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Audio envy - dang!
It’s quite admirable how Audio Envy continues to improve their existing cable lineup. I have been using AE cables since 2018 and have enjoyed meaningful improvements with each release. 
How much difference in Sound quality can be expected from different streamers?
@jbuhl,Speaking of shoboat90, he couldn’t discern any difference between the stock Sonos Connect and Node2i either....Oh well.  
Reel to Reel Woes
@jemmer01, If you have 60+ tapes with irreplaceable music, why not go for a *new* high quality machine that will last you another 35 years? IMO, Used or refurbished machines are just not worth their asking price. 
USB sucks
@craig, If you’re still in the hunt for a USB cable, the I would ask you to consider buying Network Acoustics USB III cable. This is the best sounding USB cable (and I’ve tried many) that is meticulously crafted. Each of the Data, Ground and Power... 
Uptone EtherRegen or Gigafoil v4???
I am a ENO user....biggest advantage with ENO is passive filtration of incoming noise on Ethernet. Read up on ENO here before invest in any other solution, 
No free lunch
“I have yet to meet a high efficiency speaker that connected with me emotionally.”@arafiq Come over and listen to my Tannoy Canterbury’s next time you visit Houston. 
Subwoofer Decisions - REL/Rythmik, Pair/Single, Paper/Aluminum Driver, etc.
“Two channel music performance is the priority”. A pair of REL’s s/510 would provide seamless integration through high level connectivity and superlative bass for 2 ch & HT. Brace yourself...subwoofer discussions here ends with no consensus! 
My System's Weakest Link - What Say You...
@pgaulke60,Your weakest link...MC2152. You’re barely scratching the surface of what Lillium’s are capable of....I’ve heard them and they love brute power. I would suggest trying a MC462 or Luxman M-900u.  
To all those who celebrate!
Happy Easter to all!  
Peter Lederman in Second Bout With COVID-19
Wishing Peter a speedy recovery!  
Music Servers, Do They Matter?
For me, a dedicated music streamer or server offers much higher sound quality over a laptop. In a highly resolve audio system, a dedicated streamer with an external DAC provides a very enjoyable experience. I’m not all surprised to see folks repla... 
How much difference in Sound quality can be expected from different streamers?
“Can high end streamers when accessing Tidal Master level produce much better SQ than Roku 4 if connected to my DAC(at sampling rate of 48KHz)”As ianrmack pointed out, you should hear an improvement even with entry level Node 2i. There are several... 
What do I need to spend coming from an all-vinyl setup?
@dhcod, Don’t pay any attention to anti-digital trolls. They have been living in their cocoon way too long to realize how far digital has progressed. There are some very high quality one box streaming components available with built-in DAC and vol... 
Audio envy - dang!
@kimurastanley,please send an email to Captain at  
Moving and need to find an audio tech to package equipment in Los Angeles
Wendy,Give these guys a call for estimate. Good luck with your move!