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Almost equality
@p05129  I agree with you on benchmark DAC’s but OP is also using a Benchmark amp, maybe there is a ‘synergy’ in grand scheme of things :-)   
How accurate are cable descriptions for your system?
I prefer cable brands that are tuned to convey the music in most natural way without emphasizing any elements of a recording.  
Most Realistic Recordings
@hilde45  Great recommendation, Josep Colom is one of my favorite pianist and Musica Callada is simply a stunning masterpiece. I got front row seat with my Tannoy's and native DSD256 file renders this masterpiece in its full glory.   
聖HIJIRI Users thread
“I'm wondering where you found the best SQ upgrade with the Takumi's?” @pokey77  I say stop wondering and go for all out TAKUMI upgrade :-)  
聖HIJIRI Users thread
@lak  @pokey77  Thanks guys! I am not ready to return the SM2R-L power cord yet. I am thinking to try this cord next on my DAC’s external power supply and clock. They are currently powered by TAKUMI’s :-)  
聖HIJIRI Users thread
@lak , @pokey77 Thank you for your patience.  The 聖Hijiri SM2R-L power cord took 300+ hours to open up.  My listening test were conducted at 400 mark. For direct A/B comparison with “TAKUMI”, I swapped the SM2R-L back n forth on my Accuphase In... 
聖HIJIRI Users thread
@tyray  Sadly, 聖Hijiri do not make phono cables.   
Is there anything to help using a computer from digital noise not that expensive
Computers are inherently noisy, if you have already tried jitterbug and iFi USB purifier than the next option will be to replace your computer with a dedicated audio streamer or server. I’ve heard folks had good results from iFi USB purifier but i... 
Just got started on Qobuz. Can anyone recommend an album or song?
“I will just have to listen and find out.” @2psyop  Ofcourse, every system is different not to mention room acoustics. My last post was based on my direct experience with Bluesound Vault 2 which I no longer own.   
Just got started on Qobuz. Can anyone recommend an album or song?
I hate to be the one to say if you can appreciate audible differences between Qobuz and Tidal on a Node 2. Qobuz sound is definitely better but you need a better streamer / DAC combo to appreciate Qobuz high resolution files.  
Just my observation - seems like there is less listed on AG
@joey_v Based on the feedback here, I hope @admin (Tammy) takes the time to read this thread and work towards improving end users experience 🤞 Thanks for starting this thread, let’s hope something good comes out of it.   
Ripping CD's to load onto a new Aurender N20 Server/Streamer
@cjlundgren You’re welcome! I forgot to mention, if you’re not in a hurry to sell HAP-Z1ES, wait to create a back up as you should be able to ‘move’ files from HAP-Z1ES HDD directly onto N20. Once both players are connected to your network, you ... 
My endgame system I think
@ronboco Not to complicate matters further, Roon ready (endpoint) devices like your Boulder still needs a server like Nucleus to stream from Qobuz or Tidal. Be careful with Roon implementation, you can easily end up with a maze of accessories an... 
Ripping CD's to load onto a new Aurender N20 Server/Streamer
@cjlundgren  Since Sony HAP-Z1ES is a network player, you should be able to copy files stored on HDD disk. Check out steps on backing up files on your computer / laptop. https://helpguide.sony.net/ha/mt/v1/en/cover/level1_07.html Once you have ... 
Choosing a network player/streamer
“The Bryston interface is problematic and just not intuitive to use. So now I’m looking for a compelling reason to keep the Bryston BDP-3” Do you like being miserable? If yes, then keep the BDP-3. As @mahler123 points out, the app to control a st...