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Spendor A1 vs Tannoy Autograph Mini's
That Luxman amplifier was the one I heard with the Mini's. Not sure that 2wpc will serve the Mini's. I believe they run about 88dB sensitive.   
Parasound Integrated or Separates?
I must agree that  given your speakers you are speaker heavy, amp light. :-)With a $1500 budget and that space is limited I would stick with an integrated amplifier. That Audio Refinement Complete is a great integrated at it's price point. 
High end high quality int. amp for low level listening
+1 holmz. The pathos integrated is a great, very smooth sounding amplifier and likely has the required power for the OP's circumstance. I think of the options offered the use of a simple tone control (such as the Loki or the Lokius) is the best op... 
help me maximize my sonus faber concertinos
I agree that the Panasonic and the receiver are holding you back. I would put my money into improving from the source.Does the Panasonic have digital output? If so it could be used as a transport into a DAC. I would replace the receiver with an in... 
Best Way To Maximize Preamp Tube Life?
I also run a class A amp (Pass XA25) with a tube preamp. I have a dedicated room and music listening is a session. When I anticipate a session coming on I turn on the amp. It can cook throughout the day if needed. When time for the session I turn ... 
Upgrade my CD player or futile effort?
You do have a very nice Analog rig. I was always a pro analog guy till 2011 when I went digital. My only thought is that you might try a r2r DAC with a tube output stage. You could use your 6005 as a transport. Possible upgrade the transport later... 
Sonographe SL-21 speakers
The Sonograph SG3 turntable was originally produced in Oregon in the early 80s. Was bought out by CJ in 1984 I believe. CJ then started making electronics under the Sonograph name. I did not remember about the speakers.I own a original Sonograph w... 
Member Almarg passed away last night
Yes, I think of Al most times when on this forum.  
Budget System Advice still partying like it's 1999
Yea, get to know your system in the 'new' room for a while. Then upgrade starting with your music source and streamer.   
Sweet new tube amp needs better speakers
Stereophile has a review on the KLH5. It is a 6ohm speaker that dips to 3.5 ohms at 140HZ.  88ish sensitivity. Might not be a good choice for a 30wpc EL34 based tube amplifier. 
Thinking Out Loud
Yes, you will need a DAC for the Audiolab transport. As you don't mention having a turntable, I don't see need for phono input. Schiit Audio makes several DACs and a phonostage.I also questioned wether the Freya+ would be a step down in sound qual... 
Jim Smith and advice
I agree with this book to be a quick introductory guide. Not all that much of a acoustic reference for setting up room and system. +1 on Robert Harley's book, 'The Complete Guide to Hi-End Audio', now in the 5th edition. 
Power conditioner some say yes and some say no.
Seems to me that it would depend on what the needs are. Voltage regulation, DC blockage, filtering of RFI and/or EMI. Conditioners differ in there ability to affect these different issues. There are conditioners, voltage regenerators, and filters.... 
Upgrade Time
What sources do you use other than the streamer portion of the Cambridge pre? Just one thought, start the upgrade path from the source. Separates will allow for this. Replace the Cambridge full function preamp with new DAC and line level Preamp. P... 
Budget External DAC Recommendations
I would continue to use the internal DAC and save up money for a more significant upgrade.