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Ortofon Red/Pro-ject Carbon Debut combination; rolled off hi-frequencies. Solutions?
As someone who has sold a thousand carts and owned a hundred I agreethat old school was better . Best quality I’ve seen in present stuff is Nagoka and Goldring . Looking at later looks like Nagoka to me .Just where do you buy these 881’s, and the ... 
High End is Dead?
Nope . real dollars where worth a LOT more back in the day than the currency that has lost 25% against the Euro in last year .How long did you look in their basement ? 
High End is Dead?
Because most dealers aren’t all that rich and those others are who are really rich are too busy making billions on the various economic bubbles American public eats up to bother with audio .What money there is in Audio is made by manufacturers .Av... 
Why have the prices of Marantz and Sansui speakers have gone up so much? Whyyyy???
actaman ,  Pretty will established that if you hear a LOT of classical music you brain will fill in the same sound you heard at 16 at 86 . 
Conrad-Johnson MF-2550SE owners - What speakers are you using with it?
If you listen to rock Maggies are best for the buck . I owned several pairs and finally faced the facts that audiotroy names .They simply do not have the dynamic range or bass definition required on the classical music I listen to . I was beguiled... 
High End is Dead?
High End isn't dead in USA . At least 90% of the population can't afford It and more than  that  have no interest in it  .But, as we have the highest inequality of income in the world that still leave millions to to whom 50K is chump change .It is... 
Are you getting ridiculous offers from new members
We all haven't , there are more folks on here than you would think that give away gear , not all cheap stuff either . 
Who makes the best "Coaxial" Tweeter/Midrange design?
If you like Classical Music . Tannoy . 
Why have the prices of Marantz and Sansui speakers have gone up so much? Whyyyy???
Having spend 3 years in Japan courtesy of my Uncle Sam . I feel confident that, at least back in the day, Japanese voiced speakers for Japanese music . 
2018 Axpona Eikon System
Minor detail, for 98% of Americans 25K is an outrageous price ! 
ARC Ref 5se inferior to LS28?
I know one thing about the Scientific Method . Without fail, those who put all their faith in it never understand human nature . 
Jazz for aficionados
You got that right pryso, Etta James belongs to the small group that are "Forces of Nature " .  Beyond all review or causality . 
Who makes budget speaker cables which are truly “good” or “exceptional” in quality?
I have tried all the usual suspects under about $1500.Best buys are Clear Day for rock/pop and AudioArt for acoustic music .AudioArt harmonics are good at any price . 
This new speaker will Obsolete everything else.
A nation that is always "dumbing down " is bound to be devoid of taste .And it is a matter of taste, good taste or bad taste . 
Why have the prices of Marantz and Sansui speakers have gone up so much? Whyyyy???
Very simple, old folks buy things they could not afford that they wanted in their youth . Elderly comfort food .My KLH 17’s even sound good !