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High end Dual
Dual has been out of business a long time ago .Like many "audio" firms they are just a name owned by a marketing firm which has something thrown together now and then . 
Snake oil came first. By a likely ~ +50k years
I once knew the Admiral in charge of Naval Aviation quite well as he was related to my wife.I asked him why they recruited so much at the Big Ten Universities Engineering Schools which I knew to be the case .He replied: " They are smart enough to ... 
Snake oil came first. By a likely ~ +50k years
geoffkait , It could have been worse , imagine how many demerits you would of got if you were in a military ROTC unit . 
Hear my Cartridges....🎶
EVERY Acutex cart sounded good , even the ones who cost 10 bucks a pop if dealer bought a hundred at a time in the 70’s !frogman loves words as much(almost?) as music , not unusual in artists but his expression skill is .Often an intelligent perso... 
New Pangea Audio AC-14 XL Power Cord
I have 3 14XL ,one 15 feet  long , notable jump up from other 14's . 
Jazz for aficionados
frogman, I call it Deep Time .A lot of the guys in the old big bands had it, notably,(to me) was Tony Pastor,Arty Shaw’s right-hand Saxophone man . 
Paradigm Persona series
Try a Omega Super Alnico Monitor , single driver truth .  
Snake oil came first. By a likely ~ +50k years
As a freshman I had a very important Econ prof and his 101 class came right after my Logic 101 class .After about a month I was in total confusion as everything I learned in Logic class was the opposite of what we were getting in Econ .I went to E... 
Sarasate Suggestion
Tianwa Yang is THE lady for Sarasate ! 
Nature of the current used speaker market
A lot of people who thought the worlds oldest and most profitable ponzi scheme had made them wealthy got a wake-up call recently . 
Hear my Cartridges....🎶
Frogman , I wonder if you ever played under JoAnn Falletta ?Performance Today out of St. Paul plays her all the time , her tight control over the Buffalo Phil  and what she had done  there is amazing to me ! 
Bach Double Violin Concerto
Let us know what you think of it please gotog .Happy Listening ! 
Best bookshelf speakers
My Omega Super Alnico Monitor’s have very "honest" sound on classical music but a set amp doesn’t cut it on symphonic music .A 25 watt EL 34 amp does . 
Bach Double Violin Concerto
I didn't want to get into "historically informed " performances , which i do love myself , but I find the Kuijken and his " La Petite band " outstanding .I've heard it live several times . 
How important is it for you to attain a holographic image?
I don’t worry much about it . In the 2k + live classical concerts I’ve been to I’ve yet to be in a concert hall that imaged .2 were close, Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and Ordway  in St. Paul .