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If you had $1,400 , A TTable thing
I second the Technics SL1200GR.  You can start off with an Ortofon Red cartridge.  About 1800 with a cartridge & brand new. 
Problems with Paypal payment?
Try disabling your pop up blocker. I think a pop up screen then takes you to PayPal.. If you are using a VPN, try disabling it for the transaction. Otherwise, I’m stumped. 
Spectral amp/preamp
@d2girls...........It was the mid fi remark about McIntosh that ticked me off.   
Focal Sopra 2's vs Titron GoldenEar Reference speakers
@ejr1953...........i have the GE Triton References with a McIntosh C2500 tube preamp and an MC302 power amp. Like you, I am off the upgrade train as well. 
Spectral amp/preamp
Current McIntosh is certainly not mid-fi. You are delusional 
Spectral amp/preamp
There are many brands of amps/preamps that are as good as and better than the Spectral. Why would you want to limit yourself to just one brand. 
Scam alert. Phony heading.
If you feel the ad is misleading, email Tammy in customer support.  She will quickly investigate. 
What’s your vote for the most ridiculous, overpriced, and useless tweak?
Guys, this is turning into a pissing contest.  No matter how many times you guys go back and forth on each other, Geoffkait will always get the last word in.  Lets get back on topic, shall we? 
Focal Sopra 2's vs Titron GoldenEar Reference speakers
@mmporsche ………….I second that! 
Whats playing on your system today?
Kraftwerk, “The Mix” 
Should I keep the Turntable or sell it?
I have the 1200G and LOVE it.  I owned a Rega Planer 3 and found it to be not very well made and the Rega RB300 arm has very little adjustments available. After owning it for 3 years and hardly ever playing records on it, I moved on to VPI.  After... 
Whats playing on your system today?
The Alan Parsons Project, “Pyramid”Blue Oyster Cult, “Agents Of Fortune”  MFSL 
Focal Sopra 2's vs Titron GoldenEar Reference speakers
To the OP, I have the Triton References with a McIntosh solid state amp and tube preamp.  Sound is to die for in every sense of the word.  I find the Focal extremely bright, heard the Sopra 2 many times, can't stand them  That BE tweeter is like a... 
A21+ is in da house...
Congratulations and enjoy 
Acrolink Cables, anyone heard them?
Since my original post in December 2017, I have upgraded all 3 cables on my Esoteric SACD player with Acrolink Cables, Both the digital cable and the analog cables were in the 1200.00 range. I bought them used for each less than half of the price ...