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Jazz for aficionados is typical of what younger TC groups , of which there many , see as the future of jazz  
Do you listen to equipment or music.
I sold a bunch in 70's as well . In 50 years + in audio I have bought many hundreds of pieces . ONLY thing I ever bought that I thought ugly were phono carts . 
Does any one know a cable that is able to compete with clear day double shotgun?
Audio Art’s slay them on Harmonics .Have top of both and listened to both for months.On Omega , Gallo, Totem , Rega and Meadowlark .The Omega Super Alnico Monitor aka SAM is a large single driver 2K$ wonder that has best harmonics I’ve heard , AA ... 
Upgrading Integrated Amplifier - Musical Fidelity?
NAD = not always reliable  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Vespo della Beata Vergine/ Claudio Monteverdi Concentus musicus Wien / Nikolaus Harnoncourt  
Classical Music for Aficionados
Guys who never wrote a bad note;Mozart , Schubert, Brahms . Bach is a given .As are Schumann’s chamber pieces .Among modern composers Leos Janacek excels in everything .His string quartets are to die for !If you like long , sweeping symphonies tha... 
Amps from the 1980's -- What gear holds up sonically? Reliably?
Best amps I've ever heard at any price were the small intergrated Sony V-Fets . 
HELP!!! I need a “GOOD-CHEAP” preamp solution???
Van Alstine Vision is unbeatable under 1K and a contender under 2k .I've heard systems that went from 5k to 25k and the AVA needs no replacing . 
Connecting a sub which way to go
+1 for rlb61 , same here. 
What area or country do you live in ?
Which one is better? 
Your favorite male soul voices home with me as i had a grandfather who was a Scottish miner in these very mines .Paul was one of the most noble souls ever born in the USA . 
Vinyl vs high def audio i.e. 24bit / 96 or 192khz
Yes it is very possible to build a emotional satisfying digital system but many times more expensive to build one even close to the real deal,analog .nandric , one of the most in demand conductors in the world is the American born Swede , Herbert ... 
Your favorite male soul voices
So true almarg, a great voice in a great man ! 
Upscale Audio 👎
I've had a least a half-dozen dealings with him and no problems .Like anyone else what he tells you is not always correct but I believe he thinks so . 
Vinyl vs high def audio i.e. 24bit / 96 or 192khz
FLASH, we listen to music with our brain , our ears just work for brain .IF you have listened to a large number of acoustic concerts , which no rocker has , Brain will give you sound based upon memory .and that memory will be acoustic ,Tha'ts how ...