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Best budget preamp for my entry level system?
Congrats on your purchase!  
What is the right choice?
Jrpnde, yes at the time I heard the Synchrony 1s they were the PSB flagship speakers. I did not hear then with NAD amplification. They were driven by a Rouge Chronous Magnum.  I can't comment regarding comparison with the Imagine series.   
Good CDTransport (player) without DAC?
Thanks Peter.  
Am I asking for too much??
I find the impedance, phase angle, and sensitivity measurements provided by JA to be very useful. Other than that the reviews provided by any of the 'rags' serve only to stir interest. I only get a chance to audition speakers when traveling. Look ... 
Good CDTransport (player) without DAC?
Are there CD transports that have I2S outputs? 
A moderate priced dac
Cutthroat has provided very good advise. A DAC with the right compatibility to your system and  'flavor' for your tastes could be purchased for ~$500. 
What do you consider "loud" for your system?
Given the dynamics of most of our systems, in the average in room, at the listing position, loudness is very hard to measure. I believe if listening at an average loudness of 80dB, most of us are likely experiencing peak levels above 100dB on many... 
What is the right choice?
I believe what constitutes 'warmth' is subjective. I have owned several NAD amplifiers throughout the years and have listened to several others. I would not declare them to be, as a class, warm, however in comparison to the A-S701 it seemed to me ... 
What is the right choice?
I own a Yamaha A-S701 and the NAD 356BEE. Though the A-s801 has a different DAC than the A-S701 I believe the pre/amp stages to be the same. I don't believe the A-S801 to be an upgrade from the NAD356, rather a more lateral move with sonic differe... 
Help with an Amp/Receiver for Polk RTi a7's
What is your budget? Do you know the impedance and sensitivity of the speakers? 
The Best Compliment You've Gotten On Your Rig?
A friend sat own in the chair for a few songs, her comment was 'Wow, sooo holographic!"  
Your favorite Small Apartment Speakers
Though no longer available in the US, I think my Esoteric MG-10s to be excellent. I drive mine with  BEL 1001 MK5 in a small room ~12'x15'. Haven't seen a pair show up used for a while. 
AR3a speakers connected in another on, if you wish....
Wow, MrD. nice story. In 1969, I was 19-20, I heard my 1st high end system that got me hooked. AR XA TT, Dynaco  PAS 3 & St-70, AR3a speakers. Sounded wonderful to me. Can't believe what a pair of these sell for now. 
Buyer is claiming damage that was done by him!
Yogi, glad to hear that things worked out as well as could have. You went over the top to get to this point. You are to be commended. 
$1500 system for a friend
1 - Done2 - Great for your friend3 - One of many good choices at there price point. Hard to recommend speakers due to subjectivity and environmental conditions. Is interest towards stand mount or tower type? How about room size? 4- I recently purc...