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Bose question
Not gonna find many Bose fans here.  Maybe go to Orb Audio where you can get a pair of their balls for $259 that’d look and sound much better.  Best of luck.  
New Anthem AVM 70 and MRX 740 difference in processing
I, in fact, have spoken to Anthem. The answer is that there are better internals and dacs.Well that’s a very lame response from a manufacturer if they didn’t go into any more detail than that.  I took a look at past Anthem threads and @cbrents73 ... 
Closed back headphones and Focal
Definitely be interested in your thoughts on them @devilboy. 
Advice on my first Streamer/Ripper/Dac
Darko has compared the Innuos and Node as streamers and preferred the Zen Mini — even more so with the LPSU, so it’s definitely a worthwhile upgrade if you can swing the power supply.  Best of luck.  
Oppomod femto clock upgrade Oppo 205
+1 @erik_squires — there are SO many very good and affordable new or used DACs out these days I’d think you’d be better off directing your funds that way.  
CD player reliability.... good and bad.
One of the many benefits of hi-res streaming is that I rarely spin a disc anymore, which now makes malfunctioning transports a wonderful non issue to have.  
Preamp or not.
If you can stretch a bit you could consider a Sachs pre that’d likely sound glorious with your wonderful amp.  Best of luck.  
Tube preamp suggestion
Of the ones you listed and given what you’re looking for definitely go with the Sachs.  You’ll be thrilled.  
New Anthem AVM 70 and MRX 740 difference in processing
Once again because you continue to not get the point.  It’s got nothing to do with the question you asked. You made uninformed, unsubstantiated, conspiracy theory-like assertions that I didn’t let slide because they’re completely bogus and may wro... 
Volume control for Icepower ASP1000 monoblocks
Gustard puts pretty decent preamp sections in their DACs, and you can get an A18 for $650. has good reviews of this and other competitors so might be worth checking out.  Best of luck.  
Tube preamp suggestion
What kind of sound characteristics and improvements are you looking for most?  Kinda tough to make an informed recommendation without knowing these details.  
New Anthem AVM 70 and MRX 740 difference in processing
OP. He basically threw shade that I would even ask the stupid question in the first place and said something about my crappy system. I didn’t want to argue but I also won’t be bullied by a fool.Man, you really are dense.  And simply holding someon... 
Spotify HiFi
TBD.  Amazon has HD too, it’s just not very good so we’ll see... 
Would you Upgrade?
In my selection, I also need a speaker that will make poor recordings and older recordings sound musical.Well gee whiz, that would’ve been useful info to have shared earlier don’t ya think?  Were we supposed to just somehow know this was one of yo... 
How to integrate stereo and multi channel?
Take the front L/R stereo output from the multichannel preamp (I assume a P7?) and plug that into the HT bypass input on the Pass preamp and critical 2-channel sources (vinyl, etc.) into other inputs on the Pass as well.  When you’re listening in ...