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Has Digital Audio Tech Plateaued - Is It Safe To Come Out Now?
@rooze,I hear you on the ‘gap’. N100H is a very nice streamer. Before I suggest an upgrade path, let’s make sure we have squeezed every last ounce of goodness from N100. May I know what DAC you are currently using and cables associated with your d... 
Has Digital Audio Tech Plateaued - Is It Safe To Come Out Now?
“Whatever you buy, within about a year they will have moved on to the new new thing, and it will within a few more years be worthless.”Same old blather from one of the staunch anti-digital’s that for reality 😂@OP,  The digital has mat... 
Burmester 061 or Aurender N10?
Both are great choices but my vote goes to N10 + a R2R DAC. Why limit yourself to a CD collection when you can enjoy unlimited library of music. I highly recommend signing up with Qobuz, their sound quality is superlative to any other streaming se... 
Looking for my "last" CD transport
As chayro mentioned, I would look into Jay’s Audio new CDT2 mk3. They also make CDP-2 with an exceptional internal Soekris dam1021 R2R DAC. luck!  
moving from house to an apartment.. goodbye 802D's
Keep the 802’s, if they become too loud for neighbors I would consider high efficiency speakers as alternative. Also, I would not move into apartment on 2nd or 3rd floor. You’re more likely to cause ‘rumble’ through suspended floors :-) 
Do I need a new DAC/streamer. Considering?
I recommend Aurender N100C, that would pair well with your C53’s internal DAC. Aurender’s Conductor app is also excellent. It would be a worthy upgrade over Node 2i.  
Are Japanese SHM-CD pressings worth the price difference?
@hiendmmoe,I bought few and did not hear any uptick in SQ over their regular CD counterparts. So, IMO they are not worth their asking price. OTH, I highly recommend K2HD mastered XRCD24 or UHQCD’s. My go to source for these wonderful sounding disc... 
One Cord To Rule Them All
“Once someone introduced to me the concept of power cord being an extension of the component’s power supply, the first few feet, not the last, it was much easier for me to explain rationally what I was hearing.”@thyname, Exactly! I always believed... 
New silversmith fidelium cable
This goes to show Cables makes a difference. I am going through a similar experience where my new cables have shown another dimension of my system. When everything snaps together as a ‘whole’ you can’t help feel ecstatic about the choices you’ve h... 
AGD Audion GaN Class D In The House
“I would say that the AGD is closer to the sound of the Wavac than the Pass or LM.”@rh67,I hear your sentiments and that’s saying a lot about AGD amps. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying these amps so much. I would like to know rest of your system, ... 
AGD Audion GaN Class D In The House
I’ve heard AGD Audion amps with Sigma Acoustics speakers, no doubt they were clearly the best class D sound I’ve heard so far but let’s not get carried away. For me, Class A or SET amps are the way to go as long as own high efficiency speakers. 
Pimping your router
@antigrunge2,Thanks for posting your feedback. I have found a US reseller so I am going to order the WA chips for fuse, cable and power supplies.  
Say a fella wants to build an SET monoblock based on the 300B..
Reach out to Aric at Aric Audio. 
Vinyl Accessories - Skip It or Buy It!
Agree with @lewm ...even the new LP’s have dust particles. Most of the LP’s are shipped in cheap paper sleeves. Remember, Vinyl manufacturing plants are nowhere near the standards of CDC Labs :-) I have gotten into the ritual of cleaning new LP’s ... 
Audiophile router configuration
Wired Ethernet is the way to go if you are serious about enjoying high quality streaming! Here is a recent discussion on getting the best out of your router,