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Classical Music for Aficionados
Al, well you can’t have too many of Op.163 , seems to be the Holy Grail for string players. I like the Berg/Schiff myself bit I'm not very fussy over sound as a rule .One I don’t own that I remember had good sound on the ASW label withthe English ... 
Classical Music for Aficionados
+1 for the Moravec , I heard him play some Brahams live once upon a time , an exceptional  artist . 
Classical Music for Aficionados
charles1dad, Schubert did more piano duos than any other great composer.A 4CD set by two fine pianists . Christoph Eschenbach and Justus Frantzon Brilliant Classics 92858 from HMV originals gives you 4 hours of the best at a cheap price .ADD CDA d... 
The very best Sibelius recordings in analog
Let me know if I got the "Finnish to the bone" thing with Maria  please harold .Got my week in Turku vacation in May set up . 
Classical Music for Aficionados
ghosthouse, 3k remained in Berlin, another 2 k in Vermont , the rest are pushing me out of my small condo in St .Paul .rvpiano. as a pro I'd appreciate your take . Both of them are spiritual mystics . I always am open to criticism , useful or no .... 
Classical Music for Aficionados
I’ll just mention a dozen or so works that everyone agrees are basic to the Classical repertoire. Over the years I’ve noticed that many come to Classical through smaller pieces so I’ll start with them .Used to be some PBS stations would have a lis... 
Paradigm Persona 3 vs 5 vs Monitor Audio
Keep up the good work! 
Do classical CDs made from early analog tapes sound better on your system than new CDs?
Would certainly be a great Christmas present to this old man ! 
Which attributes do you value most?
If Tone is not right nothing else matters . 
Paradigm Personas anyone heard them
dmance, if you’re under 75 you’ll live to see the True North Brave and Free buck worth 10 times the Yankee dollar.Or the Confederate one if they change the name . 
Pittsburgh, PA Audio Club
Pittsburgh has perhaps the most under rated symphonic orch. in the world . 
Which integrated amp would you pick?
New Yamaha's are outstanding . 
Sorry, but i will leave this forum
Norway is so expensive because it’s five million people have decided than EVERY job in Norway should pay enough to live a solid middle-class life.They call it Social Democracy , a few at the top, very few at the bottom and almost everyone in the m... 
Sorry, but i will leave this forum
Vieikko is certainly a master but their genres are so far apart it hard to saywho is better, irrelevant anyway ,One thing I love about Maria is she has the power of sisu in her voice, no diva, a real Finnish woman !Of course I could be dreaming it... 
Somehow I've got myself a "WTF" dilema with my newly setup Turntable. HELP!
I set up a lot of tables in my time, several times the problem was a ear pluged up with wax .