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Mike, thanks for the pics and your report. It was a great show with lots great sounding room and music.   
Aurender is finally Roon Ready?!
@audphile1 I got the notification too and had extended talk with Aurender head guy at AXPONA. They don’t see Roon as a competition and quite excited to roll out Roon. What I am hoping for Conductor to be the final arbiter with Roon UI..kinda lik... 
Axpona 2024 who is going and why?
@yyzsantabarbara  Sorry, I never warmed up to headphones. They are gorgeous and I am certain they sounds amazing.   
Axpona 2024 who is going and why?
@yyzsantabarbara In my opinion, the ‘re-invented’ wave of ribbon flat panel speakers are much more smoother and dynamic. This is all started with Alsyvox..I was floored when I heard them couple of years ago. Never thought a ribbon speaker could ... 
Axpona 2024 who is going and why?
Many great sounding rooms at AXPONA this year.  Most notables were (my favorites),  Speakers - Wolf Von Langa London, Estelon X Diamond MKII, Diptyque DP115, Serblin Accodo Essence and Avant-garde Mezzo G3. Electronics - Margules I-240, Rivera A... 
Benefits of adding a 10MHz Master Clock to a digital system
@botrytis  What was your personal experience when you tested the external clock in your system. I would appreciate if you can reply with equipment used along with cabling. Thank you!     
Aurender n200, talk me out of signing on the dotted line
@wlutke  Love the outcome and glad to hear you’re happy with your blind buy!  If you’re going to store music, I highly recommend Samsung’s 870 EVO 2TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-77E2T0B/AM) from Amazon.   Tweak away my friend and enjoy ... 
15k for streamer and dac....how much on each?
@mglik  W20SE is the way to go if you can afford it. You can always upgrade the DAC (or not). The W20SE improved upon W20 in terms of treble without any sibilant effects, which was the case with W20.  The SE is also more analog-like overall, wit... 
15k for streamer and dac....how much on each?
@knighttodd As long as you pair LinQ with one of the available AQUA DAC’s via I2S, you will get the best sound from LinQ. I wanted to try LinQ in my system but its lack of USB support, proprietary I2S connectivity and max resolution upto DSD128 ... 
Seek advice on forums but always listen to your own ears!
“I just want to hear audio at its highest level and enjoy the music. ”  …….and promote/sell products that I’ve vested interest 🤣 But I do agree…in our hobby there are no absolutes and we must rely on our ears to buy what sounds best in our uniqu... 
Aurender n200, talk me out of signing on the dotted line
@tvad  Would you please share your thoughts on Roon vs Conductor in terms of SQ? What device are you using for Roon Core. Thank you!   
Apple lossless as a source
Try Bluesound Node X for $749. Good stable app and streamer / DAC that offers many options to stream music.  
Ethernet cables
I am still laughing about cars without wheels analogy as it would hamper the functionality of any 🚘 whereas cable manufacturers don’t required to include measurements to sell cables and it will still perform as intended. Some manufacturers do incl... 
Another post about a streamer upgrade
@j_andrews  Thanks for posting your impressions. The streamer quality does matters and most folks here would be open to exploring better sound experience just like you did!  I agree with you on JPLAY app, it’s a really nice app, well laid out an... 
Aurender n200, talk me out of signing on the dotted line
@audphile1  delete the V4 app and download it again from App Store. The initial setup should prompt you for option to sign up as beta user. Unless Aurender took that option away, that’s how I recalled to be their beta user for the app.