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Speaker wants 100 watt RMS. Is 40 watt tube OK?
According to Benchmark Media FAQ distance from the speakers matters only at the open space. Inside of medium size room we can assume that 1W ([email protected]) will produce 90dB loudness with 90dB/W speakers. Each 10-fold increase in power will result i... 
I remember that Cardas makes headphone cables.  I found this:https://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=CREX 
Does anybody know the song of stairway to heaven deep meaning?
Heardthat, Thank you, but it is not mine (Facebook). 
Does anybody know the song of stairway to heaven deep meaning?
Not sure about that, but "Stairway to Heaven" or "Highway to Hell" says a lot about expected traffic. 
The low frequency response is Bass, not Base.
Bass is base. 
Need help. Music server and streaming. Newbie.
Foeraus, I decided to use existing computer, next to my listening chair. I use WiFi in order to avoid dragging cable across the room.Quality of digital music when delivered data is perfect (aka "bit-perfect) lies in timing of D/A conversion. When ... 
DIY  Belden 83803  (Ga12, Teflon)  two cables 1 foot long with Wattgate connectors for Benchmark DAC3 and Benchmark AHB2 - both connected to Furman Elite 20PFi conditioner. 
How To Clean Piano Black Speaker Finish?
I sprayed mine with furniture Pledge and fingerprints show much less.  I suspect anything containing light wax can do the same. 
Compatible TV to audio receiver
AFAIK there are two standards for line level:  1.23Vrms (+4dBu) for Pro gear (and modern audio, I think), and 0.316Vrms (-10dBV) for older consumer electronics.  It is possible that both - your TV and receiver follow the older standard, so you sho... 
This on usb cables
No it is not.  He might believe that "some" expensive cables would sound better, but would not necessarily believe that all expensive cables would sound better.  Logic is a tricky thing.  ;) 
What volume level should a DAC be set to when feeding your Pre Amp
0dB FS (full scale) should correspond to 24dBu.  Since 24dBu is a level related to 0.775V (1mW over 600ohm) it will correspond to 12.3Vrms.  When you selected -15dB your DAC would output  24dBu-15dB=9dBu = 2.2Vrms.  I'm not sure what nominal level... 
This on usb cables
Read: some that you believe should sound better will indeed sound better.  
This on usb cables
Most of new gear uses asynchronous USB, meaning that the timing (clock) of USB transfers and clock of internal D/A conversion are independent.  Because of that cable should not affect the sound but often it does, because it picks up noise and inje... 
Which reviewers and review sites are the ost reliable?
I used to subscribe to Stereophile and now often read it on line.  Their reviews are pretty good and include measurements.  The problem is that everything is always positive.  You can find how they classify them (A,B,C,D) in Recommended Components... 
It takes time to get the stink out of your ear
The same applies to bad gear IMHO.  At first clarity of new Benchmark DAC, felt strange.  I had impression that some instruments are missing.  I had to get used to it (learn to listen).  Others must've felt the same since one person commented "I c...