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How to tell if some one legit
Research get name, phone, address Google search to verify info. This will also usually give you some info on the other party. I don't change equipment much so I've only done about 12 deals many in cash and so far so good. 
So just how much vinyl do YOU own?
8000+ lps 2000+ cds, will never get to relisten to them all but keep buying, there is still a thrill to holding that new baby in your hands sitting down relaxing and enjoying some new sounds. 
2000-2500 USD budget for an integrated amplifier. Do amplifiers sound the same? :)
Have you given the Parasound Integrated any thought, great sound plenty of power good phono pre and class A syereophile rating. 
Pass Labs 150.8 and XP-20 versus PrimaLuna Dialogue Premier HP integrated
Also have the 250.8 with the xp10 matched with Maggie 3.7i a great amp pre combo. No plans for any changes¬† 
What the...have I just done ? Please explain...
Knukonceptz also offers fantastic banana plugs that are the only ones i could find to accept my 8 guage cable. Excellent contact. 
Use this song if you are doing an A/B with Preamps
I'll give it a listen but have found many of his lps were not recorded to audiophile standards. 
Demo'd a few sets of speakers over the past 2 weeks...
You maybe able to get by with a single sub for the 1.7i , I also can't imagine going with a smaller Maggie will satisfy. I hate the idea of spending more on subs than on my main speakers. 
R.I.P. Dr. John
Gris Gris lp perfect mix of New Orleans and psychedelic with a little voodoo throw in. 
What is the best solid state amplifier you have ever heard?
Pass 250.8 plenty of power smooth all around sound. 
Blu-ray to RCA or Balanced
Benchmark makes xlr to rca cables think the are about $34 for a single 3' cable. 
Amp for nee LRS Maggies
I had a Parasound Hint with Maggie 1.7 speakers that was musical magic, you may want to look for one used, should fall into your price zone. 
5A Vandersteen
Always nice to hear from the manufacturer.As to the op's near affordable, for whom, most can't put that much down for a home or will buy 3 cars for that amount.¬†I think that's one of the problems with audio, it's becoming a hobby of exclusion due ... 
Newbie looking for speakers
Agree with Maggie's but I would go used on 1.7i about $1300 add a Parasound Hint again about $1600 used great sound at an unbeatable price. You can add a sub later if you wish. 
Can you recommend a small (in size) Amplifier 150 -250 W Power per channel
Second on Parasound great equipment for the $. 
VAC 160i SE vs Audio Research GSi75
Sometimes if you call a manufacturer they can hook you up with someone near that will give you an audition. Good luck in the search