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Cost effective power cables recommendations, low and high power
When Pangea first came out, I bought a few of their cords as they were supposedly half price from AA. After putting them in my system, the loss of dynamics was very obvious.  I sent them back and went with all Shunyata power cords which have staye... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Pink Floyd, “WYWH”. Acoustic Sounds SACD Nick Mason, “Live At The Roundhouse”. CD  
questions about buying/selling
@tony1954, My wife and I have been looking into moving to Canada as a couple of our friends have already done it.  If the House and Senate get taken over with republicans in the mid-term elections in a couple of weeks, that will be a very serious... 
Anyone Still Using Zerodust
I have used Zero Dust for years and never had a problem.  I continue to use it with no adverse problems.  
Audio Note DAC Owners- please share your thoughts
I heard an all Audio Note system at one of the audio shows and it was one of the best sounding systems I have ever heard.  At the time, they were using a midrange AN DAC but midrange in Audio Note territory is quite high.  There was a total rightn... 
Cost Effectiveness of Bi-Wiring Improvements?
In one word, no.   
Where to now.?
I would think that the KR Audio amps and preamps would be a perfect match for one another.   
McIntosh XCS1.5K: $40,000 center speaker
I own some Mac but even I think it is a BIG waste of money.  I have never cared for McIntosh speakers, and I have heard 3 different pairs at Audio Classics.  I would take the Legacy speakers at less than 25% of the price of that center channel spe... 
Primaluna or not Primaluna
To the OP, everyone here is going to tell you what they have or had is good for your purpose. You owe it to yourself to listen to one of the new Prima Luna Evo amps. They are quite special sounding That is what I would purchase. If you don’t like... 
Who is Gonna Buy A New Jeep Grand Wagoneer For the MacIntosh Stereo?
I would never, ever buy a Jeep.  They consistently have terrible ratings, yet people still buy them    
My New DavidLouis Full Range speakers now finished
Sounds really good.  Much more bass than I would have thought, midrange was excellent, highs seemed tipped up a little, but I am listening on Klipsch Pro Media speakers which may be tipped up. Loving the Jadis components, I assume they contribute ... 
Focal Stella
It will cost a fortune to ship the speakers from Europe to the States. You have to also figure in insurance. How much would it cost you to fly to Europe to demo the said speakers first?  Don’t know if that is even feasible.   
The one time you want to pull out but she says no.
Try it and see what happens.  She may have a hissy fit, but she will get over it.  Or, pull them out to listen and put back when done.  
Voltage conversion of Accuphase A-65 or A-70
Back in the 80’s, when I sold Accuphase, they had a block inside the amp to remove and turn around 180 degrees and re-insert it to switch from 240 volts to 120 volts.  Look inside the amp where the power cord attaches.   
Shipping 80lb amps.
Don’t let him ship the amp in original box alone!  The Boxes Odyssey uses are just, “good enough”.  After one use, they seem very flimsy.  Make sure it is double boxed!  I learned the hard way when I shipped name Stratos out in original box, it ba...