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why expensive streamers
As mentioned, lower noise, better clocks, better parts, etc. all can make a very significant difference in streaming and streamers.  Sometimes in audio it’s better to think less and just use your ears — this is one of those times.  Several online ... 
My new B Stock speakers
If they’re new, and sounds like they are, they’ll need around 100 hours or so of playing time to break in and sound more like what they’re capable of and will probably continue to improve for a few hundred hours or so past that.  In other words, i... 
Cabling Recommends Simaudio Ace/Totem Forest
These AZ Satoris are very good all-around cables and easy to sell if they don’t work out for some reason, and definitely get a Qobuz or Tidal subscription.  Best of luck. 
Comparing Rythmik F12 and F12G: Which is Better for Music and Movies?
@bjesien I’d be very interested in your more specific thoughts on the 12G vs. the SVS specifically for music. There are some here who I think have unfairly badmouthed SVS subs for music, and as Rhythmic subs are generally highly regarded for music... 
Legacy Calibre - big soundstage - what other standmounts offer this?
The Boenicke W5 would be one to look at with the caveats that they need a good amount of space and power to fully open up to their full potential.  Another would be the omnidirectional MBL monitors that come with a much higher price tag.   
Amp vs Preamp
In general, in my system the preamp makes more of a difference probably because my speakers are a relatively easy load, but in another system it could be the exact opposite.  In the end It really doesn’t matter — what matters most is that they’re ... 
personal experiences with quaility preamps...
OP never responded in two years so don’t bother wasting your valuable time here.  
Comparing Rythmik F12 and F12G: Which is Better for Music and Movies?
Get the music right and the HT will be fine.  I’d go with the 12G no doubt.   
Integrated amplifier for Fritz Speakers
With this setup,  the main thing I seem to miss is the last bit of detail and nuance. Not sure if it is the speakers, the amp, or the source! I’d be looking for a good DAC.  IME Marantz gear tends to soften treble detail and nuance that a bette... 
Difference between Bluesound Node, Node 2, Node 2i, NodeX
One big difference is that at some point (not exactly sure which model) there was a USB output implemented.  
Audioquest or Nordost for speaker cable
It doesn't matter. You won't hear any difference whatsoever. Ah yet another highly insightful and useful post from troll city.  
Requesting opinions about 4 specific amplifiers
@squared80 Thinking your amp is better because it may measure better in some ways is denial mixed with a healthy dose of sheer ignorance. Amir is calling your name hard.  
Requesting opinions about 4 specific amplifiers
@soix doesn’t know the difference between objective measurements and subjective opinions. Sit down, son. You’re embarrassing yourself. @squared80 First, I’m not your son so you can just stuff that back where it came from. Second, you said your ... 
Requesting opinions about 4 specific amplifiers
Why not just get a Buckeye Purifi. Objectivity better than any you’ve listed. @squared80 Objectively better? Really? So you’re the end-all, be-all authority and have compared the Buckeye directly to the amps listed by the OP? Just because you l... 
looking to replace Fyne speaker jumper cable
What’s your budget, and what speaker cables are you using?