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Jazz for aficionados
0-10I've seen Karrin Allyson  live 3 times in last 2 years, just as good live as in recording  if not better ! 
Classical Music for Aficionados
Agree to what, tzh21y ? 
Classical Music for Aficionados
Not an easy hobby , sometimes I think I should have stuck with stamps . 
Diana Krall
Well maybe I did lay it on a bit thick , hifiman 5 .To be dead honest the contrast between her and Ray on this love song  was ludicrous . 
I have a few things i dont need, how do i get them gone?
I've given away at least 6 systems , giving is a lot more fun than money . 
Jazz for aficionados
True, I carried the M-16 rifle , the civilian version is the AR-15 that murderedthe kids in FL, for 18 months, was badly wounded and know what these weapons of war are for, to kill people ..Those who love our country are like good parents , they ... 
Diana Krall
By chance , I heard her in one of those Duo jobs singing, "You Don't Know Me" with the great Ray Charles  this AM in my car .His toe nail could sing better  . 
Takes one to know one
It's not written in stone but I've noticed the better educated you are the better the music you favor is .I' don't mean formal education , the most educated person I know went to 8th grade , but has over 10,000 punches on her library card. 
Jazz for aficionados
From a Christian point of view you are to speak against against the wrong at all times and all places no matter what .O-10 is a better and braver American  than anyone else on this post,and not by a little bit . 
TECHNICS 100th Anniversary 2018 Premium Turntables. Their best ever.
Cleeds, Denon was far from all out and I imagine you didn't live there for 3 years . 
A 4k bluray player with silver finish?
True North , Brave and Free . Wish I was as lucky as thee . 
Speaker Jumpers - Same Brand as Speaker Cables?
Thanks, kijanki.Just bought Amazons last pair . Makes a lot of sense ! 
Jolida Fx10
Van Alstine Vision at 500 buck is outstanding , huge dynamic range . 
Ugly vs Gogeous speakers
Every time I see a pic of the Lawrence Violin Speakers I think about cashingin my Funeral funds at my Credit Union . 
Classical Music for Aficionados
Oh yes. I had forgotten that , I remember I had quite a few Ricci back in theday. I know I had a Sarasate or two but can’t remember the music so will be new to me . Can’t wait .I ordered the whole Naxos box , they have done so much for Classical M...