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Best Live Recording on LP
Johnny Winter and LiveRobert Randolph & the Family Band live at WetlandsLou Reed Rock n Roll Animal 
Considering Rogue Audio Sphinx V3 or Outlaw Audio 2160MKII
A while back Stereophile did a review and raved about Maggie.7 with the Rogue Sphinx. 
Searching for a Integrated Amp under $2K
Parasound Halo Hint should be available used has just about everything, sounds great too. Stereophile A rating. 
Paying with a cashiers check? Need advice!
Did you Google him lots of info on people there. You could also call the local police to find out if he's had problems with be them.I think it's safe if you thoroughly check him out. I've bought multiple pieces that way never a problem. 
Groundbreaking albums. Any genre.
Mother's of InventionVelvet UndergroundPink FloydKing Crimson 
Live at Leeds
@Reubent play it loud I think you'll love it.Just finished firing mine again. 
Let’s share the music that gives us the chills every time.
The Beatles, Meet and Abbey RoadThe Doors, the Doors and LA WomanLed Zeppelin firstAllman Brothers, live by at the FillmoreMiles Davis, In a Silent WayMingus, Ah Um  Pink Floyd, Dark SideNorah Jones, Come away with Me 
I nominate this company as building best speakers!
Don't see how anyone can say Magnepan speakers are light on tone and life like dynamics when they excel here feed with the right equipment.  
Speaker Upgrade Recommendation for Current Analog System - under $10,000 Budget
Salk are hard to beat in quality, looks, and sound. 
I wish these albums were available on vinyl
Joni Mitchell hits 
Albums you played endlessly growing up
Beatles Meet and 2nd Best of CreamBee Gees greatest hitsDerp Purple pre WB Lp'sJanis Joplin Big Brother liveJethro Tull first 3 Lp'sRascals greatest hitsPaul Revere and the Raiders greatest hitsRolling Stones hitsPink Floyd early Lp's 
A system for my college-bound daughter
Audioholics just did a favorable review of the + Record Player all in one system. 
How to go about collecting Classical Music
If you have a tt there are several great direct to disc Lp's of organ music check eBay 
Holographic, 3D Solid State Amp under $6k
I'm very surprised to hear of your problems with Pass equipment as I'm using a 250.8 with the XP 10 pre and have never experienced any of the problems you seem to have had. I'm using XLR connections and have total silence no wobble on connection b... 
Amp and Pre-Amp suggestions needed
Moving from 100 watts to 150 probably won't deliver what your after, i would think you'll want double or more your existing power. I think there are more integrateds with tone controls.