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Roger Waters Live Last Night in Glendale,AZ
What burns me is after fans paid $250 and up for a Waters concert, they are told if you don’t like his political beliefs to eff off at the bar. Why didn’t the advertising for the concert state that?  He took everyone’s money before that fact was d... 
Focal Sopra No 3 vs Goldenear Triton One.R
I thought you were looking at the Triton Refs?  
Roger Waters Live Last Night in Glendale,AZ
Although I am a huge Floyd fan, Waters is off limits. He has gotten increasingly louder in his rants but the final straw was when he said “America is the most evil country in the world”. Why would I pay to hear him spew his bullshit? You do not se... 
tube tuner or solid stat tuner
@tablejockey, According to Audio Classics, the MR 78 is the best sounding solid state Tuner McIntosh made. I was wrong about it being tubes, I should have known better.   
Franco Serbin Accordos after one month.....
I have always found that a well made silk dome tweeter (think Scanspeak) sounds extremely natural without the tipped up highs.  Good speaker choice, enjoy!  
tube tuner or solid stat tuner
For tubes, get yourself a McIntosh MR78 tuner.   It is the best sounding tube tuner they make.  Used ones come up for sale all the time.    
McIntosh C52 to C53 Upgrade
@mgattmch, your wallet will thank you.   
Demagnetize CDs
I tried Gillette Foamy but settled on Barbersol shaving cream for my CD’s as it made the top end smoother😂🤣  
What amp for Goldenear Reference speakers?
I have used the following amps with my GE Triton Refs: Odyssey Stratos, very dynamic sounding and I loved the paring. I wish I had kept this amp, it was a winning combination. Conrad Johnson MF2550: at 250wpc I was expecting great things but I f... 
Aurender V3 conductor app problems
I ditched my Aurender N100H back in 2016 because the Conductor app was impossible.   
Why does rock concert sound suck?
Never sit close to the stage as it is really loud. I went to a Deep Purple concert in 73 and was sitting second row with the left speaker almost in my face. My ears rang for over a week. I believe that was the beginning of my hearing loss. After t... 
McIntosh C52 to C53 Upgrade
Wasting your hard earned money.  The new one may look different but the sound quality will be the same.  Bad move.   
GoldenEar Triton Reference for a large room...
@seanile31, I got lucky. I bought mine when they were first coming out. I ordered from the dealer and it was a 6 month wait. The retail was $8500.00 but I got a $500.00 discount down to $8000.00. I am ecstatic they jumped $3K in price, makes them ... 
Integrated amp for Sonus Faber olympica nova 1
@jerryg123  Why would the wife pick the amp out?  I have brought dozens of electronics and speakers through my living room over the past 35+ years in our current home.  My wife never, ever once complained, she couldn't care less.  When I got the ... 
what kind of power conditioner for front end?
I still have my eyes out for a used Niagra 5000 at a good price and presently still using 2 Shunyata  Hydra-4 power conditioners.  The system is very quiet, but I am curious how the Niagra will pair up.  My system has 2 dedicated lines, both 20 amp.