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About Triton 2+ and 3+
@secretguy i hear you.  Shipping the speakers was going to be around $800 so I kept lowering the price to offset the shipping costs.  The person who bought them lived within a couple hours drive from me.  We loaded the speakers into his SUV and of... 
TT rumble versus "oscillation": what's the difference?
Contrary to what others say, the oscillating woofers in my speakers took out one of the woofers in my Vandersteen speakers. I tried everything but nothing got rid of the problem.  I tried all kinds of footers, maple platform, bubinga platform, I e... 
Dedicated power to audio system—how extreme to go?
I have 2 dedicated 20 amp circuits for my audio system.  One is for the amp and pre, and the other for everything else.  The electrician ran 12 two wire from my panel to the outlets, and I do not get any noise at all.  I used  2 Shunyata AC Recept... 
About Triton 2+ and 3+
I sold a pair of the Triton Ones here for I believe $2200. The guy that bought them had Triton Twos+.  He said the Ones are far superior. Between the 2+ and 3+, go with the former.  The bass response will be much better.  With patience, you can fi... 
Esoteric K01X SACD player TRAY! error message
When you use the SACD, click CD Layer on remote and cycle through until you get SACD 2 channel. By default, I believe it goes to SACD Multichannel. By playing it in multichannel, you are missing a lot of information, hence the lousy sound. I had t... 
How to tell if Raidho ribbon tweeter is damaged?
Why not reach out to Raidho?  Unless someone here has extensive knowledge of their parts and pricing, go to the manufacturer.  
One man Band
How about “Zippo”, the one man band that Ray (Ray Romano) on “Everybody Loves Raymond” found performing at the subway station and hired for his upcoming wedding? 
The value of embellishment?
Ricardo Montebaum 
Anyone hear Jay's Audio cdt2-mk3 vs mk2?
Has anyone tried the new CEC transport that is advertised here for around  $2500USD brand new?   
Deciding if I like Class D.
@knowitall,I use my GE Triton Reference speakers with a 300wpc McIntosh MC302 amp.  The sound is totally effortless.  Even before I had the Mac amp, I used a CJ amp and with both amps, the highs were never bright.  I have also owned at 1 time a pa... 
The value of embellishment?
Looks very tacky and haphazardly stitched together.  Doubtful the leather does anything but maximize profit for VPI. Ugly too.  
Biggest "bang for the buck" audio gear you have owned(in your history)?
Rectilinear 3A speakersRectilinear 7 speakersGAS Son Of Ampzilla (original) Power AmpLarge Advent speakersNakamichi Dragon CassetteTeac A3400 Reel To Reel Accuphase T100 Tuner Thorens TD125AB MK II turntable and armShure V15 Type 5Ambient 66 Speak... 
Who will soon be going to a live concert?
@dutchamps,You are quite lucky.  Most PF make believe bands in the US aren’t as believable.  I have been blessed to see the four members together 7 times in my lifetime.  So magical.  
Question on Denon DL-103 retipping options and preferences
I have a ZU/Denon DL103 cartridge with ZU’s highest rating. I sent mine to Andy @ Needle Clinic for a retipped and cantilever. I went with the original as Andy told me if I replaced it with the boron cantilever and better stylus that it would chan... 
Can the AVM 6.2 or Pass INT-60 replace my LM845P?
Sorry, didn’t see it before, my apologies.