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Canare 4S11 speaker cable @ less than $2.00 a foot.   A 15 foot pair would be less than $100.00 terminated.  Don’t let the very low price fool you, the cables are quite neutral.   
Kenwood GRC-NV600 GRC-NV501 remote
I seem to remember an online company that specialized in obscure remotes.  It was mentioned in these forums within the past couple of years.  Perhaps someone can chime in.   
Acrolink Cables, anyone heard them?
@jafant ,   I love the Acrolink cables, they really compliment the Esoteric player.   The internal wiring on the Esoteric player is all Acrolink, so I thought, why not?  I first bought a Acrolink 4030 power cord used, from an Audio store in Conn... 
What’s on Your Radar for Black Friday/Digital Monday?
I received the Dell Ultra Series monitor on November 11th, It was not to my liking, there was a white light emanating from the background that washed out the colors. Unfortunately, that light which was part of Dells "super comfort view" could not ... 
svs pc 2000 pro review
My vote for the worst review, ever.    
Need your thoughts - LTA 40+ vs Pathos Inpol Integrated amp on 98db speakers.
I heard Pathos equipment at an Audio Show, excellent sound and build quality.  
Klipsch Speakers
Have you run them in 200 hours?  If not, that is a big start.  Other than that, a Schiit EQ or the Bellari EQ will solve your problem.   
ATC P1 Pro amp vs. Parasound JC-5 amp
Can you tell us the rest of your system so we can make a good suggestion?  
When did Rockport Atria 2s increase to $38k?
Cost of materials and labor perhaps?  
My Amp is good but probably the weak point
Your Odyssey amp is an excellent performer that the owner of Magico uses to evaluate the company’s speakers. Don’t sell it short.    
Connection check??
try pausing the ad blocker on the page, it works every time for me.  
Connection check??
I have no problems finding all the horses but stumble on the lions.  
Definitive Technology Speakers BP 7006 built in Subwoofer/Amp Question
@zen25,  I "don't know what I am talking about".  Really believable coming from a guy with 2 posts.  
Whats playing on your system today?
Tom Petty, “Wildflowers”. CD Nirvana, “Incestiside”.  CD  
Polk L100s - tube integrated recommendation
I had the Cronus Magnum 1 integrated and did not like the presentation with the supplied KT120 tubes.  There always seemed to be a little almost inaudible hash to the sound I did not like.