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JBL 100 Classic or Klipsch Heresy III?
Fortes all day. Those speakers love tubes, go very low and will crush those jbl’s. You won’t be able to turn it past 11 o’clock without ear protection.  
Most “disappeared” speakers.
+1 prof. Mbl or music culture.  
Bought some `Vintage Gear`
Been using a tube sansui 1000a everyday. It’s almost 60yrs old. I use some Altec model 19s and people can’t believe the sound. Good for you. Those jbl’s are awesome. Get them some better power and watch those really sing. Congrats!  
Considering switching to Tubes
Look at cayin integrated tube Amps. Much better quality and fantastic sound. They are point to point wiring. I believe they make the amps for PrimaLuna though I could be wrong. Old Alaska saying “ come to Alaska where the odds are good but the goo... 
Speaker wire... Diy?
They’ll probably come pretty close at 1/20th the cost. Go for it. High end cables are a rip off. The law of diminishing returns.  
Best 80s New Wave
Wow- lowrider. The chameleons “script of the bridge” is still one of my all time favs. I have it on vinyl and cd. I didn’t think anyone would name them. Good on ya mate.  
VAC 160i SE vs Audio Research GSi75
I’d go Vac between those 2. Great company, better built and a much fuller sound then Arc.If I could afford one I’d buy that exact integrated. The lumin is also fantastic. I can’t comment on your speakers because I haven’t heard them. I’d bet that ... 
Tubes or stick with S/S
Tubes and heritage klipsch’s are a match made in heaven. Go tubes. Go with a set tube amp and you will be astounded. Cornwall’s are so efficient you could make them sing w/ a 15wpc set amp.  
What equipment have you bought this year so far ?
Low rider. I had a road king and a custom made bobber. Had my third kid( oops), sold them and returned to audio as my hobby. Wife approves and it much less expensive and much less dangerous. Too many friends getting hit with everyone texting and w... 
Your favourite Rush albums?
Hemispheres2112Moving pictures.I had the red vinyl edition of hemispheres. It was so cool. I was 10yrs old. Wish I still had it.  
How to Choose Speakers Appropriate for My Amp
Buy some vintage klipsch speakers from the heritage line. All are very efficient, can be had at different price points and sound great with tubes.  
This is a brilliant interview of Keith
Yes. Duncan Keith is a legend.  
Tool fan needs help with speakers (and electronics)
Vintage jbl l series or klipsch Cornwall’s. Both dynamic as heck. I’ve had them all and now I’m older and listen to musical a much lower volume. When I was younger I used to blow up the house with some jbl l-200. They were fantastic.  
Best speakers for classic rock
Jbl l-65, l-200, l-300. If you can find them in good condition and reasonable price. Forget l-100. Overrated and shrill  
What are the speakers you very rarely find in the Used market(Audiogon or Anywhere)?
Any mbl speaker.Any music culture speaker.Diapason rarely but have seen 2 pair in 4 yrs.