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Price increases are insane
mommy mommy make it stop  please mommy please  
What are we objectivists missing?
haha just like being able to read and being able to comprehend... not the same...   
Vandersteen Forum
brand specific sites tend to accumulate fanboys and girls... helpful for tips if one has committed to that brand, perhaps less useful otherwise  that said vandys and b&w's are at opposite poles of sound character... so if someone likes one it... 
The review wehave been promising is up
https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/bricasti-m3-w-network-card-vs-usb yo yo whodat ho? 🤣😂🙄😪  
The review wehave been promising is up
who da ho? who be pimpin’? you callin ME a HO? man you da HO and yo mama da HO MAMA ok i got that outta my system, thank you now @twoleftears -- throw away your gear stat, and call audiotroy so they can sell you a whole new rig that won’t sound ... 
Bricasti M3 w/network card vs USB
too bad our esteemed member @tvad no longer posts here he has had the m3 for quite a long while, loves it in his wonderful audio note system, and i think just very recently moved up to the m1 model that said, if my memory serves correctly, he wa... 
How much faster of a sub is the REL T5X vs SVS SB12-NSD
on a more serious note, i would unhesitatingly recommend rel... their design and instructions (followed diligently, to the letter) will result in excellent integration and terrific sound many many maggie owners successfully use rel's for bottom e... 
Has anyone herd the Hegel h390
nah search bar is broken...  for some... 😂  
Help needed improving the sound of my Audiolab CDT
some of these ideas may well apply to the audiolab unit... approach with eyes wide open...    
Class D Integrated Amplifier Recommendations.
massive give-away here  <<<<---------------🙄 just remember that bargain shopping can lead to the most expensive purchases of all... 😉🤣  
How much faster of a sub is the REL T5X vs SVS SB12-NSD
i dropped both from a 10 storey building, they hit the ground at exactly same time .... so i would say neither is faster... sorry i couldn't resist... carry on 😆  
What USB cable to get?
the belkin has worked just fine for me... schiits cable is plenty good too  
Class D Integrated Amplifier Recommendations.
i have not personally heard the new technics stuff... i do agree that pretty nad class d is mediocre sonically, easily surpassed by other amps i would suggest class d mini gan 5 on low end (a lot of amp, very good sound, for the very modest cost)... 
Could I use my analog hifi system for commerical bar?
isn't this why god made sonos?  
What are we objectivists missing?
This question takes me back to the days of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". Trying to define quality as either subjective or objective. But the answer doesn't completely reside in either, but really both. Albert Einstein said: "Not ev...