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Say a fella wants to build an SET monoblock based on the 300B..
Reach out to Aric at Aric Audio. 
Vinyl Accessories - Skip It or Buy It!
Agree with @lewm ...even the new LP’s have dust particles. Most of the LP’s are shipped in cheap paper sleeves. Remember, Vinyl manufacturing plants are nowhere near the standards of CDC Labs :-) I have gotten into the ritual of cleaning new LP’s ... 
Audiophile router configuration
Wired Ethernet is the way to go if you are serious about enjoying high quality streaming! Here is a recent discussion on getting the best out of your router, 
New silversmith fidelium cable
@jmbumgarner01, I have used these with flat speaker cables in the past. If they interests you, keep an eye on them. They are currently sold out but he often re-stocks them. 
One Cord To Rule Them All
@koestner There you go! I forget to mention the 45 days trial. I have invested over $5K in AE cords and yet to return a single cord. 
One Cord To Rule Them All
“ I was tempted to get the Audio Envy Mega 3, but this ongoing discussion has me undecided.”@koestner You came here to ask for opinions and you got exactly that! If you don’t think your audio system worth experimenting with a $300 power cord on a ... 
One Cord To Rule Them All
@koestner I highly recommend VH Audio Flavor4 cord for $335 / delivered. I doubt you can do any better than this cord in your price range. 
Why get a separate DAC
@novatt,The DAC in your Hegel H120 should sound better than the internal DAC in BluOS streamer. You may prefer the BluOS app interface better / versatile compare to Hegel. If you want to keep things simple, use Spotify Connect with Hegel and call ... 
Bluesound Node2i and wifi frustrations: Mesh!
@musicfzn2349,That’s great to hear! Now sit back and enjoy the best of digital and analog :-) 
Streaming Sound Quality - Want the very best sound quality? Network Acoustics ENO...
@mgrif104 I would suggest inserting ENO Ag Filter between Google Mesh (located near) your Auralic G2.1 streaming / DAC. You are very likely to hear audible improvements from ENO there. BTW, you have a very nice audio system. If you decided to get ... 
For all you Vinyl lovers!
“BTW Jonathan posted on audiogon many years ago, just like many people who never post again. Think why. “I can think of one possible reason.....when vinyl aficionados stop being music lovers and become obsessed with pushing vinyl supremacy over ot... 
For all you Vinyl lovers!
@yogiboy,I’ve been admiring Jonathan Weiss’s work for a while. May be someday I get to own a pair of his loudspeakers. Also sharing his website, check out the product menu...this guy is a true connoisseur of music. Does anyone know the brand name ... 
The Intellectual People Podcast - Galen Gareis (Former Belden Wire Designer)
“Nothing to gain, as the two groups are firmly entrenched in their bunkers:1) The measuremantilsts: no matter what measurements you show them, they will never buy anything more expensive than hardware store stuff. Period.2) the subjective people: ... 
My system....what and how will cabling impact?
+1, jab & lwinHRS racks provides excellent isolation. Reach out to Cable company for consultation and trial. The cables are critical link between your components, once you find the ‘right’ set of cables, expect more realistic and holographic s... 
@unreceivedogma,Thanks for the Led Zep IV recommendation, I will check it out.