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Dr. Johnny Fever from WKRP in Cincinnati has signed off :-(
yes indeed, many a good laugh from that show back in the day rip hh  
Is an unbalanced preamp a bad thing?
@facten i take this poster’s comments with large, very large grains o’ salt either a very dull pencil, or a professional chain jerker... (or both)...  
Disappointing short life of NOS preamp tube
good old stock 12au7’s are still plentiful and pretty inexpensive, your complaint falls on deaf ears with me... and if you only got 7 years out of your pair, you must be abusing your gear he he he  
Another person going digital and full of questions
Anyway, I’m enjoying it all, though, I have to say, not yet very enlightened. So thanks again. op - i have had some fun on this thread you started...but here are some (serious) key points that may help your quest for enlightenment on the subjec... 
Another person going digital and full of questions
@mahler123 i agree that the node will do the job very well but op wants to spend 5 grand... what do you want him to do with the other $4500? 😂😉  
Why? (Does the signal degrade in this circumstance...)
this is a question for schiit - only they know exactly how the dual pair of rca analog outputs are connected relative to the xlr outs... and i am pretty sure they would say to you the unit is not designed to use more than one of its outputs at the... 
Need Recommendations for a pair of Speakers around $1,000
I'm considering Danny's X-LS Encore. make sure you set money aside for his upgrade kit... 😂😁  
Digital Interconnects - Which one is the BEST ??!!
gotta have the best, what is the best? we deserve the best... only the best will do... best of everything, all the time, always the best... but wait, not just the best, but the BEST .... the BEST 😵  
Which DACs are known to be sweet/rich/relaxed?
Proposed solution / first step Upgrade to a (tube based) DAC, budget $25-40k. i have no idea...  but my 2 cents... with your system, if you have the mola mola dac and there is harshness, getting a different dac isn't the solution  
Gryphon Diablo 120, Luxman L-590AXII, Other? For KEF R11
both excellent gryphon > luxman by a little but both are a good bit above your r11's in relative quality level....   
Another person going digital and full of questions
search bar above is your friend... short answer, unless you are going to run roon, get an innous, auralic or lumin one box streamer/dac in your price range  
GaN amps: Peachtree or LSA Voyager?
My theory is the the way various amps make distortion has a lot to do with it. I used to think it was how well the amplifier was able to get phase relationships right and I still think there’s something to that, but by no means is it the only thi... 
Spendor D9.2 Run In
agreed @kren0006 other factor here is that some speakers with hotter top ends, if they are not torture chamber loads as seen by the driving amps, can sound really lovely with tube amps proac response speakers were/are a prime example of this...... 
Is an unbalanced preamp a bad thing?
@ghdprentice Achieving really high end audio is a journey of love, the solution clouded with ambiguity. There is ambiguity at every turn. Your preferences are different than every one else’s, yours will change over time. Every series of compone... 
Spendor D9.2 Run In
@roxy54 We’re in agreement, but when I think about it, it is a little surprising that they would have gone so overboard on the treble. terry miles, who for many years succeeded derek hughes at spendor (post sale of the company to philip swift...