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Sequerra 7.7 Mk. 1 - finish?
I loved the original Met 7. Sold them in 1985. Would love to hear a pair again.   
Room correction room system vs ears….
I am with those recommending to treat the room 1st.  I made my own panels using rockwool 60 in 2x4' sheets 2" thick framed with 1x2" pine and covered with fine burlap fabric.. To start I would place them at the 1st reflection points on side walls,... 
CD player suggestions...
A 18ga. PC is rediculous. Most any decent PC of larger guage would make an improvement. Given the cost differential between generic 18 vs 14 guage PCs I always wonder why manufactures of even budget components wuold ship with a 18 ga one.  I have ... 
New speaker cables recommendations sought
@teh_chucksta  I look forward to hearing more regarding your thoughts on the Nova cables. I have been considering them myself.  
Couple of OCC Speaker Cable Options
@dekay  No II have tried the Miccas yet. I have a system I set up outdoors where I will likely put them to use one day. I live in southern Illinois and we do get warm days over winter. I am in process of moving into a new home. My main system is i... 
To preamp or not to preamp. That is the question.
What is budget for the preamp?  
CD player suggestions...
@peterpetre You have been given many suggestions for CD players within your budget. You have also been given other suggestions as to alternative approaches. What are your thoughts?  
Dedicated circuits
My takeaway from the above: A 20 amp receptical should never terminate a 15 amp line. A very reasonable rule. A 15 amp breaker will trip earier than a 20 amp breaker when used in a 20 amp line.  Electrically this may be safer however may not be ... 
Estate sale Fuselier speakers for $370 but I know nothing about them.
Well if the OP has already purchased all 4 of the speakers he might select a pair that needs little work. Then money may have been well spent.    
Preamp with selectable outputs?
I was once told that when connecting two amplifiers to a preamp having two outputs run in paraellel that the imput impedance of both amplifiers have to be considered in reference to the output impedance of the preamp even when using only one ampli... 
Dedicated circuits
Yes @ditusa  I never new such an amp existed.  Thanks!  
questions about buying/selling
As I understand it one should file the 1099, state that the selling price was lower than the purchase price (have receipts) and therefore represents a loss. Do to this being a hobby as opposed to a business the loss is not deductable,   
When digital came out in the 80s I was still on the side of analog. Simply sounder better than early digital. With so much good music not available on vinyl I finially purchased a CD player. Around 2010 when I decided to get back to audiophillia a... 
Dedicated circuits
Does anyone know of an amplifier that would require greater than a 15 amp curcuit?  By this I mean one that even for a mil sec would draw 15 amps? Unless of course it became defective hence the need for the breaker. Likely a 15 amp breaker will d... 
Cost break down of hifi system
Forgot to add: Source components should be commensuate with amplifiecation and speakers which are excellent IMO.