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If I wished to upgrade my cables, in which order would you place these in terms of impact?
“If so many experienced audiophiles have expressed such widely divergent opinions, to what do you attribute this to?Discourse over "cables" seems to be one of the "hot" topics here”. I learned long ago to trust my ears and take someone’s advise / ... 
If I wished to upgrade my cables, in which order would you place these in terms of impact?
I have gone through few cable upgrades, in fact getting ready for another one now :-) Here is my experience with cables, you will hear / get the biggest bang with PC’s. 1) Power2) Speaker 3) InterconnectsEnjoy the ride! 
Streaming Sound Quality - Want the very best sound quality? Network Acoustics ENO...
@grannyring Thanks for sharing your impressions. Their USB and SPDIF cables are on my wish list :-)  
Takedown of pricey servers, streamers OCD HiFi guy
@tonywinga,Great post! Congratulations on your retirement, now you can sit back and enjoy the music :-)I have learned in life that there is no substitute for quality.  
The best TT system for under 30K
@uwiikz,Just looked at your room, beautiful analog setup. I absolutely loved the Franco Serblin Ktema speakers...are you bi-wiring them with E-650/A-250?  
Check in: How quickly are streamers and servers evolving?
Speaking of keeping up with latest updates with streaming services and user interface, it is exactly the reason I chose Aurender as my prime source of streaming...5 plus years of single device (N10) trouble free ownership and here’s to five more y... 
Technics SL1210GAE + Accuphase E-480 (AD-50) + ??? (cartridge)
@tre9901 I am using 300ohms settings with Hana Red in AD-50. I have tried 100ohms as well but to my ears 300ohms loading sounded the best. Hana suggested loading is >60ohms. The other cart I’ve tried is Hana M (MC) which prompted me to step up ... 
Spotify HiFi
Great video by JD...I didn’t realize the high Rez only account for 10% catalog on Tidal / Qobuz. Majority of my favorite content is available in high Rez :-) 
Best Server To Run Roon Core
@decathlon1991,If you would like to further improve the SQ of Cary, try ENO Ethernet Filter Ag between your Cary and the router. It’s based on a same principle as EtherREGEN but works passively. You can read about it on this thread. https://forum.... 
Technics SL1210GAE + Accuphase E-480 (AD-50) + ??? (cartridge)
@tre9901,Another vote for Hana Umami Red. Great synergy and gorgeous sound with my Accuphase E-650 / AD-50. My tonearm is SME V.  
Did someone complain about the price of Uptone EtherRegen switch?
“what does another similar category thing priced six times higher do?”@thyname,You know the drill, the only way to find out is to audition in your system and trust your ears :-) I was looking for alternative to Etherregen for a while and finally f... 
A Very Useful New Discovery--EON Digital Filter from Network Acoustics
@yoby Yes. I reported my impressions earlier in the thread (scroll up). It’s a keeper. I plan to try their digital (coax) as well.  
Amazon Music HD..... Not For Audiophiles
@skypunk,Gross generalizations has no merits! You wanna level with me, then please tell me if your analog rig is without any flaws.  
Amazon Music HD..... Not For Audiophiles
@skypunk,Are you having trouble sleeping knowing digital has caught up with deeply flawed analog 😂 
Upgrade Bluesound DAC or go to Aurrender?
Aurender A10, keep it simple!