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Need some Cart recommendations, $300 - $700 (New/Used) range…warm, full, yet great def.
Check out the Soundsmith web pages lots of great cartridge information. I snagged a used Carmen MK2 with low hours on usaudiomart and it sounds fantastic.    
Turntable noobie...what advice do you have?
Hudson Hifi has a great cleaning, care kit for under $30 with everything you need.    
Ok ..I have Maggie 1.7is on Magnarisers but one keeps blowing the "tweeter"
I would try a different be amp. You’ve lucky it’s just the  fuse I had Emo 1L monos with my 1.7 and  the  amp kept blowing. I finally moved to a Parasound Hint which drove those babies with no problem.  
Magnepan 20.7i Amplifier Pairing
I would think most of the larger Pass amps would do a wonderful job. I use a 250.8 with 3.7i and it hardly ever leaves class A. I know in the past Magnepan discouraged class D amps. You definitely want a high current amp  
Audio By Van Alstine DVA M225 mono amps
The May/June issue of The Absolute Sound gave them a terrific review. One of my friends is using older Van Alstine amp and pre with his Philharmonic 3 speakers and the sound is awesome. AVA has been making well regarded audio equipment for years.    
Large room with low budget for speakers
No box speakers but the Magnepan 30.7 should fill any room a bit more than you want to spend. You could also go with the 20.7 and a couple of subs.  
Led Zeppelin 11
If someone's crazy enough to pay that I guess it is to them. I'd love to hear a comparison to the Page remaster or other available pressings.  
Favorite religious song
Byrd's  - Turn, Turn, Turn Bob Dylan - Gotta Serve Somebody    
Why is most everything remastered?
Don’t forget most of the music released in the 50’s and 60’s was meant to sound good on a 3" car speaker or mono record player.  
The price of used LP's.
Many of the prices are just crazy. In may cases I would rather have a better sounding remastered copy. I have a huge collection from the 60's to late 70's my children said they would get a dumpster till I told them otherwise. Wish I had the moti... 
recommended oil for well tempered spindle cup
On my VPI Scout I'm using 40-weight motor oil and  .25 teaspoon of white lithium grease as recommend on the bearing.  
Mogami 2921 vs Canare 4s11 vs ???
I purchased (2) 17’ runs of Canare 4s11 for my Magnepan 3.7 which are 4 ohm and it is excellent. Good prices from Redco in CT. Sorry no experience with Mogami.  
"What Is Classic Rock?"
Overplayed music?  
Whats playing on your system today?
Rolling Stones Ya-Ya's great rock defined the band dirty, dark and menacing great producing by Glyn Johns in capturing the band at its best.  
Best double studio vinyl?
Beatles White  The Who Tommy