based, either as disc or AIFF file. I am interested in both the Orchid and the Mirror Audio. I use a tube preamp however.  
Vincent Audio tube preamp SA-T7 & SP-332 power amp
I believe the tubes are in the amps driver stage. The amp is solid state, running class A for the first 10 watts. I owned a Vincent 226 MK integrated and wish I never sold it.  
Again, what is the room size? It is easier to purchase stand mounts used (shipping). Can be more easily sold (again, shipping). 
Proac Tablette 10 Signature
At your budget I would go with an integrated. If you would consider used, maybe a Vincent Audio SV 236 or a Pathos Model One MK3. Both are hybrids with tube pre and SS amp, smooth sounding.  
Need advice on what amp to get under a budget.
What sources are you using?In addition to the aforementioned, I can recommend the NAD 326BEE (50wpc) and Yahama A-S701 or 801(both having phonostage and digital inputs and provide 100wpc, the 801 has additional USB digital in). The Odyssey in not ... 
Cambridge Audio Azur 740a paired with Dali Oberon 5's
I agree with noromance, if it sounds good, playing to the desired loudness level without strain then paring is fine. A more definitive answer would require more information. How large a room? Do you know the nominal and lowest impedance of the Dal... 
Help with room treatment?
Sound absorption panels at reflexion points, behind speakers and behind listening chair will help. Also bass traps in corners behind speakers. Check out ATS Acoustics for DIY products. I made 2x4' panels from their Roxul Rockboard 2", burlap fabri... 
Well ... The Lightbulb Just Went On!
Given that the electronic parameters between output and input of any two components differ, it does not surprise me that one might find different ICs to work best between them.