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McIntosh MA252 integrated hybrid amp
The Mac MA252 has gotten rave reviews, not only by the reviewers, but by everyday people like us who actually bought it.  I have never heard that amp but I do own 6 McIntosh components and I wouldn't buy anything else now. 
Buzzing through speaker's tweeters - PrimaLuna Dialogue Two Integrated
Sounds like your problem is the AI preamp, not the Prima Luna.  Check to see if the tubes are seated right in the AI preamp.  The phono tubes in the AI are the two on the left. 
JADIS DEFY7, can not get it to sing
You are wasting your time with those cheap solid state preamps.  That Jadis amp was very expensive back in its day. at least 20 years ago.  You need a good tube preamp, and no cheap preamp will make your Jadis sound any better.  The Mitsubishi is ... 
Audioquest Diamondback for Turntable maybe?
Why not try it and find out? 
Luxman B-1, anyone have? heard?
How can a mono power amp be 100wpc when there is only one channel? 
$40,000: What 2-channel system would you build?
Why not start off on what you would build, then we can chime in? 
Have you ever been blocked by an E seller here?
@jea48...…………………………...No, I will not post the company.  I fear repercussions that I may get blacklisted and won't be able to make future purchases here. 
Power Conditioner, which of these 4 and why?
I have GE Triton References and I use 3 Shunyata Hydra power conditioners in my system.  One for source components, one for amp And preamp and one for the speakers. The Shunyata are non-current limiting and my system is really dead quiet.  I can t... 
Odyssey integrated opinions?
The Pathos is better than the Odyssey, why do you want to go backwards?  I owned an Odyssey Stratos and as good as it was, there is much better like Pathos. I heard a Pathos at Adirondack Audio and thought it sounded quite special. 
Have you ever been blocked by an E seller here?
The company that banned me reposted the item in question for sale again with the same misleading print. So much for “it was a mistake”. Lol.  
Let go of the SP3A1 or not.
If it were I, I would keep the SP3A1 at least for the time being while I tried different preamps in my system.  You may find the sound of newer preamps not to your liking. 
Is flat frequency response a hoax?
@kenjit...…………………...Thank you very much for schooling us.  I have been in this hobby for 50+ years so I do not need schooling on your audio thoughts and beliefs.   Although you may think you have all the answers, you don't. 
@mtmug...……………………...Before I bought the RP5 preamp, I contacted Rogue and talked to the chief designer.  I read him the specs on the Odyssey amp and was told it would be an excellent match.  So  much for specs.  As a matter of fact, the Odyssey so... 
I had a new RP5 for a year and a half.  Out of the box it sounded great with the stock tubes but really came into its own with NOS Mullard tubes.  It was a very quiet preamp with many options.   It was very dynamic sounding as well.  I ran it with... 
Perhaps not esoteric or "fringe" but the Chester and Lester album can bring pleasure
I own the record but not much interested in the content. All the songs seem to sound the same and I dislike the banter between Chester and Lester.