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What is the VERY BEST CD album you've ever heard?
That’s easy for me it's any one of the worlds best rock bands  recently remastered  CDs  I'm listening to the Beatles of course, Pepper, White, Revolver or Abbey Road .  
Jim Gordon has Passed On...
Great talent played with some of the best in the 60's and 70's unfortunately his dark side outweighs his amazing drum skills.  
Hudson HI FI UV stylus cleaner
Never tried this but I use their gel stylus cleaner and other products which are excellent.  
Eva Cassidy "remastered"
They have done the same with Elvis, Beach Boys and Roy Orbison. Some folks enjoy it others don't but it probably introduces the artist to a new audience.  
Integrated amp recommendation for Maggie .7's
Another thought are your Maggie's fully broken in, I know mine sounded harsh on the highs until I had about it 300 hours on them.  
Integrated amp recommendation for Maggie .7's
I had 1.7i in a 12 x 15 room powered by a Parasound Hint and the sound was magic.  Have you tried using the resistors to tame the top end or moving up a bit in resistor value.  
My opinion;
Same thing my parents said about the Stones and Zeppelin. Each generation has its own.  
New Pass amp X250.8
Pass did say something like a good amplifier has a transformer that will keep the power stable, clean and consistent so with his equipment I doubt your going to hear a difference changing out the original.  
Beatles vs. Stones
I'll take the Beatles any day. To my taste they were better writers and musicians. By the time the Stones albums were becoming great Beggars Banquet, Sticky Fingers the Beatles were ready to hang it up .  
I was almost 14 yrs old when Burn was released, thankfully I think I have aged well.
I agree loved the MK 1 and 2 bands still play them today. It's too bad the very early LPs go so under appreciated I find them much more satisfying than the later recordings.  
The LRS+ Speakers
I currently have 3.7i and 2 subs in a 12 x 15 room and love everything about them. Previously had 1.7i and a friend brought his LRS over and they just weren't the same with dynamics, imaging or anything except maybe a bit of midrange magic. As oth... 
My analog journey - time for a new phono stage or?
Not on your list but have you thought of the Ayre P 5xe phono preamp it's very neutral sounding. I've been using it with a VPI Scout and Soundsmith Carmen 2 with a Pass XP 10 and 250.8 and have no desire to change. It might match up very nice with... 
Little Richard, Big Mama Thornton and BB King Can You Suggest Best Albums?
It probably depends on the format you are looking for but I find as a general rule the most recent remaster usually sounds the best. Any of the artists greatest hits collections is probably a good starting point. B.B. King live at the Regal is al... 
Hey, I'm looking for the highest quality recordings from the following Artists:
To my ears the Billie Holiday Columbia Jazz digital remastered from the original analog tapes sounds great.  
What CDs to buy
Usually any of the latest remastered remixed CDs sound great like the Beach Boys, Beatles Sargent Pepper, Revolver, White or Let it Be, much cleaner sounding, great bottom, middle and highs as well as instrument and vocal separation.