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Streamers made in America?
Reliability is related to technology.   I wouldn't be afraid to buy surface mount gear from China (since SMT process is very repeatable) or even wave soldered thru hole, but wouldn't buy anything hand soldered, like this  
Should I upgrade my speaker cables?
 I found a gauge converter calculator and 18 strands of 22 gauge translates to 10 gauge all together  It is easy to remember that every 3 steps of gauge double the area.  In this case: gauge 22 - 1 strand gauge 19 - 2 strands gauge 16 - 4 stran... 
Beatles vs. Stones
Apples vs oranges.  I like both, but to me Beatles are "oldies" while Rolling Stones are still modern.  Perhaps it was aggressiveness of Stones music, that kept them alive.  Yes, The Beatles created many new trends (melodic bass, inclusion of clas... 
Should I upgrade my speaker cables?
I wouldn't.  18 lines of gauge 22 is area equivalent to gauge between  9 and 10.  Resistance will be in order of 1mohm/ft.  20mohm (both ways total) of 10ft cables is very low.  Yes, it is creating divider with the impedance of the speaker, but it... 
Beatles vs. Stones
Stones are short of bassist and percussionist while Beatles are only bass and drums.  Just saying.  
"Audiophile" Power Cables: The Greatest Audio Conspiracy Theory of All Time?
 From technical standpoint it would be hard to prove that power cable makes difference when added to few hundred feet of home wiring.  On the other hand, I know better than to question what people can or cannot hear.  It would seem that if cable h... 
Spread Spectrum Class D?
Lower output switching frequencies would have higher amplitude (filtered less) while higher frequencies would increase timing errors and dissipated heat.  Chosen frequency at about 500kHz, is likely a compromise.   There is about 1% of this freque... 
Is It OK to Use a 20amp Tripp Lite Isobar Surge Protector Suppressor Instead of a 15amp?
I use Furman Elite 20PFI - a 20A conditioner/surge protector on 15A breaker.  It has 20A style socket on the back, but it came with two cables - 15A plug and 20A plug.  It suggests that company approves it on 15A mains.  I believe the only conside... 
Opinion: Modern country is the worst musical genre of all time
Beauty is the the eye of beerholder!  
Purpose of power handling in the specs?
Correction: 89 + 8.4 = 97.4  
Purpose of power handling in the specs?
They likely assume the worst case - no room reflections, no second speaker and at least 2m distance (-6dB).  That makes 83dB/1W at 2m.  50W will get you +17dB making it 100dB at 2m and that's what they likely target.  As for the higher spec of 200... 
How do you stop house guest from damaging your speakers?
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Learned something new today and it isn't good.
Pre-emphasis is very likely dead IMHO, because ripped CD's data doesn't carry pre-emhpasis bit. A lot of people use servers and music with pre-emphasis would sound bad (+9.5dB@20kHz) without de-emphasis.  Some ripping programs might contain plug-i... 
Learned something new today and it isn't good.
Pre-emphasis was a way to reduce tape noise from analog recordings.  When studios started recording digital there is no use for it.  CD contains pre-emphasis bit engaging de-emphasis built into every player automatically.  
Advice on Speaker Wiring - Larger Advent w. McIntosh MA6500 Amplifier / Speaker Settings
Wire on a roll is also called an inductor. True, but cable in not a wire.  It consists of two wires producing opposite magnetic field (since they carry identical currents in opposite direction).  That's how non-inductive bifilar resistors are w...