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Time to weed the LPs.... (choosing stuff to dump)
16f4. No, just noticed that when I was in 173rd Airborne Brig. on Okinawa the gang at Kadena always said military whilst the rest of us said Soldier, Marine or Sailor .  
Time to weed the LPs.... (choosing stuff to dump)
Must have been in Air Force . 
Does anyone leave their amp and preamp on all the time?
Sure looks like the game is over but that still doesn't relive us from making out an all-out effort . 
Listening Height Adjustment -- Is This Why Two People Don't Hear the Same?
Folky. I pay attention to everything.Even the well known scientific fact that your eyes are part of the nuro chain that determines what you hear .Which varies from person to person . 
Other brands similar to Dynaudio house sound?
I think more like Paradigm . Totem is more same from top to bottom . 
Listening Height Adjustment -- Is This Why Two People Don't Hear the Same?
It never stops to amaze, I go in a house with 30-40K invested in system and never a thought but to just flop onto their couch . 
Whats playing on your system today?
Alexander Scriabin "Piano Concerto in F sharp min,Op. 20" .Ashkenazy  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Joseph Suk "Asrael Symphony" Op.27  Czech SO . 
Art Dudley compares CD Players
Could it be a modwright or something like that ? 
My 6922 Tubes Are Too Bright!
You might very well have bought fakes ! 
Is Social Media the demise of audio review publications?
As it makes an already stupid  population  even dumber  take a guess . 
Classical Music for Aficionados
And your last paragraph is wisdom itself , learsfool .I operated like that for many decades , have heard Schubert Octet many times , no doubt my own fault for not hearing Op43 .I live in Twin Cities , did live in Berlin for over 20 .The two metros... 
Why aren't new vacuum tubes as good as old ones?
+1 for Sylvania Chrome domes , the Goldilocks of tubes , not too little, not too much . 
Classical Music for Aficionados
learsfool, I assume they were from the Gewandhaus , Baumann did a solo piece but can’t remember what it was . Was a long time ago and my brain is 85 . I can just say that the two wind players than made the greatest impression on me live are Bauman... 
Classical Music for Aficionados
I have been a great fan of Schumann since the 60’s when I first discovered Classical Music and also think his Konzertstuck is one of his finest .I was VERY lucky to hear Hermann Baumann play it with the Leipzig Gewandhauss under Masur . One of the...