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What to play in the evening?
My Ding-A-Ling  
Least Expensive Power Conditioner/Surge Protector That Won't Worsen Sound
PI Audio UberBuss sans surge. Richard Gray 1200 Custom with surge.   
Power Conditioning on the Cheap
If you guys could only experience the PI Audio UberBuss with a Power Factor Correction of 1 plugged into a 30A dedicated line, you’d know what power conditioners were really capable of. And I speak from experience.  
Looking for a tube phono pre
Rogue Audio Ares Magnum  
High Fidelity Cable replaces NPS 1260
@lowrider57  I have a nearly brand new bottle of the NPS1260 which I've used some of.  My concern of yours is shared. Is the Q45T really 2x better sonically that the HFC website claims?  Even Ethan at The Cable Company told me that even though ... 
High Fidelity Cable replaces NPS 1260
@cd45123    I have placed 1260 on my Purple fuses and inside my Classe processors power harness pins.  I cannot tell you if it has made a difference but I'm sure it has to some level.  I'll be putting it on my power cords and even on my vacuum... 
Florida Audio Expo - Budget Room
I’ll tell ya why it wasn’t super bright- Straight Wire speaker cables and interconnects. No doubt the components were excellent as well but Straight Wire cables give such realistic and accurate sound.  I was at the Straight Wire office this week ... 
Rouge Audio RP-7
I have their Ares Magnum Phono preamp. It is amazing.  Contact Robin Wyatt as he is a Rogue Rep, is good friends with the product designer and knows the products inside and out.  
Placement of Single Subwoofer Affecting Sound of Main Speakers
Have the sub to the left of your left floor standing speaker or to the right of your right floor standing speaker. The sub parallel in line with either. And at 0 phase. With the best crossover chosen(60 Hz? 40Hz? 80Hz?) for your room....I dial bet... 
What are some of your favorite "COLD" songs?
Rolling Stones- She's So Cold Cannot beat that one!  
What direction should I go
Go West young man  
Not sure Rumor or Truth that Max Townshend has passed?
OMG! This is terrible news. I just purchased a whole slew of Townshend Audio gear and John had told me that Max was having health issues but it seemed Max was on the mend. I may have the last thing that Max laid his hands on and built. I was hav... 
Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good
  @davidrolon  Agree about McLaughlin. Have you listened to Miles Davis The Complete Jack Johnson sessions? McLaughlin kills. Definitely worth purchasing.  At the end of one jam, you can hear Miles say "John, that's some raunchy sh*t". My favo... 
Townshend Audio speaker podiums...three ways to install
What a timely post! I recently received a slew of Townshend products and am almost ready to mount my JM Lab Mezzo Utopia’s on my podiums. The speaker bases have Stillpoint cones sitting in metal discs on tile. Millercarbon gave me good advice o... 
Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good
John Lennon Plastic Ono Band. Blows my mind every time.    I love Shocking Blue! Great choice. The Butterfly and I is a monster. Who would have expected such great Sitar.