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If you leave out about 50 opera singers who could sing far better than any of them and who were male, it is +1 for KURT ELLING ! 
Price was great alright , But Anderson was God's vocalist on earth . 
Classical Music for Aficionados
Jim ,If I get weary with age I just put my Black Watch band LP’s on and the pipes rile up my Scottish blood . Also because my great grandfather, a piper ,took the high-road with them in 1915 . 
Golden ear triton 1 vs tekton double impact speakers
If I was buying speakers unheard I'd go for GE's solely because their best reviews come from  reputable classical musicians . 
Jazz for aficionados
In any human endeavor we all stand on the shoulders of those gone before us . 
Cartridge alignment tool
Tonearms OK, but almost impossible in many turntables .I have a Feickert , one of most common decent arms are Pro-Jects 9cc variants , very difficult .Of the 100+ TT's  I've owned over the last 50's the easiest to do is the Pioneer TXL-1000 curren... 
The  best that ever lived was Marion Anderson ! 
Counterfeit DL103?
There are as more crooks in USA than Asia per-capita and more racists period .  
Classical Music for Aficionados
Jim204, According to my Glaswegian grandmother Glasgow is not in the UK , barely in Scotland !I’m over 80 and she was over 90 when she passed , a Gorbals lass with a 2nd grade education who was the wisest person I have ever known.Scotland Forever ! 
Jazz for aficionados
Not that I really know, how could I , but I have a gut feeling that Carmen was the most intelligent of all the jazz divas . 
Looking for an amp....Opinions about Odyssey or Bel Canto audio anyone?
I had an Odyssey Stratos and replaced it with a Van Alstine 450, definite upgrade and service is good . 
Line Magnetic quality
Chinese can build anything as good as anybody .The main thing anywhere is to find honest people .. 
Jazz for aficionados
THANKS Frogman, The young Carmen was even better on the upbeat pieces, she put the R in rhythm , job  # 1 in jazz ! 
Tube phono stage, or solid state,pre amp
I have a PS phono stage , bought a tube Pro-Ject  DS2 tube ($700) which is FAR better . The fact I put 2 of the best  12ax7's ever made into it is a factor . 
Cartridge alignment tool
I have a Fiekert, recently used it to finish up after I had used My Geo-Disc as a rough start on a Soundsmith cart .The difference was so little it was impossible move my finger such a minute difference ..