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Speaker Slip Covers
If a cat scratches at a speaker cover, chances are they’ll go right through it to the grills. You will need something underneath that cover like foam board to protect those speakers. Kids, dogs and cats are always an issue. Good luck   
Suggestions for testing a never installed, 20-year boxed amp.
Buy a Chinese variac on eBay for around 100$. Power up slowly over 24hrs. Make sure you get the proper amp variac. You should be ok. Good luck.   
Not sure what to think
I just love a ss backend with a tube front end. Having said that, I’ve had a krell ss class an amp with a matching krell pre and it was very good. Krell makes outstanding ss gear, especially their older stuff. I recently purchased a sim audio moon... 
Jetter is correct. This is strictly a class A pass amp. It will sound very different from your benchmark. For better or worse will be subjective. Good luck.   
Great song by the Clash
I love the original and I love the clash!   
Vacuum Tube preamp with my KRELL KAV 250a, a no no......WHY?
I had a krell ksa-100 that I used with a don sachs pre for 3 years and no issues. I now bought a simaudio 760a and it goes into dc protection mode within 10 min of operation. The sachs does leak some dc at the outputs. Some amps just don’t jive wi... 
Tube preamp recommendation for a simaudio 760a amplifier
Thank you so much gentleman. All these preamps suggested have been on my shortlist. I appreciate your expertise and opinions.  cheers   
Requesting opinions about 4 specific amplifiers
Get the sim! It will be magic with your dyns.     
ADD or Audiophile?
I shoot pucks with with my youngest while jamming loud music through tidal. It’s a lot of fun and it introduces him to great music. It’s very rare I get to relax and really enjoy my system but it’s still worth every penny. Time is at a premium whi... 
Revel Performa3 Cabinet Defect
Have a cabinet shop do the repair and refinish in what they feel will be closest option. It won’t matter. The main thing is the color.   
Qobuz vs. Tidal
I switched back to tidal from Qobuz because they dropped their price. I couldn’t be happier. Way more user friendly.   
Eric Carmen
Kind of agree with roxy but it’s always sad when someone passes. That song though did bum me out when I was in my young years.   
Handling Heavy Amps
By some Rowland class d monoblocks and call it a day. I have the old 501’s and they sound really good compared to my old class A krell.  I’m not lifting 100lb amps anymore. 37 yrs as a carpenter and though I’m strong , my back just can’t take awkw... 
Cornwall IV's with Accuphase E-650? good match?
A nice tube amp and you’ll be ecstatic.   
Power supply poll for Chord Qutest
I just plug mine in to a furman power conditioner. Maybe I’m missing something? Sounds great to me.