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Node 2i use with external DAC
The nice thing is you can do this in stages.  Get a better DAC to start, and then upgrade to a better dedicated streamer later when funds allow.  My preference is to keep DAC and streamer separate to increase flexibility, but that’s just personal ... 
Looking to upgrade my 3-way towers
A used pair of Joseph Audio Perspectives will be a significant upgrade in refinement and overall performance and are well within your budget.  Best of luck.  
Sennheiser/drop 6xx plus amp?
Yeah, dump that Schiit and either get the Drop Cavalli CTH amp for $175 (fed by your Dragonfly) or there’s someone selling a new CTH amp with built-in SDAC for $250 on eBay. The CTH has gotten great results paired with the 6xx, so either way I thi... 
Help me pick a stream with DAC
I’d recommend the Innuos Zen Mk.lll.  It’ll sound better than the Node with your DAC and better still if/when you upgrade your DAC.  And yeah I’d pony up the $ if necessary to run an Ethernet wire if necessary because it’ll be well worth it, but t... 
What to replace an Adcom amp with?
If still available, someone was selling a McCormack HT3 at US AudioMart for $800.  It’d sound very good in stock condition, but you could send it to SMcAudio and have Steve upgrade it and have a truly special amp.  Best of luck.  
Best small, desktop speakers, $500 or under (new or used)
Hold out for a used pair of Silverline Minuets — you wont be sorry.  And I’d cross the Clairaudient speakers off your list.  They’re awful.  I had the 1+1 on demo and were the worst speakers I’ve ever heard.  Took them to a buddy’s house to hear t... 
Home theater couch?
Totally agree about having to try before you buy. It’s just too much of a personal thing. But, I’ll throw out the Tulen Reclining Sofa at Ashley Furniture as a potential option because it’s cheap ($499) and got good reviews as being very comfortab... 
How much $ in used gear streaming to beat $5000 CD player
Used Innuos Zen Mk3 server/streamer and AudioMirror Tubadour Mklll SE DAC should run under $5k and sound fantastic.  You can load all your CDs directly into the Zen so no messing with external drives, computers, etc. and no more need for a transpo... 
Sub 1k integrated?
There’s a nice NuPrime IDA-8 available here now for $649 that I’m sure would be a nice upgrade.  Read the reviews.  Best of luck.  
THOUGHTS PLEASE- also emotiva.......?
If you’re going to upgrade your speakers soon you should identify which ones you’ll be getting first so you know how much power you’ll need.  As far as electronics forget Emotiva, and if you like the sound of your Onkyo forget Marantz too.  Get an... 
Innuos Zen MK III and Cocktail Audio X50D - streamer/servers
Something like the Emprical Audio Offramp will convert USB to other outputs (including I2S if the Krell supports it), but it’s expensive.  No idea about video.  
What Do You Think . . . and How Does It Work?
Looks like there should be a submarine in the basement.  
Does altitude change the sound of speakers??
The change in the listening room itself probably dwarfs any changes in altitude.  
Focal Headphone Cable Replacement
Satin Audio cables seem to offer good value.  I was looking at the 8-braid version of their Hyperion silver-plated copper cable for only $100, but this is their mid level and they offer pricier cables as well.  Best of luck.  
Backert Rhumba 1.3 OR Modwright LS 100 ?
What aspects of sound reproduction are most important to you?