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Bookshelf Bake Off
I second Philharmonic speakers outstanding sound at affordable prices. Dennis makes great speakers. 
Imported audio are you getting the same level of performance vs domestic priced equip?
Since Chinese companies pay a lot less for labor and probably don't have environmental standards we have they can sell for less. I like buying American as most audio products are made to high standards and perform flawlessly.It's also easier to co... 
Raidho D1.1 is now a Legacy speaker
Got that right. I am  continually shocked by the prices of some of todays speakers. 
Your favorite Electrostatic, Panel spkr
Maggie 1.7i with a sub would sound wonderful in a room that size. My rooms a bit larger 12x15 and they were fantastic. I've moved to the 3.7i which is better on some music but also reveals a lot more flaws in a recording. 
Your favorite Electrostatic, Panel spkr
Maggie 3.7i with a sub, great natural sound nice soundstaging play everything correctly, they even rock.It would help if we knew your price point. 
30.7 MAGNEPAN Tour in Indy
Even if it's past the response date it would still be polite to send an email or call to let them know you plan to attend. Helps with planning sessions and food. 
The best looking speakers
Not every woman dislikes Maggies my wife likes my 3.7i and will often times say turn it up when playing music she enjoys. 
Magnepans or...Martin Logan
If given a choice I would definitely go with the Maggie 1.7i which I have owned( moved up to 3.7i).When auditioning thet sounded far superior to similar priced ML.What brands of speakers are available to you locally, maybe you'd be happy with one ... 
Pass Labs int 250
I have the Pass 250.8 it's an excellent performer. As mentioned above you should give a number of amps a listen to see what you like.That being said I don't think you'll be sorry with Pass equipment. 
Looking for a good full range floor stander
The Maggies mentioned at the beginning should be 20.7, pair with a couple of subs and you could be there. The new 30.7 would definitely do the job but run about $30k and arr to nrw to find on the used market. 
Affordable Decent Preamp & thoughts on Emotiva XSP-1 vs PS Audio Stellar Gain Stage
I thought they had moved much of their building to the US. Not sure where the parts are made. 
magnepanLRS or 1.7i ?
I say go with the 1.7i and save yourself from upgrading later.You'll get better frequency response and bigger better sound. 
Maggie Fans Chime in: Need recommendation for amp to drive Maggies (MMGs and 1.7i)
I had the Parasound 2.1 Halo Integrated. It gives you a very good phono mm and mc pre section as well as digital inputs and bass management for a sub. Very smooth sounding with 1.7i and plenty of power. It was the model prior to the current one wh... 
Just received shipment of my Magnepan LRS’s
Yes I've found if I keep the sub volume low it seems to sound good and I'm using a cheap used Sony sub for now. 
Maggie Fans Chime in: Need recommendation for amp to drive Maggies (MMGs and 1.7i)
If you can stretch your budget a used Parasound Integrated will put you in audio heaven with 1.7i speakers. Plenty of power and current to drive those babies.