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Brand new Vandersteen Model 2's
I would rather have a piece of audio equipment that stands the test if time, that is so good the manufacturer doesn't change it every few years just to boost sales. 
Bose 901
I hate to admit it but had them for a while can't believe what I missed all that time. Then I switched to Maggie 1.7 and another world opened up. 
Need speaker cable
I'm using theĀ Knukonceptz Karma 8 guage cable if you click on speaker cables you'll see it .Their bananas will fit the 8 guage cable. If you ask when you order they will explain how to get them to slip in. Lots of bananas won't accept that guage. 
Best debut album
Crosby, Stills and NashThe DoorsLed Zeppelin 
Need speaker cable
I'm using Knukonceptz 8 guage with their bananas for my Maggie's, sound great. 
Your favorite excellent quality/sounding LPs
Analogue production quality pressing direct to disc records flawless, some titles are now on sale for $10 or for that matter most d2d Lp's. 
What's the best integrated amp in the $1500-$2000 range?
Surprised no one has mentioned the Parasound integrated has about everything and is John Curl designed. It should be available used within your budget. 
Cheap starter system for kids
Check U Turn audio for tt. If pre is needed they sell them built in or stand aloneĀ  
Suggestions to match a pair of speakers to Pass Labs XA25?
Lots of reviews on this amp check what speakers the reviewers are listening to and which sound you are looking for. Good luck. 
Little Richard RIP
The true father of high energy R&R. An amazing performer and influencer of everything to come. RIP. 
Looking for an integrated amp around 4000 to 5000.
Seconds on Parasound gives you everything that you need and John Curl designed. 
Suggestions for $2k budget
I would suggest a used pair of Maggie 1.7i and a subwoofer, these should be available within your budget. Whatever you do try to get some listening time in with various speakers (maybe difficult at this time) and spend time reading reviews. I list... 
Rock concerts
Led Zeppelin with the MC5 and Johnny Winter Boston Garden 69The Faces on the Boston Common are are my favs followed by George Harrison Boston Garden and the Who for the concert that wasn't when Moon passed out at the drums concert was rescheduled ... 
Preamp with Phono $3-5k range
Check the Ayre p5xe, I'm enjoying it with my Soundsmith cartridge and Pass equipment. It's in your price range and shows up used from time to time. 
Most amusing album or song titles
Almost any Mother's LP will have an amusing title and song names.